How to Bypass Ignition Switch to Start Car

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Bypassing your ignition switch becomes necessary when you have a faulty ignition switch/system or lose your key. Bypassing your ignition system without prior knowledge might make things more complicated. In this article, we will be going over all you need to know.

It’s important to note that older model cars that work with keys and ignition switches can be easily bypassed compared to modern vehicles. These usually include cars produced before 2004. If you have issues with a newer model car, you will need to contact a mechanic. 

What Does It Mean To Bypass Ignition Switch?

Bypassing an ignition switch is simply an alternate method to start a vehicle when the ignition switch gets faulty or when you lose your key. Bypassing your car is simply a patch process for turning on your car, it isn’t advised to be used in the long run.

Simply having basic knowledge isn’t enough to successfully bypass your ignition. The entire process becomes all the more complicated when the ignition system is already faulty. To prevent experiencing the worst-case scenario, you must consider visiting a mechanic as soon as possible. 

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How to Bypass Ignition Switch

When it comes to bypassing your ignition switch, two major routes can be considered. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Jumpstarting 

Jumpstarting doesn’t only come in handy when your car battery has a low charge. Ignition switch issues can also be solved when you choose jump-starting as an alternate approach. To use this option, you need two things;

  • A portable jumper
  • Another vehicle (battery)

Before you even start, you must ensure both vehicles are turned off. Next, locate the ignition coil and battery of each vehicle. Following the last step, you need to connect the positive terminal of the ignition coil. 

Next, you need to detach the ignition switch from the solenoid and connect it to where the ignition switch attaches. After this process, electricity will be directly passed to your car dashboard via the starting solenoid.  

2. Hotwiring 

Hotwiring your car begins with locating the required wires to start your vehicle. These wires can be found below your steering wheel. After removing a plastic case-like covering beneath your steering wheel, you will find a set of wires.

In this process, you need to pay attention to three wires: the ignition, battery, and starter connector. Next, all you need to do is strip the ignition and battery wires and connect them. To start the engine, you must strip the starter wire and attach it to the battery wire. With these processes complete, your vehicle should start running.

What Does It Mean To Bypass Ignition Switch with Toggle Switch?

This is simply replacing your ignition switch with a toggle switch. It ‘bypassing’ method provides a permanent and long-lasting solution to your ignition switch-related issues. If done professionally, it can be considered to be a more cost-effective option than repairing your ignition switch multiple times.

Research has proven that most car drivers prefer toggle switches to regular ignition switches. It is important to note that toggle switches are typically utilized in place of ignition switches. It is easier to make this switch for older model cars without computer-controlled engine management systems. 

How to Bypass Ignition Switch with Toggle Switch

Bypassing your ignition switch will save you the stress of constant repairs. This section will cover the steps you must follow to replace your ignition switch with a toggle switch.

  • Before doing anything, the first thing you need to do is disconnect your car battery.
  • The next step is removing the ignition switch while keeping the key tumbler intact.
  • After removing the ignition switch, test the back of the switch with a voltmeter to check the battery voltage. 
  • Next, verify the wires you will need for reconfiguring the toggle switch and mark them. 
  • Prepare two toggle switches. Although it isn’t necessary, ensure one comes with a durable safety cover. One of the switches will be for the ignition, while the other serves as the starter switch.
  • To finish the process, you must attach the battery wire to the ignition toggle switch you picked. Except for the starter wire, you need to connect the remaining wires to the ignition switch’s opposing terminal.
  • Connect a separate starter wire to the starter switch from the battery terminal of the ignition switch.
  • Next, install the two toggle switches in a convenient location. 


How to bypass ignition switch to start car with push of button

Bypass Ignition Switch with Push Button

Please follow the steps below if you wish to bypass your ignition switch with a push button. 

  • Disconnect your car battery to prevent any chances of accidents. 
  • Pick a convenient surface on your dashboard to install the push button.
  • Use your wrenches or socket to remove the nut from the positive stud of your starter solenoid.
  • Using a crimping tool, partially remove the insulation from your wire’s length. Preferably, your wire should be 12 gauge or larger.
  • Next, connect an eyelet connector for the solenoid’s positive stud. 
  • The eyelet should be placed over the positive stud, and the connector should be firmly crimped onto the wire and attached it.
  • Connect the wire to the passenger side of your car. To get the desired length, determine how much wire you’ll need and cut it.
  • While installing a crimp connector on one side of your push button switch, you must first remove the insulation from the wire’s end.
  • After removing the screw from the push button switch’s back, the connector and switch should be connected.
  • Remove the screw from the push button switch’s opposite side to install a crimp connection. 
  • Next, you need to join the connector and the switch by removing a small part of the remaining wire’s insulation. 
  • Lastly, connect the negative and positive sides of your battery.

After completing the above steps, your car push button should be ready.


Ignition systems are very delicate parts of vehicles. Knowing what to do when you face ignition malfunction issues is of utmost importance. We have covered a great deal of content in this article; I hope I will be of help.

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