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2017, vol9, N°1


Automotive electricity:
electric drives

Joseph Beretta

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TUESDAY 25-07-2017

VW intends to price its ID electric car five-door hatchback aggressively

Volkswagen intends to take on the growing global electric-car market in an aggressive way, given the automaker's range of I.D. electric-vehicle concepts over the last couple of years. (MORE)

TUESDAY 25-07-2017

“Instantly Rechargeable” Batteries Almost Ready For Production

Ask even the most die-hard EV enthusiasts about the biggest drawback to electric cars, and the answer will be batteries. The problem isn’t with operating range – after all, internal combustion engines have a limited range (MORE)



Switched Reluctance Motors for Electric Vehicle Propulsion - Comparative Numerical and Experimental Study of Control SchemesS

Vlad Petru
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca - Université Libre de Bruxelles

Policies to reduce emissions from transportation are implemented by different World and European associations. Personal and freight transportation is one of the key contributors in GHG emissions, being the second biggest GHG emitter after energy sector in the European Union. The policies to reduce emissions from transportation are focusing on the optimization of the efficiency of the existing vehicles, the development of new sustainable fuels and propulsion systems and the electrification of the vehicles
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Modelling and analysis of power steering system

Mahendra Dawane
Int. J. of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
2010 Vol.2, No.3 pp 211-221

An Electric Power Steering (EPS) system will be considered in this report. The modelling of this dynamic system will be achieved with both simplicity and usability taken into account. As such, a reduced-order model that reveals the important dynamic distinctions of the system will be developed from a more complex one. This model will be used to analyse various closed loop effects such as torque performance, disturbance rejection, noise rejection, road feel and stability. These fundamental effects (compromises) are used towards the design of a desired control system. This modelling philosophy together with a comprehensive understanding of system compromises is essential to an optimised EPS system.
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"The 22nd International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory"

Welcome to the 22nd International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory (ISTTT), to be held on the Evanston campus of Northwestern University, in the Greater Chicago region of Illinois, in the USA on July 24 – 26, 2017
Since its launch in 1959 by the late Robert Herman, the International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory (ISTTT) series has remained the primary venue for discussing advances in the theoretical and methodological aspects of the interdisciplinary field of transportation and traffic systems science. Many key concepts and methods saw their origins in the Proceedings of these symposia

24 to 26, July , 2017
Evanston, IL, US

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A Guide to Electric Vehicles

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

For commercial fleets, electric and hybrid electric vehicles offer reduced fuel, emissions and operating costs. ?? Batteries fitted in electric vehicles offer Ireland the opportunity to store electricity from our high wind and ocean renewable energy resources, reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels. This guide provides a summary for Fleet Owners and Operators which introduces the technology, costs and benefits associated with electric and hybrid electric vehicles. A more in-depth analysis of the cost and benefits including a lifecycle calculator and buyer’s guide is available from SEAI’s website at the following location:
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