how to flush coolant system toyota corolla

How to Flush Coolant System of Toyota Corolla

Does your Toyota Corolla coolant system need flushing? Learn how to flush coolant system Toyota corolla vehicle.

If you want to add coolant to your Toyota Corolla, it is very easy to do so.

The engine coolant is responsible for cooling your engine during summer, and also protects it from freezing during winter.

The coolant has a recommended time that it needs to spend in the car. You can find this in the car’s manual.

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If you want to change the coolant, then you will have to flush the coolant out of your car’s system.

Every car has a specific type of coolant. The coolant is poured into the car after it has been mixed with water.

This means the coolant solution is usually mixed with water before it is poured into the car.

There are certain measures you need to take if you want to add coolant to your vehicle. Ensure you have a safety goggle on to avoid being hit with the coolant tank cap.

This is because it can cause the cap to fly off fast and spill fluid all over the floor.

You need to clean the fluid because it can be very dangerous if any animal or child comes in contact with it.

So lets into it and we are starting with how long does coolant last in a car.

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How long does coolant last in a car?

Just like every car, your Toyota Corolla will come with the manual on how often you need to refill its coolant.

The acceptable period of refilling the coolant in your car is about 24 to 36 months. You are also recommended to change it, based on your mileage.

If you travel for about 24 thousand to 36 thousand miles, you need to change your coolant.

Coolant circulates through the car and removes heat from it. This is the reason why you need to ensure that there is enough coolant in your Toyota Corolla.

The shortage of coolant in the car could cause damage. The engine of your Toyota Corolla will not be able to get rid of its heat and may eventually overheat.

Nothing good comes from having no coolant in the vehicle.

When should I change coolant Toyota corolla?

The rule is for you to change the coolant of your Toyota Corolla every three to five years or for every 30,000 miles.

Before changing the coolant, you need to do a coolant flush first. The best place to get the recommended time to change your coolant is in your car’s manual.

The manual should outline the specific period and mileage that is expected for you to change your coolant.

Don’t wait until your vehicle breaks down before you consider changing the coolant. You can talk to your mechanic to check whether the coolant is corrosive or dirty.

How to flush coolant system Toyota corolla

Flushing your coolant is the process of adding a cleaner to the system. This is done to remove the dirt and rust that might be present in the radiator.

The flushing is usually done with a conditioner and antifreeze. If there is any harmful substance in the system, a coolant flush will get rid of it and replace it with clean fluid.

This will help the lifespan of components like coolant pipes, water pumps, radiators, and gaskets.

Toyota Corolla comes with its own maintenance schedule. So, if you want to know how often you need to change its coolant, you should consult your manual. Before changing the coolant of your car, you need to flush it out first.

Flushing the coolant

The first thing you need to do is to place a bucket under the radiator. Now, there is a plastic knob under the radiator that is called a draincock.

You need to open it by turning it in a counter-clockwise direction. After opening it, the coolant will be emptied inside the bucket you have placed under the radiator.

The reason for this is for it not to make any mess. Now, pour the radiator cleaner or flusher in just as the direction on it has stated.

Once it is in, pour water inside and close the radiator cap. There are lots of radiator flush in the market that you can use.

Once you have closed the radiator cap, start the engine and let it run for 15 minutes. When running the engine, ensure the heater is on.

Let the engine cool for some minutes, and then proceed to drain the radiator. After draining, pour water inside the reservoir and go over the process one more time. Once you are done, drain the radiator for the last time, and then proceed to refill the coolant.

Refilling the coolant

After you have flushed out the coolant, the next thing is to refill it. Ensure to use a coolant that has been mixed 50/50 with water. If you cannot find one, then it will be left to you to mix the coolant with distilled water in equal measurement.

Step one

First, you need to lose the clamp that is joining the radiator ant its lower hose. Pull off the line so the radiator will be able to finish draining if there is still any fluid left inside. Then, use a flathead screwdriver to join the line back to the radiator.

Step two
Open the cap off the radiator and pour in your Toyota Corolla coolant. Once you have filled it to the right level, close it, and start the engine. Let the engine run for about twenty minutes.

Step three

After the twenty minutes elapse, switch off the car and let it cool for some minutes as well. You should top the coolant again until it gets to the fill line.

How often to change antifreeze Toyota

The coolant travels through the engine of the car to transfer heat and keep it cool. The way you can protect your car from overheating is to get the right antifreeze coolant.

In addition to getting the right one, you need to add it to the car at the right time and in the expected amount.

If you want to be certain how often you need to change the antifreeze in your Toyota, you should check the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Does my coolant reservoir need to be full?

No, the coolant neither needs to overflow nor be too small. Every radiator has a line in its reservoir where the coolant should get to.

When pouring the coolant in your car, you need to have it in mind so you don’t pour it below or above the line.

How often should I put coolant in my car?

The manual of every vehicle recommends changing the coolant every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Some manuals will even state the exact number of years you need to wait before adding coolant.

However, if you notice that the level of the coolant is dropping, then you will need to top to get to the line at the reservoir.

Conclusion on How to Flush Coolant System Toyota Corolla

It is important to flush the coolant system of your Corolla anytime you want to refill its coolant.

You should also ensure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions about the necessary time frame and mileage before adding antifreeze coolant.

Neglecting to refill the coolant in your vehicle will only lead to damage.

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