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2017, vol9, N°1


Battery-electric vehicles
Dealing with the construction and operation of all types of battery-operated electric vehicles and accessory equipment

Stanley Moncoeur Hills

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SATURDAY 27-05-2017

New Smart Fortwo EV: fewer dollars, more miles

Mercedes-Benz announced the price of its new electric 2017 Smart Fortwo: $23,800 for the hard-top coupe and $28,000 for the cabrio with a sliding canvas roof. The new coupe’s price is $1,200 less than the outgoing model, but the cabrio’s price is exactly the same. -... (MORE)

SATURDAY 27-05-2017

Argonne researchers make vanadium into a useful low-cost catalyst for hydrogenation

Argonne chemist Max Delferro has developed an unusually active form of vanadium for hydrogenation reactions. Vanadium an inexpensive common metal that could replace some of the precious metals currently.

Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have developed an unusually active form of vanadium for hydrogenation reactions. Vanadium is an inexpensive common metal that could replace some of the precious metals currently found in ... (MORE)



Incidence Rates of Pedestrian And Bicyclist Crashes by Hybrid Electric Passenger Vehicles: An Update

Wu, J., Austin, R., & Chen, C-L.

Hybrid electric (HE) passenger vehicles first became available to consumers in 2000, and their numbers as well as their proportion of the passenger vehicle fleet have risen every year since their introduction. Advocacy groups have raised pedestrian safety concerns regarding HE vehicles because a vehicle using the electric motor may be relatively quieter than a vehicle using an internal combustion engine (ICE) and may not emit the sounds that non-motorists rely on for warning as vehicles approach them
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Hierarchical control of combined hybrid electric vehicle

Mohsen Mohammadian, Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Bathaee, Amin Hajizadeh
Int. J. of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, 2007 Vol.1, No.4 pp 424-453

This paper describes a novel strategy developed for optimising the energy flow in a combined hybrid electric vehicle (CHEV) structure. This method implemented an online energy management by a hierarchical hybrid controller between dual sources in this kind of hybrid systems. This structure included two energy sources, the battery and the stack of fuel cells, and its power train system is based on an electric motor (EM) and internal combustion engine (ICE) in a parallel combination. The proposed control method involves a supervisory controller which in the first layer captures all the possible operation modes. In the second layer, an advanced fuzzy hybrid controller has been developed for each of the defined modes. Finally in the third layer of controller, there are local controllers to regulate the set points of each subsystem to reach the best performance and acceptable operation indexes. The simulation results confirm the feasibility and encourage more research toward an actual application.
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EV2017VÉ Conference & Trade Show

Electric Mobility Canada invites you to the 8th annual national event for electric vehicles, taking place in Markham, Ontario from May 29th to June 1st, 2017. The EV/VÉ Conference and Trade Show is a highly respected event in the EV industry in Canada. Our Conference committees are working diligently to design a conference program that will bring the latest electric mobility technology trends to you.
The theme for the 2017 conference is “Smart e-Mobility”: tomorrow’s electric drive will consider the whole EV ecosystem, including optimal utilization of EV fleets, connected cars, autonomous electric vehicles, smart homes, smart grids, microgrids, smart charging, battery technology and many more revolutionary breakthroughs in mobility.
We are delighted that PowerStream is the conference host this year. For many years now, PowerStream has been an innovative leader in electric mobility: back in 2011, PowerStream took ownership of the first two Nissan LEAF cars ever delivered in Canada. In August 2014, they were the first in North America to deploy Vehicle-to-Home technology. A few months later, they installed the first publicly accessible DC fast charger at their Vaughan office. Last year, PowerStream partnered with the City of Markham and Nissan to install Ontario’s first municipally owned DC fast charger in Markham.
Mark your calendar for EV2017VÉ Conference & Trade Show! Don’t miss out unique plenary and technical sessions, academic workshops and technical tours! Our popular Ride N’ Drive for the general public will be taking place on May 29, 2017.
EMC is always seeking to bring new electric-transport related ideas, technologies and business models to our delegates.

May 29-June 01, 2017
Hilton Markham, Toronto, Canada

Find out more about the event:

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Model Based Vehicle Level Diagnosis for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Christofer Sundström
Department of Electrical Engineering
Linköping University, Sweden

LWhen hybridizing a vehicle, new components are added that need to be monitored due to safety and legislative demands. Diagnostic aspects due to powertrain hybridization are investigated, such as that there are more mode switches in the hybrid powertrain compared to a conventional powertrain, and that there is a freedom in choosing operating points of the components in the powertrain via the overall energy management and still fulfill the driver torque request. A model of a long haulage truck is developed, and a contribution is a new electric machine model. The machine model is of low complexity, and treats the machine constants in a different way compared to a standard model. It is shown that this model describes the power losses significantly better when adopted to real data, and that this modeling improvement leads to better signal separation between the non-faulty and faulty cases compared to the standard model..
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