Headliner Fabric Glue: 5 Best 3m 38808 headliner and fabric adhesive

Last updated on January 13th, 2023 at 07:31 pm

Headliner Fabric Glue: 5 Best 3m 38808 headliner and fabric adhesive

Headliner adhesives are glues that are used to apply the headliner fabric to the roof or ceiling of your vehicle. They are designed to repair detached or loose interior parts of your car. These adhesives may be bond fabrics, plastics, foams, and also automotive materials.

A peeling or sagging headliner makes your vehicle look unattractive and old. There are so many things that could damage your headliner.

However, for whatever reasons it may be, headliner adhesive glue can repair it and give it a pleasing and better look.

There are so many adhesives in the market right now and they vary in quality and price.

This post is going to list the 5 best headliner fabrics on Amazon.

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Can I use regular fabric for the headliner?

The fabric for your headliner is different from regular fabrics. The vehicle’s headliner is the ceiling and the fabric is used to make the vehicle interior look eye-pleasing and furnished.

There is this special foam it has so that it will not mold to the contours of the roof of the vehicle.

This fabric hides the wiring and lighting that is run over the top of the car.

Some of the things the headliner fabric hides are the sound system wiring, interior lighting, weatherproofs, and so on.

It hides all this and gives a furnished leek which will be pleasing to the eye unlike when it is naked.  

Before you pick a material for your car, you need to make sure it is one of the best headliner materials out there.

5 Best 3m 38808 headliners and fabric adhesive (Headliner Fabric Glue)

#1. 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 – Permanent Bonding and Sealing for Boats and RVs

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This is an extremely strong adhesive sealant that retains strength below and also above the waterline.

It is an adequate choice in sealing, attaching, and bonding the interiors of boats and RVs or exteriors below the waterline.

Once you apply it to your vehicle, it will neither peel nor crack. It will stay flexible and retain strong bonds even during structural movement, vibration, or shock.

It is very easy to mix as it requires no mixing and also cures within one week.

This product has high ratings on the website and it is one of customers’ top choices. It is sold for $17.99 and you can buy it here.

#2. Permatex 27828 Body Shop Heavy Duty Headliner and Carpet Adhesive Aerosol Can


This is also one of the best spray adhesives on Amazon. It has high strength and temperature adhesive which is useful in repairing automotive headliners.

This product maintains high strength at temperature up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit and 77 degrees Celsius.

 It is designed to repair the interior part that is damaged either by loosening or detaching. Once applied, it dries clearly, giving it a very neat appearance. Permatex is water-resistant and also resists extreme weather conditions.

You can apply it to carpets, trunk linings, inside door panels, headliners, and it can as well be used on foams, plastics, rubbers, and plastics. You can purchase it here.

#3. 3M 38808 Headliner and Fabric Adhesive

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This is a fabric adhesive with exceptional strength. It bonds heavyweight automotive material and is versatile. It can be used to bond fabric, foam, and plastics to metal.

You can dispense it on controlled surfaces. It is highly recommended for carpets, headliners, and various vehicle fabrics.

Once applied to a surface, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes to dry up. You can buy it here.

#4. 37312 Loctite Spray Adhesive


This is a Loctite headliner adhesive which is highly compatible with rubber, foam, and plastic. It is the top choice on Amazon for headliner spray.  Loctite comes in a size of 16.75 ounce.

It is among the best sellers in Automotives, body repair, and restoration adhesive.

This spray is very strong and holds together materials with its strong boding.

It dries fast and lasts for a long time. According to reviews, it is easy to apply and gives a high-end product. You can purchase it here.

#5. Pratley Powda Bond Adhesive Powder Filler Repair Kit


This dual adhesive repair kit has a strong and quite fast bonding. To have the best result, you need to apply it on a horizontal surface. It is a heavy-duty adhesive that can be filled, sanded, drilled, tapped, and painted. It is also resistant to heat.

The glue that is part of this kit is super glue and is runny to saturate the powder.

Pratley is very easy to use and provides high value for money.  

According to its ratings, it is one of the best adhesive kits out there and has high usability. It is sold at $14.98, and can be obtained here.


This post has mentioned some of the best spray adhesives on Amazon. If you want to fix sagging or damaged headliner, then you may consider getting one of the ones described above for better and impressive outcome.

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