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2017, vol9, N°2


Batteries for electric vehicles

D.A.J. Rand, R. Woods, R.M. Dell.

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SATURDAY 19-08-2017

Mini will preview electric car with 2017 Frankfurt auto show concept

Mini electric vehicle auto show

BMW Group’s Mini brand was an early pioneer of mainstream electric cars. Some readers will recall the brand leased the Hardtop-based Mini E electric car on a trial basis late last decade to help gather feedback from users. (MORE)

SATURDAY 19-08-2017

After electric cars, what more will it take for batteries to change the face of energy?

About three-quarters of the way along one of the snaking production lines in Nissan’s Sunderland plant, a worker bolts fuel tanks into the chassis of countless Qashqais—the “urban crossover” SUVs which are the bulk of the factory’s output. But every so often (MORE)



Grid Interconnection and Performance Testing Procedures for Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) Power Electronics

William Kramer, Sudipta Chakraborty, Benjamin Kroposki, Andy Hoke, Greg Martin, and Tony Markel

Bidirectional power electronics can add vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capability in a plug-in vehicle, which then allows the vehicle to operate as a distributed resource (DR). The uniqueness of the battery-based V2G power electronics requires a test procedure that will not only maintain IEEE interconnection standards, but can also evaluate the electrical performance of the vehicle working as a DR. The objective of this paper is to discuss a recently published NREL technical report that provides interim test procedures...
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Sliding mode controller for internal combustion engine for energy-efficient operation of hybrid electric vehicles

Vivek Venkobarao, Chellamuthu Chinnagouder
Int. J. of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
2010 Vol.2, No.4 pp 282-297

This paper presents a new concept with different control strategies. The developed intelligent speed controller utilises a gear box which includes a gear train with two inputs, one coupled with the engine shaft and another with the shaft of a variable speed controlled motor. The net output speed is a combination of the two input speeds and is governed by the transmission ratio of the planetary gear train. This new approach eliminates the use of a torque converter, which reduces the power loss that occurs in the box during fluid coupling. By gradually varying the speed of the induction motor a stepless transmission is achieved. The developed controller also scores in climbing a step gradient and reversing the vehicle, by intelligent mixing of the induction motor and engine speeds. This approach eliminates the traditional braking system in the entire vehicle design. The use of two power sources, IC engine and battery-driven induction motor, utilises the modern idea of hybrid vehicles. The new speed controller is capable of driving a vehicle even in an extreme case of IC engine failure, during gas depletion and for plausibility errors.
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Offshore Battery Day

Hans H. Schive AS and Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd are pleased to invite you to Offshore Battery Days and to participate in the 2nd Oil & Gas battery Conference

22 to 24, August 2017
Grand Hotel, Oslo, Norway

Find out more about the event:


Driving electric? A Financial analysis of electric vehicle policies in France

Elisabeth Windisch
Université Paris-Est, France

In recent years, electric vehicles have come to the forefront of public transport policies. They are seen as remedy for various pressing public concerns and are thus increasingly benefiting from supportive policy measures. Such measures remain contested: their impact on actual vehicle uptake rates, their sustainability, usefulness and justification are far from being self-evident...
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