How To Service Electronic Throttle Control

Electronic throttle control (ETC) is an important component of your car. It works hand in hand with other parts to manage the operations of your vehicle. Thus, knowing when and how to maintain or repair it when necessary is very important.

How to fix service electronic throttle control

Resetting or servicing your electronic throttle control can be carried out with these two methods, they include;

Method one:

To begin the process, make sure there is no pressure on the accelerator pedal, then you can proceed. After that, start the car and sit tight for about ten seconds before turning it off. Listen for a sound of operating condition (of your ETC) during these ten seconds to confirm that the throttle valve is moving.

Method two:

To remove the Service electronic throttle control light with this method, you’ll need an Alfa or WITech. Follow these easy steps to complete the process; 

  • APPS should be reset.
  • When it’s not in use, unplug it and shut it down.
  • It should be restarted and plugged back in.

After you clear the code, watch to see what happens next. Typically, your throttle should have reset. Continue reading as we will be going into more details later in this article.

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Roadmap of this article:

  • What is electronic throttle control?
  • How to fix service electronic throttle control
  • What is a Throttle Control Warning Light?
  • How do I know if my electronic throttle control is bad?
  • Service electronic throttle control

Is your Electronic Throttle Control lits up? A sensor in your throttle body determines whether it needs to be opened or closed. The sensor is most likely in need of replacement or repositioning.

The entire pedal assembly will need to be removed and replaced because it is all one piece. However, it’s simple to get rid of them.

Drivers must replace them regularly and keep them in stock due to the frequent stomping on the pedal. It’s entirely made of plastic, and unlike the old system, you won’t need to mash it.

What is electronic throttle control?

You can think of the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) as a vehicle technology that has the core function of electronically connecting the gas pedal to the throttle. It also carries out restoring/maintaining the mechanical link within its components and the vehicle engine.

The Electronic Throttle Control system consists of three major components:

  • The accelerator pedal module
  • Car/throttle sensors
  • The throttle valve

Each of the ETC components performs a separate function that is important to the car’s overall operations. On a final note, an electric throttle body and a power train control module (PCM) or Engine Control Module are terms used to describe this motor (ECM).

What is a Throttle Control Warning Light?

The warning light for throttle control is found in the instrument panel of your vehicle. When there’s a problem with the throttle system, the electronic throttle control light comes on. 

The throttle is controlled and monitored by the electronic throttle control system. Although a cable is directly connected to the throttle body for older models, most modern cars use sensors and your vehicle’s ECM to accomplish this task.

Although there are numerous benefits to doing so, if everything isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to speed up as quickly.

How do I know if my electronic throttle control is bad?

The performance of the ETC can either have a positive or negative impact on the engine and overall vehicle performance. Any of the following can be considered as a possible symptom:

  • Failing to retain a steady speed
  • stalling of the engine motor might occur
  • inability to accelerate smoothly
  • You might notice a misfire in the engine
  • cruising speed has been reduced
  • Idling that is rough or lumpy.

Service electronic throttle control

When you notice any of the above symptoms, it might not be too late to service or reset your throttle system. First, however, follow these steps to reset the electronic throttle control to correct any apparent issues.

1. Run a diagnosis on your vehicle

Even after noticing a symptom, you need to know the exact issue with your car.

Check for any trouble codes in your vehicle and fix them. Then look for any faults in your Powertrain Control Module system, as well as any air leaks in your car’s engine.

Check the;

  • PCV system
  • Filter cap seals
  • Dipstick

If codes related to the air circulation sensor, pressure in the exhaust system, or incorrect idle speed are detected, or if the service engine light is illuminated, do not reset your ETC. However, if everything is in order, you can proceed with the rebooting methodology.

2. Temperature check/regulation

Practice taking the vehicle’s engine up to operating temperature and checking that the ignition timing is set according to the package recommendations.

Also, make sure our front wheels are neutral and facing straight ahead.  Finally, turn off your radio, heater, rear window defogger, and air conditioner to avoid overloading your engine. This will affect the position of your throttle plate and aid you in the resetting process

3. Release your gas paddle

To begin, switch the ignition on for about 2 seconds without starting the engine, then turn it off for 10 seconds.

Next, try switching on the engine for another 2 seconds before turning it off for another 10 seconds. Finally, your vehicle’s computer system will be alerted to your gas pedal’s open and closed movement.

4. On and off your ignition

Now, turn on your car ignition for approximately  5 seconds.

Next, press and release the gas pedal five times within another 5 seconds. Relax for about 10 seconds before pressing down on the gas pedal for about 20 seconds, or until the engine check, the light stays ON and does not fluctuate. Remove your foot from the gas pedal after 3 seconds or when the light stops blinking.

5. Final step          

To complete the process, allow your engine to idle for a few moments after starting it.

Rev the engine numerous times in a space 0f 20-30 seconds to ensure that the idle speed is within the manufacturer’s specifications. That concludes the procedure. You’ve completed your tasks. If you’re still having trouble, turn off your car for 60 seconds and try again.

Conclusion: How To Service Electronic Throttle Control

The Electronic throttle control is a delicate part of every automobile. Ensuring that it is well maintained will keep you safe and help you save money in replacement costs. I hope the tips in this article will be of help. Feel free to share your opinion if you gave any tips or tricks you utilize in keeping your throttle in shape.

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