Meaning, Causes & Fix for Drive Train Malfunction on BMW

Drive train malfunction on BMW meaning, what causes it and how to fix drivetrain malfunction bmw

It is important to take care of your BMW drivetrain problems. A BMW drivetrain problem can lead to a repair cost of $500-$5,000. However, this all depends on whether you hire a mechanic or DIY it. The cost of repairing the BMW drivetrain yourself will be lower than hiring an expert.

drive train malfunction on bmw


What Causes Drivetrain Malfunction BMW (Meaning & Fix)

Modern vehicles often have self-monitoring computer systems that can find any problems or malfunctions. Most BMW automobiles are equipped with this sophisticated system that monitors and manages its operation. 

A drivetrain issue may be indicated on the dashboard of a BMW automobile. In this article, we will discuss the root causes of this problem and provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution to get your BMW back on the road.

Meaning Of Drivetrain Malfunction BMW

When a BMW drivetrain malfunction occurs, it means that your car’s engine computer has detected a fault that will affect its overall performance. In most cases, drivetrain malfunction is an indication that your car has faulty spark plugs, damaged fuel injectors, and transmission or engine issues. 

The ‘Drivetrain Malfunction’ caution prompt displayed by your car is a countermeasure designed to prevent further incidents when this issue presents itself. When these errors happen, the maximum torque production of your car is constrained by the engine control unit to avoid damage. 

Having a good knowledge of what the BMW drivetrain warning entails will help you follow the right cause of action when you experience this malfunction yourself. Continue reading to find out more about BMW drivetrain malfunction and more.

What Causes Drive train Malfunctions on BMW?


Drive train malfunction can generally be caused for the following reason on most vehicles, including BMW cars. 

  • Fuel injector issue
  • Low-quality Fuel
  • Faulty ignition coil
  • Bad Spark plug
  • Fluid Leaks in the Transmission

 Causes of Drivetrain Malfunction BMW 

1. Fuel Injectors

While driving, if you experience power loss or poor combustion, it might result from damaged or clogged fuel injectors. This issue can cause a drivetrain malfunction alert trigger. 

The fuel injectors perform the important task of sending fuel to your car’s combustion chamber; this is essential for ensuring its smooth running. You will replace all your fuel injectors at once if your mechanic finds them all defective.

2. Faulty Ignition Coils

For your car’s engine to run properly, the ignition coils need to supply the spark plugs with adequate power. With ignition coils malfunctioning or damaged, the spark plugs will not receive any power.

This often results in a misfiring engine or, even worse, a decrease in power while driving. Even when the vehicle is idle, it might show symptoms of performance problems. The best move is to get your engine checked up and the coils replaced.

3. Spark plugs

When driving an older model BMW car, you will likely experience spark plugs-related issues. When your spark plug has become too old to function, you will get a drivetrain malfunction alert. 

Rather than selective replacements, it is more advisable to replace all of them at once. Using the parts that your mechanic or dealership recommends, they should all be changed simultaneously.

4. Fluid Leaks in the Transmission

The BMW transmission system is cooled and lubricated with the aid of transmission fluid. Any leaks will degrade performance and harm other essential components. Every motorist needs to check the transmission fluid level with a dipstick. Drivetrain dysfunction, including unusual noises and grinding gears, is brought on by leaking transmission fluid.

5. Low-Grade/quality Fuel

BMWs are high-end cars, and as a driver, you must understand that it needs premium fuel. Using low-quality fuel will only reduce your car’s overall performance and cause drivetrain issues. 

Most car manufacturers, especially BMW, advise using an octane booster or fuel. By using an octane level of at least 90%, your car will function properly, and it will be able to clean the combustion system.

How Serious Is a Drivetrain Malfunction?

When something goes wrong with a BMW’s drivetrain, it’s important to take it seriously because, if left unattended, it might cost a lot of money to fix in the long run. If not addressed appropriately, drivetrain issues can become quite problematic. 

The earlier drivetrain issues are identified and fixed, the better. In the long run, knowing what to look for could end up saving you a ton of money and hassles. Nevertheless, a drivetrain issue with a BMW does not necessarily lead to the car breaking down; if action is taken swiftly, the problem can frequently be fixed with little to no disruption. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Drivetrain On A BMW?

Similar to how different factors might cause drivetrain problems, different costs can be incurred based on the cause in question. Therefore, without running a test on the car, it is difficult to give a definite answer.

The estimated cost of car parts ranges between $50-$2000, (depending on the parts type), while the cost of labor ranges from $150 to $200. Repairing a BMW drivetrain issue as soon as possible helps you avoid additional costs resulting from long-term drivetrain neglect. Due to the complexity of the drivetrain’s components, certain drivetrain problems are resolved faster than others. 

How to Fix Drivetrain Malfunction BMW

The best action for dealing with drivetrain problems is to run a reset on your own or visit a qualified mechanic for a thorough inspection. As soon as the alert appears, stop the vehicle and start it again.

 You first need to find a safe place to park if you get a drivetrain alert while driving. Take out the key and turn the ignition on your car. Give the engine at least five minutes to idle before starting up the car again. If resetting does not solve the issue, you will need to take your car to a mechanic. 

Is Driving After Getting A Drivetrain Alert Safe?

No, driving is unsafe even when the drivetrain problem alert is displayed. The BMW drivetrain problem notification is always something you should take very seriously. When you get the alert, you should park your car and inspect it immediately.

When the notification appears on the dashboard, and your car’s performance significantly reduces, you need to head straight home or visit a repair shop. Making extra stops will only risk you getting into a direr situation. For extra caution, you should turn on your hazard lights until you reach your destination.

What’s the extent of the BMW drivetrain fault?

 A BMW drivetrain problem is something to be considered of utmost importance. 

When you notice a drivetrain malfunction BMW, it is important to diagnose the problem in order to determine if it’s serious.

How much does it cost to fix a BMW drivetrain issue?

 A BMW drivetrain malfunction can result in a repair costing between $50 to $5,000, but off-cause this will depend on whether you choose to DIY the entire process or hire a mechanic. If you do it yourself, the cost will be on the lower end, and if you hire an expert, the cost will be on he higher end. 

Does the BMW warranty apply to the drivetrain?

 It should still be covered if your BMW was new and your warranty has not expired. It may be possible to get an extended warranty depending on what type of warranty you have. To determine if your vehicle still qualifies for warranty coverage, i will advise that you consult your warranty papers.  


BMW drivetrain malfunction issues are mainly stressful to deal with because various reasons cause them. The best way to deal with them is by getting the issues fixed as soon as they pop up. While you may not be able to deal with the majority of them personally, an experienced mechanic can help you take care of them.

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