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Tomahawk, Drive the Dream Faster!

The Tomahawk could very well be the fastest sports car yet, the much awaited 2+2 all electric is expected to unveil in 2017. Accelerating from 0-60 in 3 seconds, the Tomahawk offers an impressive 370 mile range and is a force to be reckoned with.
The Tomahawk is a blend of business and pleasure, connecting man and machine to his virtual world. With mind blowing performances, the ingenuity of its spacious interior cabin ensures comfort in a state of pure ecstacy! The roomy four seater was designed for the big & tall in mind with cargo space that surpasses expectations, opening a market for professional athletes and enabling them to acquire an exotic vehicle that meets their needs.
Dubuc Motors‘ Tomahawk feature sleek scissor doors, a panoramic roof, a built-in WiFi hotspot, hands-free voice commands, and a live 360 degree camera. The car is made of aluminum with a carbon fiber interior.
Dubuc Motors sees themselves as fulfilling a niche market; on their crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, they describe the Tomahawk as “Tesla‘s cousin” and explain, “While Tesla offers a sedan and an SUV, we want to complete their product line with our sports car.” With the electric vehicle (EV) market exploding – demand could exceed 35 million units around the world by 2022 – Dubuc Motors is angling to uniquely position themselves to fulfill demand for luxury EVs.
Dubuc Motors has raised over $6 million in reservations. You can’t snag one of the cars quite yet, although you can reserve one for $5,000 on their website. There they offer six colors: green, black, two tone, red, yellow, and orange. The car’s retail price will be $125,000, and the company plans to begin production this year.