Are Nissan Rogues Good Cars? (Nissan Rogue Reliability by Year Guide)

Are Nissan Rogues Good Cars, and what are Nissan Rogue reliability by year”s”?  Have you ever asked yourself that? Suppose you are looking to buy a Nissan Rogue vehicle. In that case, you may want to consider the repair and maintenance expenses, the potential problem associated with each model of the Nissan Rogue year, how long do Nissan Rogues usually last, and maybe you are looking out the Nissan rogue years to avoid so you don’t run into frequent issues; well, this article is your guide.

And that’s because one thing is sure it will go bad at one point in it life’s span and so you would want a car that is not already too expensive to maintain.

 And this is where the questions come to your mind, are Nissan rogues expensive to repair? or Is Nissan Rogue expensive to maintain? How To Fix Nissan Xterra Transmission Problem

are nissan rogues expensive to repair

This is why in this article we will address the topics and touch on some other aspect of the Nissan Rogue that is frequently of concern to a lot of buyers such as:

  • Are Nissan Rogues Good Cars?
  • Is Nissan Rogue a reliable vehicle
  • Nissan rogue reliability by year?
  • How long do Nissan Rogues usually last
  • Do Nissan Rogues have transmission problems
  • Nissan rogue transmission replacement cost
  • What years did the Nissan Rogue have transmission problems

Nisan Rogue is one of the top SUVs on the market. The vehicle has lots of customers who have decided to invest in it.

If you have also made that decision, then you need to devise ways to make the vehicle last longer.

To keep your car at its best performance, you need to ensure that you perform the necessary inspections, services, and replacements at the right time.

Are Nissan Rogues good cars, and Is Nissan Rogue a reliable vehicle?

If you are wondering whether Nissan Rogue is a good car and if it is a reliable vehicle, well, the answer is YES. The Nissan Rogue vehicle is a comfortable and good compact crossover SUV that has been popular over the years since it was introduced into the market in 2008. It has, over the years, contently received positive feedback or reviews from customers due to its beautiful interior, fuel efficiency, and the advanced safety feature it comes with. Additionally, various top-level organizations have regularly recognized the Rogue for its reliability, safety, and value. But I am not just taking their word for it.

After conducting several research and gathering from various consumer perspectives, it’s important to note that the Nissan Rogue vehicle’s reliability can vary depending on a number of factors. These factors include:

  • The specific model and year it was manufactured,
  • How it has been maintained.
  • Nissan Rogue has been known to accelerate slowly
  • The engine also makes lots of noise due to its continuously variable automatic transmission but has improved over this years.

According to Consumer Reports, the recent year Nissan Rogue models received way above-average reliability ratings on the improved engine and transmission performance, advanced driver-assist technologies, updated exterior, and interior styling, improved fuel economy, and enhanced safety features.

While the latest generation of the Rogue receives less positive reviews for its performance, comfort, and technology features, but it is understandable that each year comes with a more enhanced feature as technology evolves.

Finally, I think It is also worth mentioning that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) organization have given the Nissan Rogue high marks for safety, with the 2021 model of the Rogue earning a five-star overall safety rating.

So overall, the Nissan Rogue vehicle is a good car with a reputation for its high-reliability ratings, spacious interior, and advanced safety features. However, I  always recommend that you do more extensive research on the model you would want and test drive the car before making any decision.

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Every vehicle comes with its own maintenance schedule. So, you have to maintain your Nissan Rogue as recommended by its manufacturer.

The only way you can be certain your Nissan Rogue is in its best condition and lasts thousands of miles is to make sure you follow its maintenance schedule.

When you follow the schedule, you can be certain your Rogue will be in great condition. There is every chance that your Nissan Rogue will develop some issues at one point or the other.

To maintain the condition of your car, you need to take it to a repair shop as soon as possible.

Neglecting any arising problems can cause severe damages. You need to do everything possible to prolong the life of your Rogue.

What are Nissan rogue years to avoid:

Based on Consumer Reports data, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015, Nissan Rogue had the highest number of reported problems among the years of the model, with 2013 leading as the highest fault and 20008 being the lowest amongst the problematic Nissan models (See the table below). This year’s model was known to have problems with the transmission and the power equipment. However, it’s important to note that this should be one of many factors to consider when buying a used car, as the number of reported problems does not necessarily indicate that the vehicle is unreliable or should be avoided.

Nissan rogue reliability by year

YearNumber of reported problems
By Year
(10 highest & 1 lowest)
2021 Nissan19.5
2020 Nissan48.5
2019 Nissan39
2018 Nissan447.5
2017 Nissan388
2016 Nissan957
2015 Nissan1445.5
2014 Nissan1485.5
2013 Nissan1885
2012 Nissan887
2011 Nissan1386
2010 Nissan887
2009 Nissan847
2008 Nissan1046.5

Is Nissan Rogue expensive to maintain?

The maintenance average cost of maintaining a Nissan Rogue is about $280. You may be spending about $401 annually on maintaining the vehicle.

The maintenance prices might vary according to the vehicle’s parts that are due for replacement.

The age of your Rogue may also determine how much you will spend on its maintenance.

To keep your Rogue in great condition and prolong its life, you need to ensure you follow the maintenance schedule.

Once you have been driving the Rogue for six months or 5,000 miles, whichever one comes first, it is due for an oil change.

It is advisable to go to a professional and get the engine oil and oil filter replaced. After hitting another 5,000 miles, or half a year, repeat this process.

The next maintenance service is when you have traveled for 20,000 miles or used the car for 2 years. The EVAP, fuel line, and oil need inspections. A replacement will be made if necessary.

The next maintenance for your Nissan Rogue is due when you have driven for 30,000 miles or used it for 3 years.

The professional will need to replace the engine oil filter, oil, and air cleaner filter.

After you have gotten to the 40,000-mile mark, the Nissan Rogue needs to undergo various inspections. These inspections are meant to check whether it is operating fine or not.

It will require a filter and standard oil change. The EVAP vapor lines and drive belt should be inspected for any wear and tear.

If there seems to be any fault, replacement is highly recommended.  When the vehicle hits 60,000 miles, it needs an extensive inspection to check its operations.

Replacement of important parts is highly necessary to keep the vehicle in check. The mechanic should inspect and make recommendations.

Do Nissan Rogues have transmission problems?

There are lots of issues that have been reported about the Nissan Rogue. The car develops problems in different parts of it.

The most common problem associated with Nissan Rogue is in the transmission. In addition to that, it has issues with the sunroof, engine (noisy), canister purge valve, and fuel gauge readings.

It does not matter the model you choose to invest in, Rogue has common problems.

The Nissan Rogue transmission is the CVT. This means that its transmission does not have gears.

However, it has two pullets and a belt that works well together. This might be a problem to users that are not familiar with this type of transmission.  

The reliability of the Rogue has been questioned lots of times due to its transmission failure. The vehicle has commonly experienced loss of power, transmission slipping, and jerkins, CVT error, and coolant leaks. When your Rogue develops transmission problems, the engine may shut off.

However, other complaints with the transmission are accurate. Nissan has doubled the warranty period on most of its vehicles due to these incessant complaints.

They increased it from five years to ten and from 60,000 miles to 120,000 miles. So, if you start noticing any transmission issues, you can go to a Nissan auto repair shop.

How long do Nissan Rogues usually last?

First, you need to remember that the lifespan of a vehicle depends mostly on the quality of the regular maintenance done by the vehicle owner, and how the car is driven. However, on average, a well-maintained Nissan Rogue would last ten or 15 years and run up to around 200,000 miles or more. The key to keeping a Nissan Rogue running for as long as possible is regular maintenance which involves regular oil changes, tire rotations, check-ups, and even careful driving. Also, it is essential you note that a Nissan Rogue vehicle’s lifespan can vary widely depending on the specific model, and the year it was manufactured. the table above shows you the years of Nissan Rogue’s last problems to the highest.

What is Nissan rogue transmission replacement cost

The transmission is among the complex parts of a vehicle. They are built with lots of parts that could get damaged.

A faulty transmission will require the replacement of some of the Nisan vehicle’s parts. The cost of these parts is what makes repairing transmission to be very expensive.

Some of the things that could also affect the price of repairing transmission are the model of the car, age, and so on.

Fixing of a faulty transmission is about $1000 to $6000. The amount you will pay depends on how faulty the parts are and the labor cost.  

So, you will not have to spend lots of money if you maintain the vehicle as directed by its manufacturer.

What years did the Nissan Rogue have transmission problems?

The 2009 to 2019 Nissan Rogue was plagued with lots of issues and transmission problems were part of it.

The vehicles developed problems in parts like transmission, AC heater, drivetrain, noisy engine, and accelerating.

The 2017 model upwards was a great improvement from the previous models. There was also a great decline in complaints from owners of the vehicle.

The models were huge upgrades. However, the 2018 model has reportedly had lots of brake issues.

So, the car is reportedly unsafe to drive because it seems not to break at the right moment.


In this article we have look answers to the following question do Nissan Rogues have transmission problems, what are Nissan rogue transmission replacement costs and What years did the Nissan Rogue have transmission problems?

The repair cost of Nissan Rogue depends on which and how many parts of the vehicle need to be fixed, changed, or maintained.

If you want to reduce the amount spent on repairs, then you need to keep the vehicle maintained according to instructions in its manual before any parts even get to the point of fixing or changing.

Maintaining it will prolong the life of your Nissan Rogue and let you enjoy the SUV.

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