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Europe September 2017

The European passenger plug-in market returned from the holiday season with fully charged batteries, growing almost a third (+32%) regarding the same period last year, by registering some 33.700 units, just a whisker below the all-time record of December 2015 (33.827) which, let’s not forget, was inflated by fiscal changes that happened in the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark in January ‘16.
This growth is even more significant against the backdrop of a stagnating (-2%) automotive market in Europe, making plug-ins the fastest growing segment in the Old Continent.
Looking at PEV share, September hit a record 2.2% share, pulling the year-to-date share further up, now at 1.8%.
In September, Tesla did its usual last-month-of-quarter peak performance, but this time the tide was higher than usual, with the Model S registering its best result in 18 months, stealing for the first time this year the Best Seller award from the Renault Zoe, and at the same time, the Model X scored a record result, all while the VW e-Golf performed its third personal best in just four months.
Interestingly, the two Best Selling ICE models in Europe (VW Golf and Renault Clio) have their plug-in counterparts (e-Golf and Zoe) reaching the Top 5. Expect this to become a trend, once more and more mainstream buyers, more risk-averse, join the EV market.

Looking at the Monthly Models Ranking:

YTD Ranking – Renault Zoe is always the first. BMW i3 recovers Second Place, Teslas and e-Golf shine
A lot to talk about in the YTD ranking, if the Renault Zoe remains stable in the lead, the remaining positions had plenty of changes, starting with the BMW i3 (2025 units, best month since March) recovering the Silver medal from the Nissan Leaf, now entering on the “sunset phase”.
With the Outlander PHEV less than a thousand units behind, we might even see Mitsubishi’s SUV drop the Leaf to Fourth before December.
Other models on the rise are the Tesla Model S & X, with the first climbing to #5 and the second to #8, while the VW e-Golf joined the Top 10 at #9 and could reach as high as the Sixth position by year end, maybe even a podium place next year.
In the second half of the Top 20, we see the Golf GTE and Volvo XC90 PHEV hitting year best performances, and a hot seller is bubbling up, with the #29 BMW 530e (679 registrations) climbing one position and looking to climb a few more in the future.
Outside the ranking, the Streetscooter Work delivery van deserves a special mention, having registered 852 units in September, thus becoming the Best Selling model in its category that month.
Is the DHL-owned company starting to be disruptive in the delivery van class?
Looking at the manufacturers ranking, BMW (20%) is seated at the Iron Throne, followed by Renault (13%, down 1%) in Second Place, while a recovery-mode Volkswagen (13%, up 1%) is now firm in Third Place, less than 2000 units behind the French manufacturer.
Will we see VW reaching Silver next month?