How to Straight Pipe a Car, With & Without Welding (Does It Hurt Engine?)

Do you want to know How to Straight Pipe a Car or maybe you are thinking “Does Straight Pipe Hurt Your Engine?” Well, this article will address that questions.

If you are used to vehicles that have the standard exhaust system, then driving one with a straight pipe exhaust system is a totally different experience.

The standard exhaust is built in such a way that it reduces the sound coming from the engine of a car.

does straight pipe hurt your engine

So, if you step on the car’s gas pedal, it will not make lots of noise. A standard exhaust system does not make much noise. However, a vehicle that has a straight pipe exhaust system makes as much noise as possible. See this Article too on the cost and benefits of straight pipe exhaust.

With the straight pipe exhaust system, vehicles are allowed to make as much noise as they can. Installing this type of exhaust system involves the use of straight pipes to start the vehicle’s exhaust headers.

Once it has done that, it then runs straight to the rear of the car. It does not have any muffler or converter.

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How to straight pipe a car

The installation of a straight pipe is something that should be done by professionals. This is because it involves welding.

Installing a straight pipe is not so difficult, and does not take much time. However, only people with mechanical knowledge should do it.

  • Step one: The first thing you need to do is to identify a muffler size that can work with your car model. You must get the right type of muffler so that the prevention of system backflow can be possible. You may also purchase a kit that has a pre-silencer.
  • Step two: The next thing you need to do is to use a car lift. You will need the right tool and adequate space to do this. After lifting the vehicle, inspect the present exhaust system. Find where the mounts and hangars are and try to sketch the new system. Calculate all the necessary bends that are needed to create the mechanical.
  • Step three: Once you have completed step two, remove the current exhaust from the car. You can also use a lubricant on the parts before you proceed to unscrew the clamp. The next thing to do now is to disconnect the catalytic converter without removing it completely. Make sure you do this to aid the performance of your vehicle. Write down every faulty hanger or clamp so you may replace them if necessary.
  • Step four: Now, cut out the new exhaust mandrel bend sections. After cutting every piece, always test every section by going beneath the vehicle.
  • Step five: The last step is to join the parts together. Check the fits and alignments of every section thoroughly. After confirming the fit, weld all the pieces together permanently. Now, if the vehicle system is not a stainless steel or chrome, try to treat the metal against corrosion. You can use heat resistant paint. If you don’t treat it, it may eventually corrode. Lastly, weld the muffler and pipe sections together. Weld the system after you have placed it in the car.

How to straight pipe a car without welding

Is it impossible to straight pipe a vehicle without welding all the components together? Well, the answer is yes, though one of the major things to do when installing the straight pipe in a vehicle is to weld all the parts and sections together. This is the reason why the installation of a straight pipe should be left for a that knows how to weld. But you will have to watch this video for the step if you are new to this.

So the video above discusses how to connect exhaust pipes without welding.  So you can use a variety of clamps or bands to accomplish this and hold the pipes together. The process is easy and will seal or hold well as long as the pipe is the correct size.  So let’s say you have to same-size pipes, it will seal just fine if you have two-inch pipes that are connected to each other.

Steps to proceed with:

You should first measure your exhaust. If it doesn’t fit together there will be a leak. If everything fits together, and the clamp is right, it shouldn’t leak.

To size exhaust pipes correctly, use a tape measure to measure down from the outside to the inside.

You will often find that you have both inner and outer dimensions when ordering pipe. It might say OD or ED but they usually go by the outer dimension.

It’s important to pay attention when buying the pipe. Two pipes can slide together, and one end may be slightly smaller than the other. This will allow them to fit in the other pipe.

It’s like this. Here’s a picture. If it says OD, it will be the outer dimensions. If they say ID, it will be the inner dimension. It’s easy to get it wrong. Some people get lost and end up with the wrong size pipe. Measure it at the OD and ID, then you can order the pipe.

What are the best ways of connecting a pipe to a wall without welding?

The first is a simple U bolt.

These  U bolts are quite common and can be purchased at most auto parts shops. You can also order them on Amazon. But, remember to measure your pipe before you place an order and try to choose the right size when checking out.

Most of the clamp will fit a 3-inch diameter pipe or 2-inch, so measure your pipe. Mind you the inner and outer dimensions don’t really matter because you can adjust the clamp to make it fit your pipe, but it will still be important. This is why you shouldn’t order it if your pipe is two-and-a-half inches or three-and-a-half-inch. If you have a 3-inch pipe, you will want a 3-inch exhaust clamp.

These are very easy to put together. After you have placed the pipe over the other, you simply clamp them together using the U bolts. These little devices are very common and used to connect exhaust pipes.

Next would be to use band sleeves.

These are great if you have a pipe that is rusted or has an angle. A band sleeve is a way to keep the pipe in place and the water flowing freely.

These sleeves are great for areas with a lot of ground movement and shifting. The pipe will be held in place by the band sleeves, which will prevent it from leaking or breaking.

These sleeves are easy to install and require only a few tools. Band sleeves can be used to repair or reinforce pipes in many situations.

Does straight pipe hurt your engine?

The engine produces raw and pure sound since no boundary separates it from the back of the vehicle.

Car that have a straight pipe exhaust system installed flex all their muscles to make as much noise as they can.

So does straight pipe hurt your engine? well, to straight pipe exhaust system does not hurt the engine in any way. Since the system has no muffler, it produces pure and raw sounds from the engine.

If you install the straight pipe exhaust system, it helps to improve the sound of your engine.

However, one setback of this is that, when you are driving your vehicle in the street, it can disturb your neighbours and attract unnecessary attention.

Most cars that use straight pipe exhaust systems are race cars. This is because the straight pipe usually improves the performance of the car.

It reduces the engine pressure, and this increases the overall functioning of the engine. After installing the straight pipe, you will notice that your torque and horsepower will increase.

Unlike the normal exhaust system, the straight pipe improves the performance of your vehicle’s engine.

Another thing that the straight pipe does to your engine is that it dispels the gas it creates to the atmosphere.

As mentioned earlier in this post, vehicles with straight pipe exhaust systems are usually very loud.

Before you install it, you may have to check the regulations concerning noise in your place. Some cities have outlawed vehicles whose exhaust systems are noisy due to the disturbance it creates.

So, the straight pipe exhaust system does not hurt the engine. You need to make sure it is installed properly, if you want an improvement in the performance of your engine.

How long does it take to straight pipe a car?

If you are experienced in installing a straight pipe exhaust system, then it is something you can do. On average, installing a straight pipe requires just a few hours.

If you want to straight pipe your car, it is a job that should be done by professionals. With someone who is knowledgeable, you are guaranteed of getting your car back in few hours.  

The cost of installing the straight pipe in your car depends on the type of vehicle you are using.

Does straight pipe waste more gas?

The answer to this question is No. Straight pipe does not waste any gas at all. The reverse is always the case.

When you install the straight pipe exhaust system, the fuel economy of your car will improve greatly.

The straight pipe is designed in such a way that it removes exhaust gas from the vehicle. In addition, the straight pipe improves performance of the engine of the vehicle.

If you install the straight pipe, you will notice an improvement in the fuel economy of your car.

Straight pipe exhaust sound

The straight pipe exhaust sound makes lots of noise. If you are in a racing field, then the noise will be an advantage to you.

 Installing straight pipe exhaust systems increases the sound of your engine. It makes it sound pure and raw. Watch this video to hear some straight pipe exhaust sound


Installing a straight pipe exhaust system does not hurt your engine in any way. It rather improves the performance and sound of your engine.

If you want to install the straight pipe exhaust system, then you need to seek the services of a professional.

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