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Even the Germans are getting into EV's!

Some 2.715 plug-in passenger cars were registered last month in Germany, up 90% YoY, with the EV Share starting the year at a record 1.12%, significantly above from the 0.75% registered last year, it's been a long time coming, but it seems that this market is finally warming up to plug-ins.
Looking at the January Best Selling models, the BMW i3 started the year where it left off 2016, in the lead, in this case with 388 units, this time followed by the Outlander PHEV (282 units, best result in 19 months) and the BMW 225 Act. Tourer (210 units).
Just outside the podium we have the Renault Zoe, with a rather disappointing 180 units, it seems Renault prioritized other markets for the ZE 40 deliveries, while Kia registered 177 units of its Soul EV.

Looking below, the veteran Nissan Leaf continues to post surprisingly good results (115 units, up 51% YoY), no doubt thanks to generous incentives, but the same can't be said about the VW e-Golf and Golf GTE twins, both experiencing their lowest sales levels in over two years, the 2017 edition of both models can't come soon enough.
Rather surprisingly, in January we saw the arrival of the first 13 units of the Opel Ampera-e, no doubt demonstration units, this model is another test on whether the European arm of GM is serious about EV's or if it's just empty talking, if they indeed follow the talk by walking the walk, expect this model to be a frequent Best Seller in the second half of the year.
In the manufacturers ranking, BMW (22%) started the year in the lead, followed by Mercedes(!), with 13% share (It ended 2016 in Fifth, with 8% share) and Volkswagen (12%).
An interesting bit of trivia is that BEV's grew faster (150% vs 59%) than PHEV's, which is a good indication for the remainder of the year.