How To Shut Off The SRS Light In A 2007 Mitsubishi

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Your 2007 Mitsubishi airbag warning light remains illuminated to inform you that the airbags system may not deploy when there’s an accident.

The Supplement Restraint System (SRS) light remains on whenever it detects a malfunction.

Anytime the airbags of your 2007 Mitsubishi don’t deploy when an accident occurs, it means you or your passengers might likely suffer from serious injuries.

The good news is that there’s a possibility for you to reset your 2007 Mitsubishi airbag light in your home garage, which will save you time and money.

Your 2007 Mitsubishi airbag warning light will turn on via the instrument panel.

Normally, the light is supposed to only turn on whenever the vehicle has been involved in an accident.

So anytime it is illuminated while you are driving, make sure you pull over immediately and then call a tow truck.

Make sure you don’t drive until the car is inspected and repaired by your mechanic.

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How To Shut Off The SRS Light In A 2007 Mitsubishi

After the repairs is made, you can tell the mechanic to reset the airbag warning light to make sure the computer functions correctly and then shut off the SRS warning light completely. Here is what to do:

  • Just plug the Mitsubishi airbag scanner inside the OBD2 port which you can find under the dashboard, on the driver’s side.
  • Now turn on the ignition and then allow the scanner to power on.
  • Choose the model and year of your Mitsubishi, which should be 2007.
  • Then choose SRS/airbag control unit via the main menu.
  • Now select the read fault codes, and then write down all the codes you see and also ensure they are NOT PRESENT.
  • Now go back to the main menu again and choose Clear Fault Codes.

Please note that you should only clear the 2007 Mitsubishi airbag fault codes when they’re in Past or Stored status.

Make sure you don’t clear Active, Current, or Present codes when you haven’t fixed the problem. Usually, even when you try to remove the present codes, it will still return once you restart your car.

Mitsubishi ASX Passenger Airbag Light Flashing

Note that the Mitsubishi ASX passenger airbag light flashing is triggered due to the unplugging of the passenger airbag status lights which is close to the hazard light button.

It’s true that a lot of people unplug these indicator lights by removing the panel when they want to create more space for the head unit install.

When this happens, the car will notice that the indicator lights are unplugged which will now triggers the ASX passenger airbag light flashing.

However, by plugging back the indicator lights won’t make this flashing light to go off since it needs to be cleared via a code reader that is capable of reading the Mitsubishi airbag codes or you can still take the car to the dealership to clear it.

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Airbag System Service Required

So you know, the service airbag system message can show up via the driver information center (DIC) of your 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander.

However, the service airbag system message will only come up whenever there’s a problem with the airbag system which requires to be resolved.

Although this problem can be minor or can mean a serious issue has occurred.  

This might be informing you that your 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander airbags won’t deploy if there’s an accident.

Once this happens, it means you’ve lost the airbag protection which shows that you might face serious injury when an accident occurs.  

You should act fast whenever you see the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander airbag system service required message showing, just make sure it is immediately fixed.

Another thing you might also notice with the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander airbag system service required message flashing is the SRS airbag light illuminated. It can happen if the vehicle previously had an accident that cursed the crash sensors’ to be activation without the airbags been deployed.

Note that this is why you should always inspect your vehicle to prevent this from happening.

There are some methods you can handle both the service airbag system message issue and the SRS airbag light turning on.

The first thing to do is to visit a car dealer to purchase a brand new SRS airbag module.

In case you have a clear understanding of the automotive repair, then you can reset the unit by yourself.

However, in case you are fully sure you can handle it or you don’t want to spend buying tools and software, then you can consult a repair shop for help.

Mitsubishi Mirage Airbag Light Reset

Anytime you start your Mitsubishi Mirage, you’ll notice that the computer system runs a self-diagnostic examination on the entire systems.

In case any of these examination fails, the diagnostic warning light will be flashing on the dashboard for the corresponding system.  

Though depending on the Mitsubishi model, and your country, sometimes you might see something along the lines of SRS, such as the word airbag, or a picture of a person with the airbag deployed. You should treat all as the airbag light.

Note that the Mitsubishi Mirage’s airbag light is there to inform you of an issue with your car airbag system.  

In case it illuminate for a few seconds as you turn on the vehicle, know that it’s normal and it is part of the diagnostic process. But whenever it remains on, it indicates a problem.

For you to reset the Mitsubishi Mirage airbag light using a scanner, you must take this steps:

Step 1

Put the car key into the ignition system, then turn your car switch to an on position.

Step 2

After that, observe the airbag light turning on. Note that the light will remain on for about seven seconds before turning off. After shutting off, make sure to immediately turn the switch off and then wait for three seconds.

Step 3

You can now do steps 1 and 2 two more times.

After that, you can restart your engine. Once done, the SRS light will be turn on for about seven seconds before turning off again.

After this has happened, your Mitsubishi Mirage airbag light has successfully been reset.


As mentioned earlier, your 2007 Mitsubishi airbag warning light is there to inform you of any malfunction.  

So anytime the airbags of your 2007 Mitsubishi don’t deploy when an accident occurs, it means you or your passengers might likely suffer from serious injuries.

To prevent this from happening, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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