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January 2017: Europe Electric Car Sales(March 31, 2017)
Below the top five places, the Volvo XC90 PHEV had a surprising 52% jump in sales, to 1,035 units, surging to 6th place, while the #8 BMW 225xe Active Tourer (687 units) continued its positive sales trend and two rising .. (more)

Researchers develop methods to study battery chemistry in action (March 31, 2017)
Researchers at a host of national laboratories and universities have developed a way to microscopically view battery electrodes while they are bathed in wet electrolytes, mimicking realistic conditions inside actual ... (more)

Case Study: Battery Types(March 30, 2017)
Ranging from the very crude to the highly sophisticated, batteries come in a plethora of variety. Batteries in short are electrochemical cells that produce a current of electricity via chemical reactions. More specifically, .. (more)

January 2017: China Electric Car Sales(March 30, 2017)
The Chinese market had 6,260 new EVs registered in January, far from the 15,275 units of January 2016, dragging down the plug-in market share (of new cars sold) to just 0.25% — far below the 1.45% of 2016. ... (more)

Electric Vehicles Reduce GHGs by At Least 42% (March 29, 2017)
Recent analysis done by the Great Plains Institute (GPI) has found that electric vehicles in Minnesota provide a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction of at least 61% in most cases (Xcel Energy electric mix) and 95% in many .. (more)

Here’s How Electric Cars Will Cause the Next Oil Crisis (March 29, 2017)
A shift is under way that will lead to widespread adoption of EVs in the next decade.
With all good technologies, there comes a time when buying the alternative no longer makes sense. Think ... (more)

January 2017: Japan Electric Car Sales (March 28, 2017)
The Japanese electric vehicle market is comprised almost entirely of Japanese auto manufacturers (unsurprisingly), which makes the market an interesting contrast to free-for-all markets like the US. .. (more)

New gel-like coating beefs up the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries (March 28, 2017)
Yale scientists have developed an ultra-thin coating material that has the potential to extend the life and improve the efficiency of lithium-sulfur batteries, one of the most promising areas of energy research today. ... (more)

February 2017: US Electric Car Sales (March 27, 2017)
US electric car sales jumped approximately 68% in February 2017 vs February 2016. Fully electric car sales were up 74%, while plug-in hybrid sales were up 61%. For the first two months of the year, that puts all plug-in ... (more)

Electric Vehicles to Revitalize IGBT Market(March 27, 2017)
The insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) device market is forecast to reach $6.2 billion in 2020, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10 percent between 2014 and 2020, bolstered by the electric vehicle ... (more)

Electric car market statistics (March 25, 2017)
The last three years have seen a remarkable surge in demand for electric vehicles in the UK – new registrations of plug-in cars increased from 3,500 in 2013 to more than 85,000 by March 2017. There has also been a huge , ... (more)

New research helps inhibit lithium–oxygen battery aging (March 25, 2017)
A study on Singlet oxygen generation from TU Graz has now stumbled upon astonishing parallels of oxygen chemistry in battery systems.... (more)

Audi plans three electric vehicles by 2020 (March 24, 2017)
Audi reiterated its focus on electrification Wednesday and said it is planning three new battery-powered electric vehicles by 2020. The announcement, made at Audi's annual corporate press conference in Ingolstadt, ... (more)

Bromide makes the potential difference (March 24, 2017)
By simply adding bromide ions into a zinc–iodide battery, scientists from Hong Kong have reported the highest energy density for aqueous flow batteries to date. ... (more)

Renault showcases EV tech with Zoe e-Sport Concept(March 23, 2017)
Renault brought a surprise model to the Geneva Motor Show in the shape of the Zoe e-Sport Concept. Based, albeit loosely, on the all-electric Zoe supermini the concept car draws on Renault's extensive EV expertise and ... (more)

Satellite battery research could also make electric cars more reliable(March 23, 2017)
Making batteries for a satellite is tough. Not only does the satellite have to operate flawlessly in the most extreme conditions, it's also enormously difficult to predict how much power will be needed on any particular ... (more)

Jaguar I-Pace driven on London roads(March 22, 2017)
Jaguar's first electric car has been driven in London ahead of next year's launch, with the I-Pace concept driven on the roads around the Olympic Park. ... (more)

New batteries can be made from salt and glass, shows research (March 22, 2017)
Lithium-ion batteries are no longer enough to supplement the modern rate of energy consumption.
Going all-electric is pegged as the ideal way to a carbon-free economy. But the problem is that current battery ... (more)

ENGIE acquires EV-Box (March 21, 2017)
French electric utility company ENGIE announced the acquisition of EV-Box. The Netherlands-based company is one of the world’s leading electric vehicle charging services providers with over 40,000 charging stations in l... (more)

Reducing Propensity For Electrode Fragmentation In Silicon-Aluminum Anodes For Lithium-Ion Batteries(March 21, 2017)
Researchers from the University of Windsor in Ontario have discovered a new means of improving silicon anode durability (when in use with lithium-ion batteries) through the utilization of newly observed self-healing behavior ... (more)

30 cities join to explore $10 billion electric-car purchase (March 20, 2017)
While federal policies to reduce vehicular emissions of carbon dioxide are now back in the limelight, it's a different story on the state and local level... (more)

Future batteries coming soon(March 20, 2017)
While smartphones, smarthomes and even smart wearables are growing ever more advanced, they're still limited by power. The battery hasn't advanced in decades. But we're on the verge of a power revolution.... (more)

Top 10 Countries in the Global EV Revolution: 2016 Edition (March 17, 2017)
Its surprising by some of the new names near the top; but all have earned their spots there. Also, while in 2014, there are only 6 countries that merit getting on the list, and in 2015 – 7 countries, for 2016, at least 9 (more)

Two-dimensional polymer breakthrough that could revolutionize energy storage(March 16, 2017)
Polymers, such as plastic and synthetic textiles, are very useful technological commodities that have revolutionised daily life and industries. A research team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has ... (more)

Formula E and FIA launch Smart Cities Initiative(March 16, 2017)
Formula E, the world’s first fully-electric single-seater racing series and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has announced the Smart Cities Initiative, a new programme created to promote the use of ... (more)

New nanofiber marks important step in next generation battery development(March 15, 2017)
One of the keys to building electric cars that can travel longer distances and to powering more homes with renewable energy is developing efficient and highly capable energy storage systems.... (more)

Luxury Asian Automakers Ready EVs For Launch Around 2020 (March 15, 2017)
Lots of luxury Asian automakers are reportedly readying electric cars for production by 2020 or a bit later, according to Automotive News who states: ... (more)

New approach to improving lithium-sulfur batteries (March 14, 2017)
Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are the power behind most modern portable electronics, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, fitness trackers, and smart watches. However, their energy density that is, the.... (more)

Audi And Lamborghini Both Reportedly Considering Electric Supercars (March 14, 2017)
VW Group is rolling out the EVs in the next few years, it seems.
Former Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann wasn’t convinced that the Italian supercar maker would ever... (more)

New hydronium-ion battery presents opportunity for more sustainable energy storage (March 13, 2017)
A new type of battery developed by scientists at Oregon State University shows promise for sustainable, high-power energy storage.
It's the world's first battery to use only hydronium ions as the charge carrier.... (more)

Hitachi and Honda establish joint venture for EV motors (March 13, 2017)
Hitachi Automotive Systems and Honda have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a joint venture, with a capitalization of around 5 billion yen ($45 million), to develop and manufacture EV motors. (more)

'Ideal' energy storage material for electric vehicles developed (March 11, 2017)
The goal of a polymer dielectric material with high energy density, high power density and excellent charge-discharge efficiency for electric and hybrid vehicle use has been achieved by a team of Penn State materials ... (more)

China to replace 70,000 gasoline cabs with electric cars (March 11, 2017)
China's latest effort to promote electric cars focuses on taxis in its capital city of Beijing.
The country that is now the world's largest new-car market already offers generous purchase incentives for electric cars bought by individuals. (more)

Sustainable, high energy density battery created (March 10, 2017)
Researchers at The City College of New York-based CUNY Energy Institute announce the development of a novel low cost, rechargeable, high energy density battery that makes the widespread use of solar and wind ... (more)

MINI Cooper S E Countryman PHEV priced from £31,585 in the UK (March 10, 2017)
The new all-rounder for town and country now offers the option of purely electric driving with zero tailpipe emissions.... (more)

Tweaking electrolyte makes better lithium-metal batteries(March 09, 2017)
A pinch of electrolyte additive gives rechargeable battery stability, longer life
Scientists have found adding a pinch of something new to a battery's electrolyte gives the energy storage devices more juice per ... (more)

Kia Confirms Three-Phase Strategy for Niro With All-Electric Added (March 09, 2017)
With its new Niro, Kia has plans to follow the lead of parent company Hyundai through a three-phase launch. The Korean automaker will be rolling out the Niro in three variations, with a battery electric version coming out in 2018. That’s the ... (more)

New protocol reduces Li-ion battery formation time by a factor of six (March 08, 2017)
A new process developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory could alleviate a bottleneck in battery manufacturing and deliver higher capacity batteries. It also conserves lithium, which improves battery capacity... (more)

All-electric five-seater will make European debut (March 08, 2017)
As for the design, Jaguar’s chief designer Ian Callum said in a release, “Because we’re still in the phase when every Jaguar must be instantly identifiable as a Jaguar, we kept the family face largely unchanged for the electric vehicle, so that more people get to know (more)

Scientists are trying to make the perfect battery (March 07, 2017)
Lithium-ion batteries power everything from our laptops to phones to electric vehicles, but they’re far from perfect. In fact, they were the culprits behind Samsung’s recent exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones.... (more)

Fuel-cell range extender for Nissan e-NV200 electric taxis announced by Symbio(March 07, 2017)
Advocates of battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell cars are often at odds over which powertrain technology is the more practical solution to reducing emissions.... (more)

AKASOL Li-ion battery modules achieve 50% extension in service life in endurance testing(March 06, 2017)
Over the course of an eight-month endurance test, the Germany-based high-performance battery system provider AKASOL subjected its latest generation of Li-ion battery modules—AKAMODULE 46Ah and 53Ah—to a range of extreme conditions. Among that results ... (more)

2017 Geneva auto show: green car preview (March 06, 2017)
The 2017 Geneva Motor Show marks the next stop on the annual auto-show circuit.
With press days beginning March 7, we aren't expecting an overwhelming number of green cars at the Swiss show this year.... (more)

Nano-tool for designing the next big battery: Eavesdropping on lithium ions (March 04, 2017)
Lithium ion batteries are at the energetic heart of almost all things tech, from cell phones to tablets to electric vehicles. That's because they are a proven technology, light, long-lasting and powerful. But they aren't perfect... (more)

rEVolution — What Will The Main Drivers Be? (March 04, 2017)
Electric cars would be a disruptive technology that would quickly take over the market — once enough people experienced them. This is a chart to show how previous disruptive technologies have evolved on the marketplace... (more)

Battery legend Goodenough not done yet: new solid-state chemistry introduced (March 03, 2017)
Lithium-ion battery-cell chemistry is currently dominant in electric cars, not to mention consumer electronics and other fields.
But what seems to be an army of researchers thinks it can be improved... (more)

Six new electric cars coming for 2018 and 2019(March 03, 2017)
The next couple of years promise to be quite interesting for electric cars.
A minimum of six new models are expected in that time period, all promising ranges of 200 miles or more—which until a few months... (more)

FDK and Fujitsu Labs develop high-energy-density lithium cobalt pyrophosphate cathode material for solid-state batteries(March 02, 2017)
FDK Corporation and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. have jointly developed lithium cobalt pyrophosphate (Li2CoP2O7) as a high-energy-density cathode material for all-solid lithium-ion batteries. The new material can operate at charge/discharge voltages of more than (more)

Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. wins at Business Van Manager Awards(March 02, 2017)
The all-electric Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. has proved its eco-credentials once more after picking up Best Green Van at the Business Van Manager Awards in London. (more)

E.ON, Clever Team Up For Ultra-Fast Charging (150 kW) Network In Europe (March 01, 2017)
E.ON and CLEVER have announced a strategic partnership for ultra-fast charging infrastructure in Europe. E.ON is international energy company with 1,200 public charging points and 39 fast chargers installed. (more)

Daimler to build large electric semi truck; Urban e-Truck results good so far (March 01, 2017)
Following successful trials, Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler plans to produce a small run of all-electric large commercial trucks for the European market. (more)

Chinese battery-maker and Finnish manufacturer partner to supply battery packs to Europe(February 28, 2017)
Chinese battery builder Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) and Finnish contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive have formed a strategic partnership to develop electric automotive solutions. As part of the deal, CATL has taken a 22% ownership position in Valmet. (more)

Speedy growth of electric cars will challenge automakers(February 28, 2017)
Estimates of electric-car market share over the coming decades vary wildly, but certain trends seem to be working in their favor.
Battery prices should continue to fall, and tougher global emissions standards may put increasing pressure on automakers to build (more)

Wireless Charging Standard To Reach 250 kW, Magnetic Field Alignment Now In The Works(February 27, 2017)
Standardization of wireless charging is progressing with 3.7 and 7.7 kW power levels currently being testing on the front line, and the 11 kW power level is soon to enter its own stage of final testing. (more)

Billionaire Carlos Slim to launch a made-in-Mexico EV (February 27, 2017)
Giant Motors, part of the business empire of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu, is developing a made-in-Mexico EV, and plans to launch it commercially next year, Forbes Mexico reported. (more)

Sugar helps make new sodium sulphur battery (February 25, 2017)
Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, have developed a room-temperature sodium sulphur battery based on a microporous template made from table sugar that is competitive with lithium-ion batteries. The device, which has over 98% Coulombic (more)

Bollinger Motors promises all-electric off-road 'sport utility truck'(February 25, 2017)
There seems to be no shortage of startups planning to build new battery-electric vehicles from the ground up.
While companies like Lucid Motors and Faraday Future are focusing on high-end luxury models, a newer company named Bollinger (more)

Opel Ampera-e certified with 520-km range (February 24, 2017)
“We are bringing an electric car fully suitable for everyday use to market in the Ampera-e. It is not eco-luxury, not a gadget and not just a second car. Opel is showing that electro-mobility is also achievable for a much broader audience thanks to the most innovative (more)

By 2026, Lithium Ion Battery Pack Revenue in Marine Vessels, Rail Cars, and Underground Mining Vehicles is Anticipated to Reach Nearly $6 Billion(February 24, 2017)
A new report from Navigant Research examines the emerging market for traction/propulsion energy in the marine vessel, rail car, and underground mining vehicle sectors, providing an analysis of the market issues associated with advanced batteries for non-automotive (more)

Renault ZOE Z.E. 40 (41 kWh) Battery Visualized (February 23, 2017)
The new Renault ZOE Z.E. 40 proves that it’s possible to double battery capacity, without redesigning an entire car.
The key is to originally develop a battery pack that could handle future modules with more energy dense cells... (more)

Switzerland January 2017 (February 23, 2017)
The Swiss EV market registered some 500 units last month, up 20% YoY, with the EV Share up to a record 2.7%.
The BMW i3 started the year in the lead, with 86 units, followed by its subcompact arch-rival, the French Zoe, with 70 units. (more)

Converting bulk alloys to oxide nanowires could produce cheaper battery membranes(February 22, 2017)
A simple technique for producing oxide nanowires directly from bulk materials could dramatically lower the cost of producing the one-dimensional (1D) nanostructures. That could enable the production of thermally stable, strong battery membranes able to withstand (more)

Austria January 2017 (February 22, 2017)
Austrian plug-in sales were up 35% YoY to 412 new EV's in January, placing the EV Share at a record 1,64%.
Looking at the models ranking, the podium positions remained unchanged, with the Renault Zoe (104 units, best result in 10 months) ... (more)

Looking for the next leap in rechargeable batteries (February 21, 2017)
University of Southern California researchers have created a new battery membrane that brings the cycle life of next-generation lithium-sulfur batteries in line with their lithium-ion counterparts. (more)

Italy January 2016 (February 21, 2017)
Renault Zoe Starts in the Lead
Last month the Italian EV market surged 111% YoY, to 388 units, its best result in almost two years, with the EV share jumping to 0,23%. ... (more)

Maintenance and Safety of Hybrid and Plug-In Electric Vehicles(February 20, 2017)
Maintenance needs and safety requirements for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and all-electric vehicles (EVs) are similar to those of conventional vehicles. Manufacturers are designing these vehicles and publishing guides with (more)

One third of new transit buses will be electric in 2020, all by 2030(February 20, 2017)
While electric cars continue to establish a beachhead in the consumer market, electric buses are making quick inroads with U.S. city transit authorities.... (more)

Electric cars could spike cobalt prices to their highest levels since the financial crisis(February 18, 2017)
Investors are buying up physical cobalt in anticipation that shortages of the metal, a key component of lithium-ion batteries used in electrical cars, will spur prices to their highest levels since the 2008 financial crisis. (more)

GKN Driveline supplies eTransmission for StreetScooter electric vans (February 18, 2017)
GKN Driveline is supplying its electric drive technology to StreetScooter, the electric vehicle company owned by the German postal service, Deutsche Post DHL. The service intends to deploy 2,000 StreetScooter vehicles in its urban delivery fleet by the end of the ... (more)

Big energy hugely underestimates electric cars, renewable power(February 17, 2017)
Mass adoption of electric cars and renewable energy could significantly decrease global consumption of fossil fuels. But does the established energy industry view these new developments as a threat? (more)

Volvo’s Future Electric Plans: 3-Cylinder PHEV In 2018, All-Electric Offerings With 100 kWh Battery In 2019(February 17, 2017)
Volvo’s current electrification plan includes both a new plug-in hybrid, and also new all-electric models (yes, plural), that will be introduced from 2018 and 2019 respectively. According to latest news on the all-electric offerings, Volvo battery pack sizes up to a ... (more)

POSCO begins lithium production for first time in Korea; domestic supply for Samsung, LG; investing $261M in anode materials by 2020 (February 16, 2017)
Korea-based steel-maker POSCO has begun commercial production of lithium in Korea for the first time. On 7 February, POSCO held a ceremony for the completion of a PosLX (POSCO Lithium Extraction) plant with an annual capacity of 2,500 tons at its lithium plant at .... (more)

France January 2017(February 16, 2017)
The French EV passenger car market had 2.699 registrations last month, up 45% YoY, with the EV Share starting the year at 1.8%, already above the 1.7% of 2016. ... (more)

Assembly of micro-/meso-/macroporous carbon optimized for Li-S batteries(February 15, 2017)
Li-S batteries are considered as promising alternatives for Li-ion batteries in the new generation of energy storages, due to high specific capacity (1675 mAh/g) and energy density (2600 mWh/g) of sulfur. But the poor conductivity of sulfur and severe shuttle .... (more)

Even the Germans are getting into EV's! (February 15, 2017)
Some 2.715 plug-in passenger cars were registered last month in Germany, up 90% YoY, with the EV Share starting the year at a record 1.12%, significantly above from the 0.75% registered last year, it's been a long time coming, but it seems that this market is ... (more)

Glow-in-the-dark dye could fuel liquid-based batteries A dye called BODIPY has special chemical properties that could facilitate energy storage (February 14, 2017)
Could a glow-in-the-dark dye be the next advancement in energy storage technology? .... (more)

Vattenfall is switching its whole car fleet to EVs in Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany(February 14, 2017)
Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest power companies, will replace over 3.500 passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles in Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany by electric alternatives over a period of five years (more)

Researchers peer into atom-sized tunnels in hunt for better battery(February 13, 2017)
Battery researchers have used a special electron microscope with atomic-level resolution to show that certain large ions can hold open tunnels in a promising electrode material, so that charge-carrying ions like lithium can enter and exit the electrode easily and quickly – boosting capacity. ..... (more)

Industrial electric vehicles: Rapid change, $350 billion market (February 13, 2017)
About one million forklifts made every year are going electric: over 60% are already. Forklifts change little: industry consolidation happened long ago so only a few businesses dominate. It is all a bit of a yawn but the rest of the industrial EV business is the exact (more)

Ultra-thin solution to primary obstacle in solid-state battery development(February 11, 2017)
A team of researchers at the University of Maryland Energy Research Center and A. James Clark School of Engineering have announced a transformative development in the race to produce batteries that are at once safe, powerful, and affordable..... (more)

World Top 20 December 2016 (Updated)(February 11, 2017)
Thanks to outstanding performances in the USA, Europe and China, the global EV market had its best month ever December, surpassing for the first time the 100.000 units delivered, representing a 20% growth YoY, with 2016 ending with 774.000 units, 40% (more)

Electric-car batteries: $100 per kwh before 2020, $80 soon after? (February 10, 2017)
Modern electric cars have developed to the point where range itself may become less of an issue than the cost of providing it. Automakers can create longer-range electric cars simply by installing larger battery packs, but that adds significant cost to the car's ... (more)

World EV Sales Hit Record 103,000 Deliveries In December, Almost 800,000 For 2016 (February 10, 2017)
December was not only a record month for plug-in electric car sales in the US (up more than 70%), but also worldwide, as ~103,527 EVs were sold – up 20% year-over-year. The last month of the year marked the first time the industry has eclipsed the 6 digit/100,000.... (more)

Groupe Renault acquires PVI, a specialist in the electrification of Light Commercial Vehicles(February 09, 2017)
Groupe Renault has acquired the French company PVI (Power Vehicle Innovation), which specializes in the conversion of commercial vehicles to electricity or natural gas. .... (more)

Battery costs tumble as range increases(February 09, 2017)
Battery costs for electric vehicles have fallen by more than 70% since 2010, despite significant increases in range on offer from manufacturers. The average cost for a battery pack .... (more)

Renault Trezor Named Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year(February 08, 2017)
The all-electric Renault Trezor Concept that debuted at the 2016 Paris Motor Show was just voted as the Most Beautiful Concept Car of 2016 by the Festival Automobile International. .... (more)

Benefits and Considerations of Electricity as a Vehicle Fuel(February 08, 2017)
Hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles can help increase energy security, improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce emissions..... (more)

Global Plug-in Vehicle Sales for 2016 (February 07, 2017)
Worldwide plug-in vehicle sales in 2016 were 773,600 units, 42 % higher than for 2015. These include all global BEV and PHEV passenger cars sales, light trucks in USA/Canada and light commercial vehicle in Europe. .... (more)

EV Battery Makers 2016: Panasonic And BYD Combine to Hold Majority Of Market(February 07, 2017)
In 2016, sales of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles increased by some 66%, up from 12.3 GWh of capacity to 20.4 GWh according to recent data compiled by the EV Sales Blog. .... (more)

Nissan Abandons 24 kWh LEAF in Europe – Only 30 kWh Model Now Available(February 06, 2017)
Nissan has announced a new offer for its 2017 model year LEAF in France; one of which we believe will be similar to all of the Europe in due time..... (more)

Toward all-solid lithium batteries (February 06, 2017)
Researchers investigate mechanics of lithium sulfides, which show promise as solid electrolytes. Most batteries are composed of two solid, electrochemically active layers called .... (more)

Ford Fusion Energi Review (February 04, 2017)
The Ford Fusion Energi offers a robust plug-in electric system in an ultra-popular roomy full-size sedan platform. The model offers the equivalent of about 100 miles per gallon, without compromising style or passenger space. After its battery is depleted, the Fusion .... (more)

Cornish lithium dreams may die in South America's salt lakes(February 04, 2017)
There's lithium in them there Cornish hills! News that a start-up, Cornish Lithium, is going to explore for the "metal of the future" in Britain's historic tin-mining region has been greeted with predictable national euphoria..... (more)

Plug-in sales rose 10% in Europe last year(February 03, 2017)
Overall in 2016, 609,629 alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) were registered in the European Union, up 4.1% compared to 2015.... (more)

Batteries for Hybrid and Plug-In Electric Vehicles(February 03, 2017)
Most new plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles will use lithium-ion batteries (above) rather than the nickel-metal hydride batteries used in many hybrid electric vehicles.... (more)

Tomahawk, Drive the Dream Faster!(February 02, 2017)
The Tomahawk could very well be the fastest sports car yet, the much awaited 2+2 all electric is expected to unveil in 2017. Accelerating from 0-60 in 3 seconds, the Tomahawk offers an impressive 370 mile range and is a force to be reckoned with. .... (more)

Graphite mining prospect near Nome could help make batteries for laptops and electric cars (February 02, 2017)
A preliminary economic analysis has found that a graphite mining prospect near Nome — an effort to capitalize on a potential supply ... (more)

BMW Is Just Beginning Its Shift to Electric Cars(February 01, 2017)
In the past five years, BMW has invested more than $2 billion in its electric vehicle program. That effort produced two visually striking and iconoclastic vehicles: the i3 electric car and i8 plug-in hybrid supercar. While .... (more)

GM and Honda to jointly build fuel-cells at Michigan factory in 2020(February 01, 2017)
General Motors and Honda today announced establishment of the auto industry’s first manufacturing joint venture to mass produce an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system that will be ... (more)

Alta Motors Redshift ST Concept May Enter Production(January 31, 2017)
The Alta Motors Redshift ST Concept set to be showcased by the company at The One Moto Show is possibly slated to enter into production in the near future, according to some recent reports .... (more)

How to to bring lithium-air batteries closer to practice (January 31, 2017)
Scientists from the Faculties of Materials Science and Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, are working on improvement of lithium-air batteries, which can significantly exceed the key parameters ... (more)

Tesla Confirms Cancellation Of Model 3 Supply Order Due To Supplier’s Inability To Meet Technical Standards (January 30, 2017)
Tesla said this week that the company did, in fact, cancel a substantial Model 3 supply order that was previously contracted with Germany-based automotive supplier, SHW. .... (more)

SAE releases global standard for wireless charging(January 30, 2017)
At a recent standards meeting, carmakers, Tier 1 suppliers, and technology providers have reached agreement on key technical and procedural elements of the upcoming SAE Recommended Practice (RP) for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and automated parking ... (more)

Global warming impact of Chrysler PHEV is 31% less than that of previous minivan (January 28, 2017)
The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid plug-in hybrid has a life-cycle global warming impact that’s 31% less than that of the previous-generation minivan, and 24% less than its 2017 gas-powered stablemate, according to an analysis by Fiat Chrysler (FCA). .... (more)

Navigant: 2016 advanced battery shipments through Q3 = 323M cells and $3.8B in sales (January 28, 2017)
According to a new report from Navigant Research, the shipment volume of advanced batteries for the first three quarters of 2016 equates to more than 323.5 million individual battery cells, 16.1 GWh of energy capacity, 61.4 GW of power capacity, and $3.8 billion .... (more)

Goldman Sachs: Electric cars, vehicle autonomy, and ride sharing will define 'Auto 2.0'(January 27, 2017)
Charles Morris is the Senior Editor of Charged, the magazine of electric vehicles, for which he writes a daily blog and regular print articles. He's also written five books including Tesla Motors: How Elon Musk and Company Made Electric Cars Cool, and .... (more)

Joint Venture to bring sodium nickel battery to market(January 27, 2017)
Chinese battery maker Chaowei Group has established a Joint Venture (JV) company with General Electric to bring to market a sodium-nickel-chloride battery.... (more)

Samsung EV battery offers 500km range with 20 minutes of charge(January 26, 2017)
By the time 2021 rolls around, a number of major car makers will have a varied selection of electric cars available. Developments in battery technology will dictate the range and features .... (more)

Airbus flying electric car prototype ready by end of year(January 26, 2017)
To address the rising concern of rush hour traffic, Airbus Group is harnessing its experience to make the dream of all commuters and travellers come true one day: to fly over traffic jams at the push of a ... (more)

Solid-State Lithium Battery Renaissance?(January 25, 2017)
It’s been quite a while since we looked at solid-state lithium batteries. They sounded like such a hot topic a few years ago, and then it got deafeningly quiet. Almost, anyway. A .... (more)

Audi to launch 5 new electrified models in China, including one with 500km of range (January 25, 2017)
AUDI AG announced a new deal with Chinese FAW Group to introduce a series of electrified vehicles as part of a 10-year plan to expand in China. As part of the plan, the company has committed to rolling out five new electrified vehicles in China by 2022. ... (more)

US breakthrough solves solid-state battery issues(January 24, 2017)
A team of researchers in the US have developed a solid-state battery they claim will improve safety .... (more)

Formula E Montreal ePrix Track Layout Revealed(January 24, 2017)
Third season of Formula E is especially hearty for North America, where the the last four rounds for next year will be held. ... (more)

Energy Storage, Where Are We Today ?(January 23, 2017)
What’s new in the world of battery technologies? And will better forms of storage .... (more)

Building an electric vehicle ecosystem in India: The challenges of 100 pc localisation(January 23, 2017)
Building an electric vehicle for India is no longer about creating ugly looking battery operated vehicles. Startups like Ather Energy and Tork Motorcycles are not traders or dealers or ... (more)

Topological defects make metal-free nanocarbon promising for zinc-air batteries (January 21, 2017)
The oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is the core process – but also the bottleneck – for the cathode reaction of energy-conversion devices like certain types of fuel cells and metal-air batteries..... (more)

ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered, the first electric car to finish the Dakar Rally (January 21, 2017)
By meeting this sustainability challenge, ACCIONA, the Spanish infrastructure and renewable energy multinational, achieved its goals of proving that renewable energy is competitive and of providing visibility to the fight against climate change, in line with the Paris Agreement. ... (more)

A Novel Liquid Battery Could Hold Potential For Unlimited Energy Storage(January 20, 2017)
These days we plug in everything: phones, flashlights, cameras — sometimes even our cars. We keep recharging them because, with electricity, you either "use it or lose it" unless you store power in a battery.... (more)

Renault Remains The EV Sales Leader In Europe(January 20, 2017)
Renault noted a decrease in electric car sales toward the end of 2016 – thanks to the announcement of a new/upgraded ZOE with a 300 km (186 mile) range arriving in January of ... (more)

Researchers reveal 'supercharger' battery breakthrough that could lead to phones that charge in minutes(January 19, 2017)
Researchers have figured out how to improve the performance of rechargeable batteries, which could lead to faster recharging devices. The researchers added large positively charged metal atoms into the batteries to improve their charge storage. ... (more)

Singapore firm develops Dendrobium electric supercar with a little help from Williams(January 19, 2017)
A firm out of Singapore has confirmed plans to unveil an electric supercar called the Dendrobium at the 2017 Geneva auto show. ... (more)

Lithium-Ion Battery Shortage Looming?(January 18, 2017)
Now that several automakers are setting goals for larger-scale EV production, many are facing a lithium-ion battery shortage. This is a good problem, because it further establishes ... (more)

2018 Nissan Leaf: what we know so far about new electric car(January 18, 2017)
The Nissan Leaf is by far the highest-volume electric car ever sold, with total sales now having passed 250,000 units.
First launched in 2011, the Leaf got some updates for the 2013 model when production for North American sales moved from ... (more)

U.S. Energy Under Trump(January 17, 2017)
Next week’s presidential inauguration will trigger the biggest policy and regulatory shift for the US energy industry in at least ten years. That’s how long it has been since energy policy ... (more)

Ford in major electric vehicle push(January 17, 2017)
Ford has detailed seven of the 13 new global electrified vehicles it plans to introduce in the next five years, including a plug-in hybrid Transit Custom van in Europe, hybrid versions of the iconic F-150 ... (more)

No more burning batteries? Stanford scientists turn to AI to create safer lithium-ion batteries(January 16, 2017)
Researchers have identified 21 solid materials that could replace flammable liquid electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries, improving the safety of electronic devices like cellphones and ... (more)

Plug-in sales through the roof in 2016 as multiple models set records(January 16, 2017)
December plug-in sales blew away last year’s figure, a cheery finale to a year that saw a huge increase. 159,139 EVs and PHEVs changed hands in 2016, a 37% increase over 2015’s ... (more)

A binder-free sulfur/reduced graphene oxide aerogel as high performance electrode materials for lithium sulfur batteries(January 14, 2017)
Societies’ increasing need for energy storage makes it necessary to explore new concepts beyond the traditional lithium ion battery. A promising candidate is the lithium-sulfur ... (more)

China may allow EV makers to produce cars without JV partners(January 14, 2017)
China is one of the epicenters of the electromobility revolution, and a new proposal could make it much more so, while also giving a boost to American EV-makers such as Tesla. ... (more)

LG Chem Michigan creating more jobs as EV market grows(January 13, 2017)
Korean batterymaker LG Chem is one of the rising stars of the EV revolution. Its cells power the Chevy Volt, and its components are an integral part of the new Bolt. It will also supply ... (more)

Faraday Future FF 91 Gets 64,000 Reservations From CES 2017(January 13, 2017)
64,000 people reserved a Faraday Future FF 91 after the car was officially unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. While not as impressive as the nearly 400,000 reservations ... (more)

ITL orders 300 UQM PowerPhasePro 135 e-Drive systems(January 12, 2017)
UQM Technologies (NYSE MKT: UQM) has received an order from Chinese supplier ITL for 300 PowerPhasePro 135 e-drive propulsion systems. ... (more)

Mitsubishi Again Promises Outlander PHEV Will Launch In U.S. Soon, Or By March 2018 At The Latest(January 12, 2017)
Empty promises and countless delays…The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is perhaps one of the most anticipated plug-in vehicles in the U.S., but after 7 or so delays (it might be more…but ... (more)

LG Chem Power CEO: We’re the Li-ion leader for PEVs because of material science(January 11, 2017)
Q&A with LG Chem Power’s CEO: Dr. Prabhakar Patil on how the company became a Li-ion battery front-runner, the economics of building batteries, and why it spends little ... (more)

Indiana Considering $150 Annual Fee For Electric Cars(January 11, 2017)
Indiana is on track to join ten other states (Wyoming, Colorado, Virginia, Nebraska, Missouri, Washington, North Carolina, Idaho, Georgia, Michigan) with special fees for ... (more)

New concept for current and voltage sensors could enable simpler battery packs(January 10, 2017)
Engineers at Germany’s Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) have developed a new concept for current and voltage sensors that may be particularly relevant to EV ... (more)

Michigan-Based EV Startup Rivian Automotive Purchases Enormous Former Mitsubishi Factoryl(January 10, 2017)
Rivian Automotive essentially appeared from nowhere, and now as Teslarati reminds, the company has bought a massive car factory. This is huge news for EV enthusiasts. ... (more)

How much have electric-car battery costs fallen? This much!(January 09, 2017)
High costs of lithium-ion battery cells have been one of the main hindrances to large-scale electric-car adoption, as they typically lead to higher purchase prices for electric cars than ... (more)

Kia Soul EV Review(January 09, 2017)
Hyundai-Kia arrived late to the EV party. But it appears that Kia made a careful study of the competition, and loaded its Soul EV with smart features for electric car drivers. For starters, it offers 93 miles of real-world range. ... (more)

Israel to test electric roads that wirelessly charge vehicles as they drive(January 07, 2017)
Forget the charging port—the roads of the near future could power your electric car while you drive, eliminating the need to ever stop to recharge or refuel again. Israeli startup Electroad is ... (more)

916 Nissan LEAFs Sold In Japan In November, 614 More Needed To Match Annual Record(January 07, 2017)
The Nissan LEAF noted a decent 916 sales in Japan last month, which really isn’t bad considering lack of new generation version. Moreover, the total of 13,563 new sales so far this year is just 614 less than in the EV’s record year of 2014 (when 14,177 sold) with ... (more)

Graphene batteries: Introduction and Market News(January 06, 2017)
Batteries serve as a mobile source of power, allowing electricity-operated devices to work without being directly plugged into an outlet. While many types of batteries exist, the basic e ... (more)

More Than 2,500 Hyundai IONIQ Electrics Already Sold In South Korea(January 06, 2017)
The Hyundai IONIQ Electric has given the South Korean plug-in market a huge boost, which last month set a new record of more than 1,300 units sold (estimated), which is twice ... (more)

Five emerging battery technologies for electric vehicles(January 05, 2017)
As the 2016 suite of new car models makes evident, electric vehicles are finally gaining real traction in the market. At the turn of the 20th century, more than one quarter of all cars in the ... (more)

An Affordable 500km Electric Car?(January 05, 2017)
The range of electric cars has been one of the major hurdles preventing greater uptake. Unless you can afford a Tesla (range of 500kms) you’re currently stuck around the 160kms ... (more)

Power surge: Chinese electric car battery maker charges for global market(January 04, 2017)
Battery Diagnostics On-the-Fly: Removing the “Black-Box” Stigma by Making Performance Transparent ... (more)

Five Future Electric Vehicles That Will Change the Auto Landscape(January 04, 2017)
Afters years of rumors about the next generation of electric cars, we finally have some real vehicles on the docket. Breakthroughs in technology, dropping battery costs, and a horse-race between automakers... (more)

Power surge: Chinese electric car battery maker charges for global market(January 03, 2017)
NINGDE, China: A dusty village on the outskirts of Ningde, a third-tier city in China's southeast, seems an unlikely place for the headquarters of a potential global leader in future ... (more)

Why the Automotive Future Will Be Dominated by Fuel Cells(January 03, 2017)
Range, adaptability, and refueling time will put hydrogen fuel cells ahead of the competition ... (more)

Graphene templates enable creating metal-oxide structures for improved battery electrodes and catalysts(January 02, 2017)
Researchers at Brown University have developed a method of producing ultrathin metal-oxide films with intricate crumple and wrinkle pattern using crumpled graphene sheets as templates. ... (more)

Tesla Model X Review(January 02, 2017)
The Model X is Tesla’s follow-up vehicle to the award-winning Model S sedan. The X shares about 60 percent of the content from the sedan—converting the sleek Maserati-looking five- ... (more)