4l60e Fluid Types: What Are 4l60e Transmission Fluid Capacity

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The transmission of a car is the gearbox that uses gear and gear trains to provide speed and torque conversions from the engine to the wheels. The fluid on the other hand is used to lubricate all the components of the car’s transmission for better and maximum performance. The fluid lubricates the various parts of the transmission and prevents surfaces from rusting. Related Is Brake Fluid Flammable & Can Brake Fluid Be Disposed of With Oil?


4l60e Fluid Type: Types of Transmission fluid

There are various types of fluids for different transmission. The transmission of a car can either be manual or automatic. The Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) depends on the technology of the transmission your car is using. It is mostly for traditional, DCT/DSG, CVT, and so on. Many manual transmissions use several oils with API specification GL-4.

To make sure you are using the right and correct fluid for the transmission of your car, you need to check the manual.

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Why you need transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is very important for the proper running of a car’s engine. To prevent your transmission from wearing, you need to make sure that the fluid is at the proper level. The synchro rings and sliders of the car depend on a slick surface to perform their functions. So, if the transmission fluid is low, the components will experience significant wear, and shifting the car will become difficult.

Even though the major function of the transmission fluid is to lubricate different parts of the transmission, it can perform other functions as well.

  • It is useful in cleaning ad protecting rusting of metal surfaces
  • It increases the range of temperatures and rotational speed.
  • It reduces high temperature and increases the cooling function of 4l60e transmission fluid

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4l60e Transmission Pan Removal

  1. 4L60E Transmission Filter and gasket Kit for Cadillac Buick Chevy GM: This is an automatic transmission fluid filter kit for Cadillac Chevy. It ensures the performance and reliability of your automatic transmission. It is easy to install and costs $18.99. You can purchase it with this link or look up price detail here
  1. 4L60E Shift Solenoid and 4L60E Transmission Filter Gasket kit for GM Chevrolet Buick: This is a top-quality transmission kit that is known as Transmission deep pan. It traps impurities that are in the fluid so that they do not get into the components of the transmission. It helps to avoid damage and keep the transmission in good working condition. This product is sold at $50.98. You can purchase it with this link or look up price detail here.
  1. ACDelco TF289 Professional Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit: This is a premium and professional transmission replacement. ACDelco has a high performance rate and is quite dependable. It meets every expectation and adds strengths to fluid temperatures. It is sold at $21.65. You can purchase it with this link or look up price detail here.
  2. A-Premium Transmission Oil Pan Replacement for Ford Taurus: This is a replacement oil pan that fits Ford Freestar, Taurus, Mercury Monterey, and Sable. It has a year’s unlimited mileage quality guarantee. It is sold at $33.99. You can purchase it with this link or look up price detail here.
  3. Flyyes Automatic Transmission Filter Kits, Fluid Gasket Kit: This is a transmission fluid filter kit for Buick Chevy Cadillac. It is a transmission fluid gasket filter or deep pan filter kit with a powerful performance. It ensures reliability and, meets every application requirement. You can buy it with this link or look up price detail here .

When to change 4l60e transmission fluid

Always check your transmission fluid to avoid much damage to the engine of your car. When you notice that the expected capacity is low or dry, then you need to change it. Waiting for the engine to knock down can ruin the components in the car.

4l60e transmission fluid capacity (4l80e Transmission Fluid Capacity)

The transmission fluid for GM 4I60e is Dexron Merc / Dexron 3 / Dexron 6. It has been the recommended fluid since Dexron 3 was released in 1993. Dexron 6 on the other hand, is recent and mostly recommended for newer vehicles and their transmissions.

How much fluid does a 4l80e hold

The capacity for a 4L80E varies yearly. The initial capacity is 7.7 quarts and the total fill is about 14.0 quarts. It might be higher with an extra cooler.

How much transmission fluid does a 4l60e hold

The capacity of 4L60e fluid is 12 quarts of dry transmission fluid. This is usually based on the amount of a shallow transmission pan which has 12 inches torque converter. However, if you are using a deep pan, the capacity will vary.

How much transmission fluid does a 4l60e torque converter hold

A 4L60E torque converter that has about 12 inches converter will hold between 12 and 13 quarts. This figure is not permanent and can be changed with certain things. For example, if you add a cooler, the capacity will have to increase. It will also be less, if you are using a converter with a small diameter. A 4L60E will take about 4 to 6 quarts on a filter change. Another determinant is the depth of the pan and how much the fluid has drained down.

You can also refill the torque converter. Put about 4 quarts into the tube and start the engine for some seconds and then shut it off. Go back again and add another four and then leave it running until you get the correct measurement.

Conclusion on 4l80e transmission fluid capacity

As a driver, you need to make sure your car is in a very good condition before you start to drive. Make sure you check the transmission fluid regularly, to avoid extensive damage.

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