Are There Any Reason Not To Give Out VIN Number?

Are There Any Reason Not To Give Out VIN Number?

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 10:45 am

Sharing your VIN can be considered a norm in some cases; however, it also has its disadvantages. As per industry customs, VIN numbers are to be shared with professional car dealers or potential car buyers. In this article, we will discuss the basic know-how on how to treat your VIN.

Are there any reason not to give out VIN Number?

Well, the answer is yes, if your VIN number is shared with the wrong person, your VIN may be used for malicious purposes that will affect your car privacy and security in the long run. If it isn’t handled correctly, your VIN can be exposed to VIN cloning, where it will be attached to a stolen vehicle. Thereby putting you at risk. However, there are situations where you need to your VIN number especially if you like to sell your can and other rear circumstances.  Read this also: How to Find My VIN Number Without My Car

What Is VIN Number?

In simple terms, VIN is your car’s distinctive identification number. A vehicle identification number (VIN) comprises information on a vehicle’s history, model year, specific make, and place of manufacture. 

This makes it all the more important to keep your VIN safe and private as much as possible. Important car details and owners are all linked to the VIN number. The VIN can be easily found if one looks for it hard enough, to this end, concealing it is important. This will reduce the risk of being exposed to VIN cloning.

Car identity theft issues can be quite sticky to deal with, the last thing you want is to be caught up in one of such scandals. With the likelihood that the police will get involved, you will be dragged along in a stolen vehicle case. Until you have decided to sell your car, or meet a mechanic, try not to expose your VIN.

Importance of VIN Number

The VIN contains important data about a car’s origin and allows access to the log files of a vehicle. A vehicle’s VIN is used to document everything that happens to it, including accidents, oil changes, and even overhauls.

Potential buyers can obtain trustworthy details about a car’s past with the help of its VIN. Always get a vehicle’s VIN before buying if you’re planning to buy a secondhand car. This safety measure will safeguard you from being swindled by con artists.

Are There Any Reason Not To Give Out VIN Number? Importance of VIN Number

Is VIN Number Same As Chassis Number?

Both the VIN and the chassis number signify the same thing. The VIN number of a vehicle is sometimes referred to as its chassis number. Why? This is because the VIN is fixed to that specific type of car by being stamped into the chassis.

Nevertheless, unlike other parts of a car, an engine is not always fixed to the model in question. It is important to note that all vehicles are assigned both chassis and engine numbers.

By examining the engine number, you can get a good idea of the car’s engine size and power output. With a separate engine number, the vehicle can be repaired rather than scrapped if the engine blows up and must be changed.

Is It Safe To Give Out VIN Number?

This depends on whom you give the number and for what purpose you are sharing it. Disclosing your vehicle’s VIN online is completely different from displaying it when you meet with potential buyers.

Sharing your VIN with a prospective customer or dealership when displaying your car is practically required. However, you might want to put it into consideration before displaying your VIN to millions of people. You will be exposed from so many fronts if you have posted your VIN on advertisements and online forums.

What Can Someone Do With Your VIN Number?

Your VIN can be used by someone in both positive and negative ways. For example, a prospective buyer of your vehicle can use your VIN to confirm the validity of your car ownership while a con artist can use it to apply for duplicate papers for stolen cars. 

Fraudsters can also submit insurance claims on your car using your VIN, in addition to using it to register multiple stolen vehicles. Additionally, there have also been cases where thieves make duplicate keys for cars using a stolen VIN. The place where your VIN is left needs to be chosen with greater care.

Should I Give My VIN Number To A Prospective Buyer?

Yes, giving your VIN to buyers is the right move However, you need to make sure that they are actually ‘prospective’ buyers. Not someone looking for the perfect excuse to get your VIN effortlessly. 

As mentioned earlier, never include your VIN number in internet ads or brochures. Additionally, you need to exercise caution when sending your VIN via text or email to someone. When meeting up with potential purchasers, it is better to discuss face-to-face and only reveal the VIN if your buyer is serious about purchasing your vehicle so they can look up the VIN car history to make informed decisions. Overall, disclosing your VIN when selling your car is unavoidable.  

Can You Get Personal Information From A VIN Number?

Yes, a portion of your personal information can be accessed if your VIN is exposed. This is dependent on how much of your personal data you used in registering your VIN. Details like your address, nationality, age, and more will be easily gotten by someone you use your VIN. 

You can easily prevent identity theft by only giving the VIN to a possible buyer. The last place you want to put your VIN is on internet discussion forums and shopping websites. It might interest you that internet fraudsters are constantly looking for careless car owners who display their VIN online. 


Can Someone Steal Your Car With VIN Number?

Yes, your VIN can be easily stolen if it is left somewhere visible or if you display it online. 

Does Your VIN Number Have To Be Visible?

No, your VIN should not be visible. It should only be brought out when it is absolutely necessary. 

What Happens If Someone Steals Your VIN Number?

The person will gain access to some of your personal data. They can also get a duplicate of your car papers. You to this previous post for a guide on free vehicle history report to your vehicle. 


Your VIN is as important as other personal type data, you should put equal effort into protecting it. When it comes to keeping your privacy and personal data safe, handling your VIN properly is the way to go. In this article, we have covered a large a great deal on this subject, we hope it will be of help to you. So if I should ask you the question, “Are there any reason not to give out vin” . I am sure you have a clear understanding of the importance of vin number and if is it safe to give out vin number to just any anybody random. 

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