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Renault Trezor All-electric GT Concept Unveiled(September 30, 2016)
At the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Renault has unveiled Trezor – an all-electric Grand Tourer concept car that blends Renault’s very latest innovations in interior experience, all-electric powertrain and autonomous driving.... (more)

Here is Volkswagen's all-electric I.D. with 373 miles of range(September 29, 2016)
Volkswagen has finally revealed images of its all-electric I.D. concept vehicle based on the upcoming modular electric drive kit, or MEB. The concept, set to debut at the Paris Motor Show... (more)

When will electric car sales exceed those of cars with engines? Poll results(September 26, 2016)
Cars that plug in to recharge, whether all-electric or plug-in hybrid, are a very small proportion of total U.S. vehicle sales today. ... (more)

VW shifts focus from diesels to EVs, plans 30 electric car models by 2025(September 24, 2016)
Still reeling from dieselgate, Volkswagen is shifting gears and will unveil some 30 new electric vehicle models within 10 years. VW estimates it could sell 2-3 million EVs by 2025, ... (more)

There are now over 500,000 plug-in vehicles in the US(September 23, 2016)
Every electric vehicle counts. At least, it does to the people at Plug In America, who recently calculated the number of plug-in vehicles of any type that have been sold in the US. Turns out, ... (more)

New VW MEB electric vehicle, with up to 373 miles of range, coming in 2020(September 22, 2016)
By any measure, it's been a tough year at VW. The details of who, exactly, is to blame for the diesel cheat scandal are still coming out, but for the other tens of thousands of employees who .. (more)

World’s largest 2nd-use battery storage is starting up(September 21, 2016)
The world’s largest 2nd-use battery storage is starting up. The 13 MWh project is now nearing completion after a construction time of just under one year: a total of 1000 battery systems from ... (more)

XALT claims unprecedented cycle life performance for its new lithium titanate batteries(September 19, 2016)
XALT Energy, a manufacturer of prismatic, large-format battery cells and packs, has launched a new Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) cell that it says has achieved better ... (more)

Proterra Catalyst E2 Electric Bus Has A Range Of 350 Miles Per Charge(September 17, 2016)
Electric cars and electric bikes are both great paths toward more low emissions mobility, but the killer app for electric transport just might be electric buses, which can move 40-odd people ... (more)

How low do prices for 200-mile electric cars have to go for success?(September 16, 2016)
One of the challenges of making and selling electric cars is that their batteries are still expensive. And despite some makers' absorbing losses on the earliest cars, that means they sell for prices higher than ... (more)

2017 Chevy Bolt EV electric car: 238-mile EPA range rating, 119 MPGe combined(September 15, 2016)
There will be a lot riding on the tall, square shoulders of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV when it reaches the first Chevy dealers late this year. ... (more)

OPEC not even a little worried about electric vehicle threat(September 14, 2016)
Remember in late 2011, when ExxonMobil said it wasn't in the slightest worried about any "threat" from plug-in vehicles to its fossil fuel business? OPEC just said basically the same thing. ... (more)

Why are we still using lame lithium-ion batteries after so many promising alternatives?(September 13, 2016)
There’s a lot of research going on around battery technology as devices as diverse as smartphones and cars are increasingly held back by limited energy storage. Naturally, we ... (more)

China plug-in vehicle sales for 2016 Q1 and Q2(September 12, 2016)
China continues to storm ahead for plug-in vehicle (NEV, New Electric Vehicle) adoption. Every month is a new high in terms of share and volumes are 135 % above 2015 for the first 7 months.... (more)

THAI Oil Company partners with six automakers to develop EVS(September 10, 2016)
Thailand’s state-controlled oil company PTT has signed contracts with local units of six automakers (BMW, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche and Volvo) to cooperate in ... (more)

MIT Study: Existing EVS can meet most drivers'needs and reduce carbon emissions(September 09, 2016)
Many electro-skeptics concede that electrification is the future, but maintain that major breakthroughs will be needed before EVs are practical. Others insist (despite ... (more)

US Electric Car Sales — 14 Highlights From August(September 08, 2016)
Numbers are in, and not a great deal has changed in the US electric car market since July, but it is always fun to look at the numbers and pick out some highlights... (more)

Plug-in electric car sales for August: Volt sells at twice Leaf rate(September 07, 2016)
While U.S. vehicle sales last month are expected to fall overall as data rolls in, August has traditionally been a very good month for sales of plug-in electric cars. .. (more)

Samsung SDI to build $358M car battery plant in Hungary by 2018(September 06, 2016)
South Korea's Samsung SDI plans to invest about 400 billion won ($358 million) to build a plant to make electric vehicle batteries in Hungary, joining the race to build capacity and tap European demand. .. (more)

Mercedes-Maybach 6 to run 4x Motor SLS E-Cell powertrain?(September 05, 2016)
Daimler has unveiled the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 – an electric-powered behemoth it says represents the ultimate in luxury. .. (more)

Korean-Chinese joint venture to build plant for cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries(September 03, 2016)
Ecopro Co., a South Korean battery materials leader, will set up a joint venture with the Chinese resources recycling company GEM Co. to produce cathode materials for lithium-ion ... (more)

500,000 Electric Cars Now On European Roads (Charts)(September 02, 2016)
A total of 91,300 plug-in electric vehicles were sold in Europe through the first 6 months of 2016, making for a 21% year-on-year increase (as compared to the same time period in 2015), ... (more)

Electric motors as shock absorbers: New Audi system saves fuel and improves comfort(September 01, 2016)
Regenerative braking is a familiar way to recover kinetic energy that would otherwise be wasted. A vehicle’s suspension offers a similar opportunity. Audi is working on a ... (more)

New Tesla Model S claims fastest and longest range titles(August 31, 2016)
Tesla has launched a new version of its all-electric Model S saloon, which can now be specified with a 100kWh battery. This - in high-performance P100D with Ludicrous mode ... (more)

All-electric Opel Ampera-e to make world debut in Paris(August 30, 2016)
Opel Ampera-e is the European cousin to the Chevrolet Bolt, as the Ampera was to the Volt. “The Opel Ampera-e makes electromobility fully feasible for everyday use and ready for the future” says Opel CEO, Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “The Ampera-e demonstrates impressively how well sustainability and driving pleasure can form a ... (more)

DOE: 2016 All-Electric Vehicle Ranges Can Exceed Those of Some Gasoline Vehicles(August 29, 2016)
For the 2016 model year (MY) the maximum range for an all-electric vehicle is 294 miles while the minimum range for a gasoline model is 240 miles. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles use both gasoline and electricity drawn from the grid. The all-electric range of PHEV models varies greatly, and the total gasoline and electric range of a PHEV is ... (more)

Light duty plug-in electric vehicles are expected to make up half of the global EV market by 2024(August 27, 2016)
A recent report from Navigant Research details the global market for light duty vehicles, including light duty hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric vehicles, or plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), segmented by scenario, region, country, drivetrain, and automaker, through 2024. ... (more)

Scientists Develop “Ideal” Energy Storage Material for Electric Vehicles(August 26, 2016)
The key is a unique three-dimensional sandwich-like structure that protects the dense electric field in the polymer/ceramic composite from dielectric breakdown. Their results are published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). ... (more)

New class of fuel cells offer increased flexibility, lower cost(August 25, 2016)
A new class of fuel cells based on a newly discovered polymer-based material could bridge the gap between the operating temperature ranges of two existing types of polymer fuel cells, a breakthrough ... (more)

Stanford-led team reveals nanoscale secrets of rechargeable batteries(August 24, 2016)
Better batteries that charge quickly and last a long time are a brass ring for engineers. But despite decades of research and innovation, a fundamental understanding of exactly how batteries work at the smallest of scales has remained elusive.... (more)

Flax straw extract improves aluminum-air battery performance(August 23, 2016)
The aluminum-air battery, which uses a catalytic air cathode and an aluminum anode, has intrigued researchers for some time, because of its high theoretical specific energy. However, ... (more)

Battery500 consortium aims to develop 500 Wh/kg battery pack(August 22, 2016)
One of the Obama Administration’s recently announced initiatives to promote EV adoption is the Battery500 consortium, which will be led by Pacific Northwest ... (more)

Digital push from German giants(August 19, 2016)
Major German manufacturers are lining up for an increasingly electrified future with a number of announcements over the past few days showing a shift towards a digital focus. The ... (more)

Plug-in car sales continue rise at record rates(August 17, 2016)
Sales of electric cars continue to break records with the announcement by Go Ultra Low that more plug-in vehicles have been sold in the first half of 2016 than at any other half-way point... (more)

Nissan shows off BladeGlider at Rio Olympics(August 16, 2016)
Nissan has unveiled its BladeGlider prototype - an all-electric concept car that showcases zero-emission, autonomous driving technology. The BladeGlider has been presented in Rio de .... (more)

NanoFlowcell says electric cars should be refueled, not recharged(August 15, 2016)
According to Chief Technology Officer of nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd and inventor of the nanoFlowcell energy storage technology, Nunzio La Vecchia, electric mobility can be executed in a less complicated and costly way. .... (more)

July plug-in sales in Norway and Italy(August 13, 2016)
After a slight slip last month, the plug-in car market in Norway is growing again, with registrations up 17% Year-on-Year to 2.968 units, with plug-in hybrids (Up 140%) compensating for the BEV steep 38% registrations drop.... (more)

Wanxiang Group plans $375M electric car plant in China(August 12, 2016)
Wanxiang plans to build an electric car plant in Hangzhou, China, according to the company’s application for an environmental impact review posted on its website. h.... (more)

Freeze Granulation : Spray Freeze Drying nano ceramics diamonds proteins enzymes chemicals(August 11, 2016)
At the same time Honda and Toyota are introducing fuel cell cars to the U.S. market, a team of researchers from Vanderbilt University, Nissan North America and Georgia Institute of Technology have teamed up to create a new technology designed to give fuel cells more oomph.... (more)

Delphi sees end of 12V(August 10, 2016)
It has reached the end of the road, according to Delphi Automotive. IDTechEx has detailed such a roadmap in its 2016 report, Mild Hybrid 48V Vehicles 2016-2031 . In an interview with Automotive ... (more)

FMC plans to increase lithium hydroxide production to 30,000 metric tons(August 09, 2016)
Chemical supplier FMC Corporation plans to accelerate the expansion of its global lithium hydroxide production capacity as a result of a new multi-year supply agreement with “a major .... (more)

Researchers use nanolithia to improve efficiency and longevity of lithium-air batteries(August 08, 2016)
Lithium-air, or lithium-oxygen, has been touted as the ultimate battery technology, because its theoretical energy density is ten times that of current lithium-ion .... (more)

Electric Car Sales In The Netherlands During June 2016(August 06, 2016)
Estimated electric vehicle sales figures for the Netherlands during the month of June 2016 were recently unveiled on the EV Sales blog — showing that the sales drop that followed the end of plug-in hybrid sales last year has continued.... (more)

Sono presents electric minivan(August 05, 2016)
The Munich-based start-up took the wraps off its promising electric vehicle – a minivan that seats six and will sell for 16,000 euros. Range is given at 250 km. On top of a 30 kWh battery pack, the EV is ... (more)

Graphene-based ultracapacitors give trucks a boost of acceleration(August 04, 2016)
Adgero, a French transport tech developer, has unveil the world’s first operational energy-saving, hybrid electric system for road transport at ... (more)

Mercedes-Benz unveil all-electric 26T heavy-duty Urban eTruck(August 03, 2016)
Daimler Trucks presented the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck as the first fully electric truck with an admissible total weight of up to 26 tonnes. This ... (more)

Jaguar to prioritize all-electric sedan, SUV over sports cars(August 02, 2016)
The success of Tesla Motors has made quite an impression on the main German luxury carmakers, all of which plan future products that can compete with the automaker from Silicon Valley. Now it appears Jaguar may be planning to target Tesla as well. ... (more)

Innovative Lithium-Oxygen Battery Tech Could Significantly Increase EV Range(August 01, 2016)
A new lithium-oxygen battery is being touted as potentially able to provide much longer ranges between charges for EVs. Also known as lithium-air, the tech has been in the news ... (more)

New Battery Tech Tips Lighter Electric Vehicles(July 30, 2016)
A team of researchers has uncovered a new technology for enhancing lithium-oxygen batteries, which could result in lighter and more energy-efficient electric vehicles.... (more)

Utah, Minnesota team discover highly conductive oxide-based materials; STO/NTO offer “different road to power electronics”(July 29, 2016)
Engineers from the University of Utah and the University of Minnesota have discovered that interfacing two particular oxide-based materials—strontium titanate (STO) and neodymium ... (more)

European Commission Releases Strategy to Speed Up Low- and Zero-Emission Vehicle Deployment(July 28, 2016)
The European Commission is taking measures to speed up deployment of low- and zero-emission vehicles and alternative energy sources... (more)

Samsung takes stake in Chinese electric-car maker BYD, joining Warren Buffett(July 27, 2016)
As cars come to rely increasingly on electronic systems, non-traditional companies are making forays into the car business..... (more)

Researchers increase energy density of cathode by controlling oxygen activity(July 26, 2016)
An international team of researchers has demonstrated a new way to improve the performance of lithium-rich cathode materials by creating oxygen vacancies at the material’s surface.... (more)

Why Lithium Will See Another Price Spike This Fall(July 25, 2016)
So far, lithium has been the hottest metal of 2016, beating out gold, with exponential demand expected over the coming years. Although the price ... (more)

Plug-in sales in Sweden grow 55 percent year-on-year in June(July 23, 2016)
Sweden has registered 1.347 new plug-in electric vehicles last month, up an impressive 55% Year-on-Year, according to the data of the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO). ... (more)

Protean Electric gets $70M in funding for its in-wheel drive systems for electrified vehicles(July 22, 2016)
Protean Electric, the global leader in the development and commercialization of in-wheel electric drive systems, has received $70 million in new funding from GO Scale Capital, Zhejiang VIE Science & Technology Co. Ltd., and Tianjin THSG Corporation. Existing investors Oak Investment Partners and GSR Ventures co-invested in ... (more)

China Revises Policy For Foreign Battery Manufacturers – Floodgates Now Open(July 21, 2016)
The Chinese government pleasantly surprised the transportation industry by announcing the intention of lifting stake caps on foreign motorcycle and battery manufacturers who set up ... (more)

BEV Sales In France Slowed In June, 15,000 Sold So Far This Year(July 20, 2016)
One of the more disheartening electric vehicle stories of the year was BMW pulling back on its plans to be an EV leader, rather than announcing a knockout, Tesla-Model-3-competing BMW i5... (more)

BEV Sales In France Slowed In June, 15,000 Sold So Far This Year(July 19, 2016)
The 20-month long period of growth for all-electric car sales in France was threatened in June as BEVs registrations were up year-over-year by just 6%.... (more)

Smart Electric Drive Review(July 18, 2016)
The latest version of tiny two-seat city car is a vast improvement over Smart’s previous all-electric versions. Measuring just over 106 inches from tip to tail, and a shade under 62 inches... (more)

South Korea Gets Aggressive With EV Incentives, Infrastructure(July 16, 2016)
South Korea is now the fifth largest auto manufacturing company in the world. Its domestic automakers produced 1.8 million vehicles in the first 5 months of 2016. Over 60% of them (more)

Xtrac introduces lightweight EV transmission system(July 15, 2016)
Transmission technology specialist Xtrac, has announced its latest family of gearboxes launched initially for use in that exclusive and rarefied segment of the global car market focused on the development of ultra-high performance road vehicles. (more)

Overview Of Incentives For Buying Electric Vehicles In EU(July 12, 2016)
ACEA released a new edition of its overview on the incentives for buying electric vehicles throughout the European Union.... (more)

World Energy Council: EVs Must Hit 16% Market Share By 2020 In Order For Fuel-Economy Standards To Be Achieved(July 11, 2016)
If the fuel-economy standards set by many regulators around the world are to be achieved, then electric vehicle market share will need to rise to 16% by the year 2020, according to a ... (more)

SiNode Systems wins $4-million contract to develop silicon-graphene anode materials(July 09, 2016)
The United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) has awarded a $4-million contract to SiNode Systems for the development of advanced anode materials for ... (more)

Faraday Future enters Formula E series(July 07, 2016)
Faraday Future announced a long-term alliance with the American auto racing team Dragon Racing, becoming the core technical partner and title sponsor of the team. The new team name will be Faraday Future Dragon Racing, and the partnership will officially initiate at the beginning of Season 3 (2016/2017) at the Formula E Hong Kong ePrix on October 9, 2016. , .. (more)

2016Toyota: big gains from downsizing PM motor(July 06, 2016)
While forklifts, buses, Tesla cars and some new electric motorcycles tend to use asynchronous (induction) traction motors, most other cars and motorcycles stick to permanent magnet machines, .. (more)

UQM, Eaton and Pi Innovo collaborate on electric drivetrain(July 05, 2016)
UQM Technologies (NYSE MKT: UQM) has partnered with Eaton’s Vehicle Group and Pi Innovo to develop an electric powertrain system for the medium- and heavy-... (more)

Europe Electric Car Sales Report (May 2016)(July 04, 2016)
The European EV market had more than 14,000 registrations in May, representing a 7% increase over May 2015, which was a slight decrease in growth, largely due to the upcoming ... (more)

New molecular design to get hydrogen-powered cars motoring(July 02, 2016)
A radical new process that allows hydrogen to be efficiently sourced from liquid formic acid could be one step forward in making the dream of hydrogen-powered cars an economic reality.... (more)

In May BYD Sold Over 9,000 Plug-In Electric Cars In China(July 01, 2016)
China plug-in vehicles sales in May resulted in well over 26,000 plug-in electric cars sold, which represented a 119% year-over-year according to specifc model data collected by the EV Sales Blog.... (more)

Plug-In Electric Car Price/Statistic Comparison For U.S. – June 2016(June 30, 2016)
A lot is changing in the plug-in electric vehicle market in the U.S.; lots of new models, new battery options on current offerings; and as always – slightly different pricing, destination ... (more)

Axial flux traction motor with 15% advantage(June 29, 2016)
Axial flux traction motor with 15% advantageThe first electric motor in the world was made by Michael Faraday over 160 years ago and it was axial flux yet almost all traction motors have been ... (more)

18 Renault Electric Vehicles for the Eden Project(June 28, 2016)
Renault’s range of all-electric vehicles is set to be a familiar sight at The Eden Project with the strengthening of the longstanding relationship between Europe’s leading electric vehicle ... (more)

Salt baths boost next gen batteries for electric cars Energy Harvesting(June 25, 2016)
The next generation of rechargeable lithium batteries set to disrupt the electric vehicle industry may soon be here, thanks to the humble salt bath. CSIRO scientists, in collaboration ... (more)

Electric Cars Will Be Cheaper Than Conventional Cars Soon(June 23, 2016)
Regular readers of Gas2 already know the electric car revolution we crave will not happen until a few critical factors take place. First, a comprehensive electric charging infrastructure ... (more)

Giving Lithium Batteries a Boost with Ya Loofah(June 22, 2016)
The loofah sponge carbon could be the advance needed to move these batteries forward in a low-cost, sustainable way, the researchers say.... (more)

The Battery Miracle Will Transform Both Transportation And Power Generation(June 21, 2016)
Low-cost, high-performance electric batteries are a game changer for the two key clean energy sectors: power generation and transportation. They enable much greater adoption and ..... (more)

Plug-in Electric Car Sales in Canada, May 2016: Canada crosses 20,000 cars with plugs(June 20, 2016)
The country welcomed its 10,000th plug-in electric vehicle around October 2014, about 40 months after the first Nissan Leafs arrived. This past April—about 18 months later—the country hit 20,000..... (more)

Mercedes-Benz develops electric car that runs for 500km and recharges in five minutes(June 18, 2016)
Battery electric cars will able to run for 500 kilometres between five-minute recharges — and outperform any petrol-powered car on the road — in less than five years.... (more)

First look at Mercedes' modular platform for electric cars(June 17, 2016)
Mercedes-Benz has crafted a dedicated platform for its next-generation electric cars. Revealed this week during a tech briefing at the automaker’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, the platform will make its way into a handful of models, the first of which will be previewed in concept form at ... (more)

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In UK Up 20% In May To Over 2,300(June 16, 2016)
UK’s plug-in electric car sales continue to strengthen in 2016, with May’s result showing a 20% improvement over 2015. Total plug-in sales reached 2,345 vehicles.... (more)

Mercedes-Benz to electrify all model series in €7B R&D investment(June 15, 2016)
Over the next two years, Daimler is slated to invest an unprecedented seven billion euro (approximately $7.8 billion in US) into what they are .... (more)

Electric-car intender Faraday Future wants 2nd factory, in California this time.(June 14, 2016)
Chinese-backed startup Faraday Future still hasn't released details of its first production electric car, but it's already eyeing a second factory. Faraday is moving ahead with plans for a factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada, and has said it plans to start car production within two years..... (more)

Battery production for electric cars: It’s just not enough.(June 13, 2016)
There is this rumour that has been circulating for a while now that the Volkswagen AG wants to invest ten billion euros – in a battery cell factory. And in Germany’s Salzgitter, of all .... (more)

There are now more than 1.2M electric cars on the roads worldwide(June 11, 2016)
One million and counting: electric cars crossed the milestone in 2015 on their way to finish the year with 1.26 million units deployed worldwide, a new IEA report documents, as sales and construction of necessary infrastructure both surged about 70% in a critical advance towards limiting carbon emissions from the transport sector.... (more)

Genesis to have electric cars, own performance brand(June 10, 2016)
The head of Genesis, Manfred Fitzgerald, has confirmed that the new Hyundai luxury brand will offer electric cars “We will definitely go as Genesis brand down the road of alternative propulsions and it is very, very obvious that EV is definitely on the map,”... (more)

California drivers give electric vehicles the green light(June 09, 2016)
Recently, a survey was conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and Consumers Union. The results of the survey show heavy interest in electric cars, with 67% of ... (more)

Air Liquide and Hyundai commit to accelerate deployment of H2 fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure in Korea and Europe(June 08, 2016)
South Korea President Park Geun-hye visited Air Liquide’s Sassenage site, near Grenoble, France, on 4 June. On the occasion of this state visit, Air Liquide and .... (more)

Electric-car interest in France spikes due to gas shortage(June 07, 2016)
When it comes to spurring electric-car sales, it seems a gas shortage is pretty helpful. In France, strikes have brought the oil industry to a standstill, leading to a shortage of fossil fuels and lines at pumps.... (more)

Electric-car battery costs not too sensitive to lithium prices(June 06, 2016)
Relatively low lithium-ion battery-cell prices are crucial to keeping the prices of electric cars reasonable. But how much does the volatility of the price of lithium itself affect the prices of those cells?... (more)

Global Plug-in Vehicle Sales Through April 2016(June 01, 2016)
Plug-in vehicle sales worldwide so far are 180 500 units including preliminary data for April, according to new figures from EV-Volumes, an EV sales database and consultancy.... (more)

Bosch creates electric go-kart(May 31, 2016)
Electric cars are known for, among other things, their instantaneous torque delivery. Simply press the pedal and, unless they have been tuned otherwise, they can deliver up to 100 percent of the motor's thrust immediately.... (more)

Citroën France Launched Citroën Electric Store With EVs(May 30, 2016)
Citroën France recently launched an online e-shop – the Citroën Electric Store, featuring the all-electric C-Zero.... (more)

Researchers develop safe and durable high-temperature Li-S battery with conventional C-S electrode using MLD alucone coating(May 28, 2016)
Researchers from University of Western Ontario, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), and Canadian Light Sources (CLS) have ... (more)

Nissan home energy-storage battery: another front against Tesla?(May 25, 2016)
The Nissan Leaf electric car doesn't compete directly with any of the luxury models from Tesla Motors, but Nissan is now targeting Tesla in a different arena. The Japanese carmaker will offer standalone battery packs for home energy storage... (more)

Electric-car energy density to approach gasoline by 2045: report(May 24, 2016)
The lithium-ion battery packs that power modern electric cars are far less energy-dense than the liquid hydrocarbon fuels that power internal-combustion cars. They can't hold nearly as much energy in a given volume or weight, a disadvantage that shows in the relatively short ranges of many electric cars despite their heavy battery packs. ... (more)

Renault e.dams confirm Buemi and Prost for 2016-17 season(May 21, 2016)
Sébastien and Nicolas will continue their successful partnership for a third consecutive season. So far the duo has scored six wins and aided Renault e.dams to the inaugural 2014-15 Teams’ title. Sébastien is currently second in the Drivers’ championship, just 11 points behind the leader, while Nico is sixth. Renault e.dams is leading the Teams’ championship with an advantage of seven points. ... (more)

ARPA-E issues RFI on enabling technologies for ultra-safe and secure modular nuclear energy systems(May 20, 2016)
The Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) has issued a Request for Information (DE-FOA-0001598) on enabling technologies for ultra-safe and secure modular nuclear energy systems.... (more)

EVs Are 61% Cleaner Than Gas In Minnesota – Well To Wheels Analysis(May 18, 2016)
According to the Great Plains Institute’s (GPI) recent analysis, electric cars could provide large GHG reductions in Minnesota... (more)

Audi To Introduce New Electrified Vehicle Each Year Starting In 2018(May 16, 2016)
At the annual general meeting in Ingolstadt, Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler announced that the company will introduce a new electric vehicle model every year beginning in 2018, as it races to catch-up to Tesla and other rivals in the luxury car market...... (more)

Nissan and Eaton make home energy storage reliable and affordable to everyone with ‘xStorage’(May 14, 2016)
Japanese automaker Nissan and power management company Eaton, have joined forces to unveil a new residential energy storage unit – designed to be the most affordable in the market today..... (more)

PSA Peugeot Citroen and Dongfeng partner on electric cars(May 13, 2016)
Building on their two-year-old partnership, the carmakers plan to design an electric version of the common technology platform they have been developing since April 2015. .... (more)

Norway Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up By 65% To 4,200(May 12, 2016)
Not-far from a record, 4,215 passenger plug-in electric cars were registered in April in Norway, which is 65% more than year ago.... (more)

Ford CEO Mark Fields confirms 200-mile electric car coming(May 11, 2016)
What a difference a week makes. In late April, Ford's director of electrification programs and engineering, Kevin Layden, said the 100-mile range of the 2017 Ford Focus Electric would suffice for most drivers... (more)

Lilium Aviation Developing Vertical-Lift Electric Aircraft(May 10, 2016)
Lilium Aviation, a start-up company hosted in an ESA business incubator, is developing the world’s first vertical takeoff and landing electric aircraft for personal use. The electric two-seater ... (more)

Qiantu K50 Electric Sports Car Debuts In China(May 09, 2016)
Auto China motor show in Beijing was full of electric cars this year. One of the most conspicuous was the Qiantu Motor K50, a pure electric sports car with an aluminium frame ... (more)

Li-Ion Batteries That Charge In Under 1 Second (Not Supercapacitors) Developed In Norway, But Not Ideal For Cars(May 07, 2016)
Scientists and researchers around the world are working on improved battery technology that will facilitate the transition away from fossil fuels to electric vehicles. Their quest is for a ... (more)

Evans Electric previews new Axial Flux EV motor(May 06, 2016)
Evans Electric has previewed a next generation EV motor that it says will be licensed for production in 2017. The Axial flux asynchronous induction ... (more)

Ford CEO confirms plans for long-range electric car(May 05, 2016)
Ford CEO Mark Fields said the Dearborn automaker will not be left behind in the race to develop long-range electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 ... (more)

Cactus-inspired skin gives fuel-cell vehicles a spike(May 04, 2016)
Inspired by the humble cactus, a new type of membrane has the potential to significantly boost the performance of fuel cells and transform the electric vehicle industry ... (more)

Mahindra and Pininfarina release concept designs of future Formula E cars(May 03, 2016)
Mahindra Racing and Pininfarina released three concept designs for a future Formula E racing car. These images are the product of a collaborative and creative project that offers fans a ... (more)

Companies scramble to secure lithium supplies as “white petroleum” prices soar(May 02, 2016)
The hottest commodity on the planet right now is not oil or coffee but lithium, according to a recent article on The ballooning battery market is ... (more)

50,000th Renault Zoe electric car delivered (after 200,000 Nissan Leafs)(May 01, 2016)
The Nissan Leaf may be the best-selling electric car in history, with more than 200,000 sales, but the Renault half of the Renault-Nissan Alliance can now trumpet a milestone of its own..... (more)