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2017, vol9, N°2


Transitions to Alternative Transportation Technologies: A Focus on Hydrogen

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WEDNESDAY 20-09-2017

Nissan, Mitsubishi, Renault to launch 12 new electric cars by 2022

2018 Nissan Leaf

Some car companies release their business plans and goals publicly, others don't. This morning, the Renault Nissan Alliance (now including Mitsubishi as well) released a new six-year plan laying out its business goal (MORE)

WEDNESDAY 20-09-2017

Recipe for safer lithium batteries -- Just add diamonds

Drexel researchers have reported that adding nanodiamonds to the electrolyte solution in lithium batteries can prevent the formation of dendrites, the tendril-like deposits of ions that can grow inside a battery over time and cause hazardous malfunctions.

While lithium-ion batteries, widely used in mobile devices from cell phones to laptops, have one of the longest lifespans of commercial batteries today, they also have been behind a number of recent meltdowns and fires due to short-circuiting in mobile devices. In (MORE)



Adopting new tech and clean tech - how quickly will (can) the world change?

Previous markets warn us about how quickly new disruptive technologies might arrive. New supply chains arise far more quickly than in the past. And now clients are demanding cleaner, cheaper, faster, smarter – and also more secure. But, curiously, most market forecasts for new technology largely assume business as usual - traditional usage patterns continuing without anticipating shifts as fast, or disruptive. So, how quickly will we respond, and change how we safely live and work in the cities we reside in? What does this mean for how we plan and regenerate infrastructure in regions and cities? What does this mean for future for safety and for quality of life and rapidly changing community expectations? What might safe, smart, liveable cities look like by 2040?
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Online energy management applied to fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles

Mahnaz Rashedi, Mohsen Mohammadian
Int. J. of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
2010 Vol.2, No.4 pp 315 – 328

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) are equipped with multiple power sources for improving the efficiency and performance of their power supply system. Hence, an Energy Management (EM) strategy is needed to optimise the internal power flows and to satisfy the driver's power demand. This paper deals with power flow management within a hybrid fuel cell-powered vehicle during real-time operation. The aim is real-time control of the power distribution between the fuel cell and battery to optimise the global hydrogen consumption while the vehicle performs an online driving cycle. To do so, two strategies are proposed based on fuzzy controllers. Both controllers determine the optimised operation points for the vehicle energy sources during online driving cycles and guarantee soft dynamic transition in switching between operating modes. The simulation results confirm the feasibility of both proposed strategies and encourage more research towards an actual application
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September 26-27, 2017

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles UAE will provide a platform for the government authorities, consultants, owners and developers, transport experts, international and regional organisations, researchers, universities and EV technology providers to share intelligence related to new regulations to be implemented in 2017. The event will discuss the promotion of the use of EV through incentives, new infrastructures to support the transition a clean and sustainable city and to match Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 goals. Electric Vehicles UAE is an interactive conference for best practice benchmarking, case study insight sessions, new technology and solution showcase, analysis, strategic collaboration and discussion of challenges and opportunities in the Electric Vehicles sector.

26-27, September 2017
Dubai, UAE

Find out more about the event :

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A new era for transportation in Europe?

Lisboa School of Economics and Management, Portugal

This paper aims to estimate the costs and the performance of an electrically powered and a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) in relation to a conventional internal combustion engine car in the consumer, society and the exhaust Well-to-Wheel (WtW) carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, using portuguese data. This goal will be achieved by building a total ownership cost model. A sensibility analysis is also conducted to assess the impact of alterations on the values of the key parameters. The results of this study suggest that neither the hybrid electric vehicle neither the battery electric vehicle (BEV) are yet competitive with the internal combustion engine vehicle (ICEV) in the Portuguese market.
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