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Plug-In Vehicle Sales In France Grew By 20% In May. PHEVs Set A Record High

Plug-in car registrations in France May 2017

With 3,177 new deliveries, France increased its year-over-year plug-in electric car sales in May by 20%.
Interestingly, with the Renault ZOE having some issues bringing new stock to the people during the first half of the month, the growth of all-electric cars was barely noticeable, as most of the heavily lifting in May was done by plug-in hybrids, which doubled, reaching a new high:

  • Passenger BEVs: 1,906 registrations (up 4%) at 1.0% market share (PC)
  • Light commercial BEVs: 390 (up 1%) at 1.1% market share (LCV)
  • Passenger PHEVs: 881 (up 103%) and nearly 0.46% market share (PC)
However, the Renault ZOE still lead the way (as always) with 1,230 new registrations, and grew faster than the market average, at 30%.
Historically, June has been a strong month in France, so we await one more push before the summer sales slowdown in France.

Plug-in car registrations in France May 2017

Plug-In Car Registrations in France May 2017 passenger BEVs, commercial BEVs, passenger PHEVs (source: Avere-France / AAA data)