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Norway Extends Electric Car Incentives Until 2020

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – October 2016

Norway’s plug-in electric car sales are second to none globally, often noting a monthly new vehicle market share of over 30%. Meanwhile in other countries, EV sales are still considered decent if we exceed 1%.
20 Tesla Stations, 4 50 kW DCFC And 4 22 kW (AC) Points Give Norway The Title Of Having The Largest DCFC Station In The World
A big part of this success via tax exemptions (25% VAT) for BEVs, which makes purchase a lot easier compared to conventional car. BEVs account for about 15% of new registrations so far this year.
According to media reports from Norway, tax exceptions could stay in force by 2020 (previous idea was to begin phase out at some point after 2017).
Climate Minister Vidar Helgesen (H) stated to Dagens Næringsliv on the policy, while adding some color on the sales related to Tesla:
“We should continue the current policy because it works, but the individual elements to be included for how long, can be discussed…But now we have a race until 2020 at this time. And 85 percent of the electrical cars are not Tesla”, says Helgesen, who drives a Volkswagen e-Golf.
With many new models and longer-range EVs on the market we should see many new sales record in the coming years.
20 years of BEVs support in Norway:

  • Final exemption sales tax (01.01.1996)
  • Exemption annual tax (01.01.1996)
  • Exemption road toll (01.06.1997)
  • EL registration plates (01.01.1999)
  • Exemption municipal parking (01.19.1999)
  • Reduced company taxation (01.01.2000, expanded in 2005 and 2009)
  • Zero VAT on purchase (01/07/2001)
  • Access to bus lanes (01.06.2005)
  • Free EV access to highway ferries (01.01.2009)
  • Climate agreement securing tax excemptions until 01.01.2018 (11.06.2012)
  • Zero VAT on leasing EVs or battery packs (01.07.2015)