What is the Difference Between Dot3 and Dot4 Brake Fluid?

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Car owners understand that it is important to change brake fluids but in certain people, it is just about changing the brake fluid and that settles it.

Purchasing a brake fluid need you to know the one explicit for your vehicle which is typically valued as DOT3, DOT4, and DOT 5.

On the off chance that you’re just hearing this for the first time and want to know what is the difference between DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluids, relax, this article will clarify that. our readers also love this post on 10 Places to Buy DOT 3 Brake Fluid in US

The significance of the brake fluids and their capacity

Brake fluid is a kind of water-driven liquid expected to keep the brakes on your vehicle in great condition, and for the vehicle to work well.

It defends an assortment of metal parts in your vehicle. At the point when you push down on the brake pedal, the slowing down liquid exchanges the power you apply, making your vehicle halt.

The Brake is quite possibly the main piece of a vehicle, and brake fluids assume a significant part in their viable activity.

Changing your vehicle brake fluid should be possible in one-two year relying upon the maker’s guide, yet you need to know which one is useful for the vehicle and the rating whether it is DOT3 or DOT4. Here’re a couple of things you need to know.

The most prevalent type of braking fluid used by everyday drivers is DOT3. You may expect to see this type in the majority of cars and trucks.

It’s basically for vehicles that use their braking system gently. While the DOT4 has a greater boiling point than DOT3 and is often found in racing cars.

Both DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluid is good, however, using the exact rating is better. Compatibility is the main goal.

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Are all dot3 brake fluids compatible?

All DOT 3 brake fluids are interchangeable and compatible If the substance parts are something very similar. You can utilize a higher brake fluid like DOT4 on DOT 3, and the brake will in any case work ideally, however you can’t do likewise with DOT3 brake fluids

DOT3 Versus DOT4 Brake Liquid: is there is a Difference Between DOT3 and DOT4 Brake Fluid?

Indeed! There is a contrast between these two brake fluids. Here is a portion of the differences:

#1. DOT3 has lower Boiling points than DOT4

 What does boiling points mean? It implies the temperature or warmth. The edges of boiling over DOT4 brake liquids are higher than that of DOT3, which is the reason you can utilize DOT4 brake fluids over a DOT3. Typically, it comes in dry or wet conditions. DOT3 has a least boiling point of 401F and 284Fa in dry conditions and 446F and 311F in wet conditions, while DOT 4’s limit of 446F and 311F in dry and wet circumstances.

#2. DOT4 handles higher warmth more than DOT3

Another difference between DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluids is that DOT4 can endure more noteworthy warmth than DOT3. The possibly time DOT3 can deal with more warmth is when it has become old and the limits have diminished.

#3. Thickness (Viscosity)

 DOT4 has a higher consistency than DOT3 and is more liquid at higher temperatures. Furthermore, as the framework becomes warmed during an extensive drive, the brakes ought to be more active.

At – 40 degrees Fahrenheit, DOT 3 brake liquid has a consistency of 1500, however, DOT 4 brake fluid has a viscosity of 1800.

#4. Capacity to absorb water

DOT3 brake fluids retain less water from the air over the long haul than DOT 4, subsequently, you’ll have to change your liquid less routinely.

DOT4 brake fluids have higher dry and wet limits. With this, it makes it more secure for higher temperatures.

Is Prestone dot3 brake fluids good?

When compared to ordinary fluids, Prestone fluid provides a reasonable performance gain. Prestone DOT 3 brake fluid is designed to operate better in modern vehicles with high-temperature braking systems used in cars and trucks. All conventional braking fluids are compatible.

What is the best dot 3brake fluid?

Some DOT3 brake fluids are rated higher than others. For example, these ones listed below are very okay.

#1. Prestone AS401 DOT 3 Synthetic Brake Fluid – 32 oz.

1. Prestone AS401 DOT 3 Synthetic Brake Fluid 32 oz.

This’s outstanding amongst other DOT3 brake liquids. In troublesome slowing down conditions, it adds an edge to wellbeing (safety).

Additionally, it has polyglycol ethers. The utilization of polyglycol ethers guarantees that hot slowing mechanisms don’t deliver destructive fume.

By avoiding a mushy pedal, it delivers braking power when it’s needed.

ABS, circle, and drum stopping mechanisms all profit from this item.

Both the wet and dry limits surpass the public authority’s base prerequisites.


#2. Premium Brake Fluid (Johnsen’s 2234 Premium DOT-3 Brake Fluid) – Dot 3 – 1garlon

2. Premium Brake Fluid Johnsens 2234 Premium DOT 3 Brake Fluid Dot 3 – 1garlon

Prime Blend DOT 3 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid is ideal for all vehicles that require DOT 3. It is protected to use in all DOT 3 stopping mechanisms (ABS, circle, or drum) and can blend in with any DOT 3 fluid. It is formulated to prevent corrosion of all metals within the braking system.

What is the best dot 4 brake fluid?

Performance All-Weather DOT-4 Brake Fluid

Performance All Weather DOT 4 Brake Fluid

If you are looking for a dot 4 brake fluid to buy for your car then you might need to consider this Champion Premium High-Performance All-Weather DOT-4 Brake Fluid. This is one the top rated and best dot 4 brake fluid in the market. This brake fluid is very durable and will provide your vehicle with an excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion.

It will protect your car elastomer sealers and surely reduces friction by providing lubrication.

You might want to look at more properties of this brake fluid here on Amazon.

What will happen if you accidentally put DOT3 on DOT4?

If you accidentally put DOT 3 in DOT4 tank can cause some lubrication issue to your vehicle which can easily be resolved.  The use of the incorrect fluid can result in inadequate lubrication, overheating, and transmission troubles. Nevertheless, if you unintentionally put DOT3 on DOT4, you’ll need to flush it and refill the car tank with the correct fluid.


The vehicle braking system is vital. To maintain it, it needs replacing when due and replacing with good brake fluid.

Now, you understand what brake fluid does, what the ratings mean, and the differences between these types of brake fluids.

Picking the best brake fluids are based on some factors such as the ability to absorb water, compatibility, Viscosity and so on.

The popular brake fluids have been discussed earlier (DOT3 and DOT4), in this manner, you should adhere to the one that is suitable for your vehicle.

The significant difference between these two is the limits. If, you erroneously utilized some unacceptable brake fluid, particularly, the one with lower limits, flush it and get the correct fluid.

It’s anything but nice to oversee it as it might keep your vehicle from working great.

That being said, you don’t need to be confounded any longer as you can tell the difference between DOT3 and DOT brake fluid, also, it is important to choose wisely when buying.

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