e46 330i vs e90 330i

E46 330i VS e90 330i: What’s the Difference Between BMW e46 and e90

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E46 330i vs e90 330i: What’s the difference between BMW e46 and e90 model?

The BMW is one of the most iconic brands of all time. They have created sports cars that are renowned among motorists all over the world.

When they released E46, the car outdid their former models. It was safer, luxurious, and faster than the previous E36 model and was only 100lbs heavier than it. It was available in sedan, coupe, wagon, and a convertible.

Then following the success of the E46, they delivered another product and that is E90. See this related post comparing e46 and e36

The E90 met the increasing demand for less sporty and more luxury features demand in the market.

It was larger than all the previous models before it. From 2006 to 2010, it was the bestselling car in Canada and the United States.

The E90 has become well known among motorists worldwide because of its performance and stylish design. Related: Why are BMW Oil Changes so Expensive?

Here are the subtopic that we will consider in this post:

  • What does e90 mean in BMW?
  • Is BMW e90 a good car?
  • how reliable is bmw e90
  • What does e46 mean on BMW?
  • Is BMW e46 a good car?
  • how reliable is bmw e46
  • e46 330i vs e90 330i: which is better bmw e46 or e90?
  • how do i know if my bmw is e46 or e90

E46 330i VS e90 330i: What’s the difference between BMW e46 and e90

So to get started with this post I like to begin with What does e90 mean in BMW before we move on to comparison of e46 330i vs e90 330i

What does e90 mean in BMW?

In 2006, the E90-generation BMW 3 series began in 2006 up until 2012 with a refresh in 2009. There are variations of the E90 generation chassis code.

The E90 represents a sedan, while E90 signifies a 5-dor wagon, then E92 is a 2-door coupe and E93 is a 2-door convertible.

The entire ranges of this model are all great and reliable. They all come with a manual gearbox and a superb hydraulic steering. You will have to choose the model you prefer and need.

Is BMW e90 a good car?

Compared to the former model, E90 is more luxurious. It was the best-selling car in 2006 until 2010. It had more luxury features as demanded by their customers.

Judging from reviews by customers, it is very comfortable to drive around in. It is a very reliable car that has lots of things to offer.

In addition, it is also quite spacious and is very satisfying to drive. The E46 weighs about 3500lbs which is lighter than the E90 which weighs about 3,800lbs. It is heavier than its predecessor because it is more luxurious than it.

Even though it is heavier, its extra weight does not weigh it down.  It has a very stronger chassis dynamics which is the major factor in circuit racing. The strength of the chassis makes the suspension refined letting it perform its job properly.

How reliable is BMW e90

German vehicles are mostly reliable. BMW is a very reliable brand compared to their brands worldwide.

Although they are pricier to repair, every model of BMW is reliable. The E90 is reliable but it has its own common problems.

Some of its problems are water pump failure, steering column issues, and valve cover gaskets.

If you notice the symptoms of these problems in your BMW E90, you have to get it repaired immediately to avoid more extensive damage.

What does e46 mean on BMW?

The fourth generation of the BMW 3 Series is the BMW E46. It was produced from 1997 to 2006 and available in various designs.

It is available in a sedan, convertible, coupe, and wagon. The E46 is a successor of the E36 model but has better and upgraded features than it.

It was faster, safer, heavier, and more luxurious than the outgoing E36 model. It weighed 100lbs more than the model.

Is BMW e46 a good car?

The BMW E46 is probably the most popular BMW series of all time. It is also the best-selling model in the BMW generation.

You will hardly go one day without seeing one driving around. It is a good choice for you if you are in the market for a BMW.

The E46 is very affordable, looks great, reliable, small, fast, and very exciting to ride. It has fast steering that is still recognizable today and it is very comfortable to drive.

If you are on a budget and in the market for a BMW, it is the advisable choice for you.

How reliable is BMW e46

Just like the E90, the E46 is also fairly reliable. This does not mean it does not have its own flaws, there are certain problems that E46 might have.

Some of these are torn shocks mount, valve cover gaskets, water pump failure, and lower control arm bushing.

The water pump failure can cause engine failure if it is not repaired fast. Once you see that your E46 vehicle temperature needle is climbing, you will have to shut off your engine and quickly take it to a repair shop.

E46 330i VS e90 330i: which is better BMW e46 or e90?

This post has given different information about the E90 and E46. What should help in making your decision is the amount you are willing to spend on a car and what you need from it.

They are both excellent cars that are useful either in a race or on the street.

A factor you need to consider again is the luxuries you are want to get from the vehicle. Although all BMW cars are designed with luxurious features, the E90 has fancier features than the E46.

After the E46 was released, customers began to ask for more luxury from the cars. That was why the E90 was designed to satisfy its customers’ needs.

When it was released in 2006, it became the best-selling car all through 2010.

Before deciding to purchase either one, you need to ask the level of comfort you wish to enjoy from the vehicle.

Your budget is another determinant of which one to purchase.

How do I know if my BMW is e46 or e90

The rear of the BMW usually has its model. They have categories such as E, F, and G models.

These digits allow repairers or dealers to identify the model and style of the vehicle.

An E46 series model is from 1998 to 2005 while the E90 series is usually from 2005 through 2011.

Conclusion on What’s the difference between BMW e46 and e90

In summary, the E46 and E90 are both series of BMW. They are fairly reliable and perform excellently.

As this post has pointed out, the major determinant of the model you will opt for is your budget and comfort.

I hope this article was able Clare your question e46 330i vs e90 330i? If this post has helped you please share.

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