Can You Sell a Car With Deployed Airbags?

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A car is meant to convey people and goods from place to place safely. If a car is deployed, it could still perform most of its activities.

This means that a car can be sold even if the airbag is deployed but it is imperative that the buyer should be informed of this.

It also depends on the location of both buyer and seller because some states do not accept such cars. read this post also How to Bypass Airbag Light Volkswagen

If we should categorize safety measures in a car according to the degree of importance, then an airbag comes at the top of the list.

If there is an accident, the airbag offers an energy-absorbing inflated obstacle between the dashboard and the occupant in order to prevent a collision which can lead to more damage or even death.

 Now, imagine selling off a car with deployed airbag and not telling the buyer!. That would be a super unfair thing to do.

Is a Car Totaled if the Airbags Deploy?

Accidents do happen especially when you least expect it. Actually, it is never expected.

If a vehicle’s airbag is deployed as a result of the forceful collision ( also referred to as an accident), it does not necessarily mean that the car is totaled. So yes, your sweet precious baby is not wrecked.

In some areas or states in different countries, there are requirements that ascertain if a car is totaled.

Popularly, a car is said to be totaled if the car sustains more than 75% of the damage of its true cash value.

 In simpler terms, if the cost of repairing your car costs more than the worth of the car, then it is said to be totaled.

This rule varies though but it depends on the states. for example Alabama labels a car totaled if the damage exceeds 75% of its true value.

A totaled car could also be determined by using some software that has been designed for it. The actual value of the car is being weighed with the cost of repairing the damage sustained from the accident.

If the repair cost is more than the value, that is when a car could be labeled or said to be totaled by the insurance company.

A lot of people have the mindset that a vehicle is totaled when the airbags deploy. Why? This is due to the fact that the cost of replacing airbags is quite expensive. Not that alone, the body damage caused by the bags would need repairing as well. Recent vehicles could easily be fixed but it all depends on the value of the car.

A car that has its airbag deployed cannot be said to be a total loss. When your car’s airbag has been deployed, you should see it as any other damage that can happen to your car.

Will A Car Start After The Airbag Has Been Deployed

It super depends on the way the car is built and structured. most vehicles would actually start. This depends on how the airbag function works.

 In this case, the airbag functions as a unit on its own and does its work independently. When there is an accident, the airbag deploys to prevent any contact between the passenger and the dashboard.

In another sense, many cars may not start shortly after the airbag has been deployed due to the safety feature inbuilt in the car.

In most cars, once a force takes place at the front of the car or an accident occurs and the airbag sets off, the fuel pump would immediately be disabled in order to stop the pumping of fuel and prevent any fire outburst.

Is It Illegal To Sell A Car With Deployed Airbag

Basically, aside from the safety laws that hold the resale of a used car, it is not illegal for a person to sell a car with a deployed airbag but the state of the car should be disclosed to the buyer in order for them to be aware of the car’s state and also know if they can fix it immediately or not.

If they decide not to fix it, you’re sure you have done your part bypassing the information.

Meanwhile, if you choose to hide the problem of a deployed airbag and go-ahead to sell that car, it would definitely be labeled as a fraudulent act and such could be of great danger to the new owner of the vehicle in the sense that if the person should have an accident, he/she would be hurt badly (without even seeing it coming).

If we should analyze our normal day-to-day activities, thousands of vehicles are sold all day long with some safety problems which include airbags being deployed from an accident and has not been repaired.

So endeavor to make the issue known to the next owner of your car just so he or she is aware.

Is It Illegal To Sell A Car With Deployed Airbag In California?

In California, it is actually illegal to sell your car with a faulty SRS/airbag system.

California has California’s Vehicle Code, Division 12  which outlines the needed requirements of a car before it can be sold.

California’s Vehicle Code states that a vehicle cannot be sold or placed for sale without it undergoing a safety checkup in order to check if all the safety measures are in place and these safety measures also include the airbag system.

There are some areas the code does not apply. It does not apply when the vehicle:

•Is sold to another Dealer

•Is being legally wrecked, dismantled

•Used exclusively off-highway. etc

The following safety equipment needs to be present in a car before it can be sold or placed for sale.

  • airbags
  • Horn
  • safety belts
  • headlights, tail lights, stop lights and turn signals
  • Brakes
  • Side mirrors.

It does not matter at all if you tell the buyer about the present issue of the car. This code cannot be waived by both a dealer or a buyer. This is done to ensure safety on the highway.

How To Tell If Airbag Has Been Deployed

When buying a used car, it is imperative you check if the airbag has been previously deployed. Some used car sellers can decide to be cunning and hide the truth about a deployed airbag.

Here are some ways you could tell if the airbag of a car has been deployed:

  • Ask all necessary questions: As a buyer of a new vehicle, you should ask the seller all pertinent questions relating to previous accidents sustained by the car.  If the damages have been minor, then there is a probability that the airbag has not been deployed. However, if there were any serious accidents, there was probably an airbag deployment. Additionally, you can take the vehicle to a repute mechanic for comprehensive inspection. This way, you will not only get information about the airbag but also of the overall working condition of the vehicle.

  • Make sure to check the airbag indicator light: When you turn the ignition key of a car on, all lights gets displayed including that of the airbag indicator. Turn the ignition to the start position and start the vehicle. Carefully examine the indicator light for any malfunction.. Normally, the light comes on momentarily and goes out. But if the light stays on or continues flashing, then there is a problem with the airbag system.

  • Make sure you inspect the Airbag Cover: When an airbag deploys, the airbag cover splits apart. Although the split cover can be repaired, look and feel closely and you should notice some unevenness in the cover. Also check for the presence of seams and repainting. Usually, a repainted airbag cover looks newer and fresher than the rest of the car’s interior. Check the cover for the manufacturer’s logo or emblem. If this is missing, then the airbag cover has been repaired.

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