How To Tap A Fuse Without A Fuse Tap?

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Without a doubt, many vehicle enthusiasts have questioned how possible it is to tap a fuse without a fuse tap. However, Fuse Tap is a power splitter device installed in a car’s fuse box to create an additional connection point for any slip-on terminal. It performs a vital role as it allows you to get a 12volts from the fuse box for low-power electronics.

how to tap a fuse without a fuse tap

An automobile fuse ensures that the electronics do not overheat due to electrical surges or short circuits. You can practically tap a fuse without a fuse tap. Perchance, there are some skills you would acquire before you could do it successfully.

This write-up will provide answers to these specific queries ranging from; is it possible to tap a fuse without a fuse tap, how to tap a fuse without a fuse tap, how do I tap into my fuse box for power, how do you tap a fuse, can you pull fuse out with a hand, can you wrap the wire around fuse and much more.

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Is It Possible To Tap A Fuse Without A Fuse Tap?

Of course, it is possible to tap a fuse without a fuse tap. If a fuse tap is unavailable, then tapping without a fuse tap becomes the only option. Do give it a try by following the below on how to tap a fuse without a fuse tap.

is possible to tap a fuse without a fuse tap

How To Tap A Fuse Without A Fuse Tap?

Here steps on how you can tap A fuse without A fuse tap;

  • Use a Posi Tap to tap into any hot wire when the ignition is ON.
  • Run a wire on the switch terminal on the switch box.
  • Determine the exact circuit you are tapping.
  • Use the in-line fuse holder where you tap in, then extend that wire to the tachometer for safety.

Although the above steps sound uncommon, there is no harm in giving them a try.

How Do I Tap Into My Fuse Box For Power?

One of the best methods of tapping into your vehicle’s fuse box is the utilize the empty slots in the fuse box. However, this method requires a power wire before tapping into the fuse box.

Here are the procedures to tap into your fuse box for power;

  • Locate the fuse box in your vehicle. You can consult your owner’s guide if you are unfamiliar with the position.
  • Access the fuse box and look for an open fuse slot. However, this fuse slot is powered but not connected to any electronics. If confused about a free slot, check your owner’s guide.
  • Grab and examine the fuse tap for the type of wire connector it has. Fix the fuse and tap into the position of the fuse in the fuse box. Then, attach the power wire of the electronic device to the fuse tap’s connector.
  • Strip out ½ inch of the insulation from the wire connecting to the fuse tap. With the help of a pair of wire strippers, slide the wire connector onto the wire. Then use a crimp tool to crimp the connector.
  • Insert your fuse tap into the fuse slot in the fuse box using the connected wire.
How do I tap into my fuse box for power?

How Do You Tap A Fuse?

Before tapping a fuse, you need a crimper tool, needle-nose plier, fuse tap, and multimeter.

Here is the step-by-step guide you could use to tap a fuse;

  • Discount the battery cables from your vehicle’s battery.
  • Have access to the fuse box using your owner’s manual as a guide.
  • Identify and pull off the fuse you want to tap from the circuit slot.
  • Acquire an appropriate fuse tap that fits your fuse.
  • It would help if you stripped about 2 mm of insulation off the electronic device using a stripper.
  • Insert and crimp the wires from the electronic device into the fuse tap’s connector.
  • Install the fuse you pulled out from the fuse box into the tap slot properly.
  • Install the fuse tap into the box where you initially pulled out the fuse.
  • Reconnect the battery cables.
  • Turn on the vehicle and the electronic device. If the device lacks power, turn off the car and reverse your fuse tap in its slot. 
  • Turn the vehicle on again if the device has power. Put off the car and replace the fuse box cover. Although, you might need to adjust the fuse box cover to allow the fuse tap wires to sit inside to avoid damage.

Note: Avoid inserting unnecessary fuses into your fuse box; it could cause a severe hazard.

How do you tap a fuse? how to tap a fuse without a fuse tap, is possible to tap a fuse without a fuse tap

Can You Pull Fuse Out With Hand?

Yes, you can pull out a fuse with your hand. Remember that removing a blown or broken fuse is more complex than a functional one. So, be careful when pulling the fuse by hand, and ensure to replace a fuse with the exact type and amperage.

Can You Wrap Wire Around Fuse?

Yes, you can, but it depends on your situation. If wrapping wire around the fuse is your only option, then do it. However, wrapping is a crude method of dealing with a faulty fuse. Using a fuse tap to replace any defective fuse would be best. The primary issue with wrapping wire around a fuse or its terminals is that someone might undo the ground screw. Then the wire may lose out of place, and there could be no way of knowing how to reassemble it. A situation like this might cause a maintenance nightmare!


A fuse tap is an electronic device installed into the fuse box where the original fuse was and still provides the function of that fuse. Tapping a fuse without a fuse tap is possible today. Similarly, you can also tap a fuse for power.

Although research and experience in automobile electronics have made engineers outline the method of tapping into hot wire, especially when your vehicle is on, using a Posi Tap.

However, I have detailed the above work. Ensure to identify the types of fuses in your fuse box before buying a fuse tap. Do well to share this guide with others.

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