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How to Use Dual Action Polisher (How Do You Use a Dual Action Polisher?)

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A dual-action polisher is often called an orbital polisher. It is a tool that is specially designed to polish and wax automotive paints.

There are two main two types of polishers for vehicles. They are rotary buffer and dual-action polishers.

However this post is mainly going to discuss what dual action is, how it is used, and the best ones on the market right now of which we have a more indebt article here showing the full list.

Here is areas we will cover in this article:

  • How do you use a dual action polisher
  • guild dual action car polisher
  • what is dual action car polisher
  • how does a dual action polisher work
  • why use a dual action polisher
  • how to use dual action polisher
  • 3 Best dual action polisher amazon uk

So with that let’s get right into it.

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How to Use Dual Action Polisher (How do you use a dual action polisher?)

A dual/orbital polisher is made up of a central spindle that rotates around an offset. When it rotates and the head is spinning, it produces a jiggly sensation.

This motion is the one that stops the polisher from getting rid of or burning the paint. 

These types of polishers are designed to be friendly as they produce little heat to the surface of the paint.

The action of the spinning head will apply the polish on the pain without ruining or causing any damage to the finished work.

If you are a beginner, dual-action is the right kind of paint for you. We will guide you on how to use a dual-action polisher.

Guild Dual-Action Car Polisher

The Guild Dual Action polisher is a suitable polish for polishing, sanding, and buffing the body of a vehicle. It has different features that make it unique.

This product has variable speed control which offers optimum versatility and a handle at the front which offers low vibration and high performance.

It is a very comfortable tool to use as a beginner. It comes with a polisher and one sanding pad.

Guild is highly compatible with all every brand of accessories for car polishers. When using it, you do not have to polish the same area two times.

It oscillates in orbit to reduce the probability of causing any damage to the paintwork of your car. You can use it for as long as you have it due to its continuous power.

Guild polisher has a guarantee of two years. It is built to last it, users, for a very long time. It is sold in most stores for 50 Euros which is equivalent to 56 dollars.

You can purchase it here on eBay or on Argos. (Current not available on Amazon but you can look this one up)

What is dual-action car Polisher

A dual-action polisher is a necessary toolkit for every vehicle. It is a tool you can hold that polishes, buffs, and sands your vehicle.

It is a way better option than polishing your car with your hand. Hand polishing is time-consuming, stressful, and not as effective as using a dual polisher. 

A dual polisher uses a machine head to polish your car giving you nice finished work.

How does a Dual Action polisher Work

A dual polisher has a central spindle that rotates. When it is rotating, the head begins to spin making a joggling sound as it does this. 

This motion stops the polisher from damaging or burning the paintwork from the vehicle. They are user friendly and very easy to use.

Sometimes, if the paint of your car is too damaged, you might have to take it in to for an engineer to fix

Why use a dual action polisher

Dual-action polisher is a friendly polisher that you can use at home even without any prior experience.

If the paint on the body of your car has faded or has little damage, then you can decide to paint it yourself.

This will save you extra costs and give you something to do. Repainting the body of your car is very exciting if you are one who likes to do things for yourself.

However, if the paint is too damaged, it will be advisable you take it to a professional.

How to use dual action polisher (How do you use a dual action polisher?)

To ensure that you get the best result, you need to be patient and do the following:

  1. First, wash your car properly. If there are any remnants of dirt or sand on the body of your car, it could cause problems with your paint.
  2. After you have washed and dried your car, inspect the surface of the paint again. Run your hand across the surface of the paint to feel it. If it is rough, then you will have to polish it with a cutting pad. If it is smooth with scratches and swirl marks, then you will use a polishing pad for it.

 To remove the swirl mark

First, bring out the dual action polisher and your cutting pad. Put the cutting pad to the head of the polisher and apply the polish/paint cleaner all over the surface. Squeeze a considerable amount of polish on the pad and spread it on the surface using your fingers. Let the pad saturate the product before you continue. You can keep adding more polish if you discover that it is not enough.

Now, place the pad on the surface of the paint and put on the polisher. Rotate it back and forth to apply the product on the paint.  You should increase the speed settings to 5 or 6 to remove the swirl marks. Work on a particular section first to get the appropriate result. Now proceed to treat the entire vehicle.

 Applying the paint

  1. After getting rid of the swirl, bring out your polishing pad and your polish. Attach it to your dual action polisher and put the polish on the pad. Spread the polish with your fingers. Before you begin, you can also add 2 pea-sized of polish on the soaked pad again.
  2. Place the paint on the surface on turn on the action polisher. You can put your speed setting in 4 or 5. Start rubbing using a back and forth motion. Polish one area before the other. As you move from a particular area to the other, apply more polish.
  3. If the pad gets dirty while polishing, use a towel to clean it and apply the polish again and then resume.
  4. Finally, after applying the paint, you can wax it. There are various types of wax that will give your paint a flawless and shiny look. Apply it to the car.

3 best dual action polisher Amazon UK

Einhell Cordless Car Polishing Machine

This is a cordless dual action machine that is lightweight and user friendly. It has a polishing bonnet for applying a gloss polish and synthetic polishing.

Einhell offers maximum flexibility and has high performance. It is sold at about £49.95. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Meguiar’s Dual Action Pad Kit

This is a dual action polisher that ensures a smooth and balanced end result. You can adjust the torque to maintain speed when polishing. It contains its own 1x 5” foam and has a dual action orbit and rotation. It is sold at about £228.00. You can purchase it here on this store.

DeWalt Premium Variable Speed Polisher

This polisher has pop off brushes which protect the armature from damage. It has wool ingestion which protects wool from being sucked into the unit. DeWalt also has a large variable speed that lets users to adjust speed to suit specific needs. It is sold at about £175.00. You can purchase it here on this store.


Is a dual action polisher worth it?

Yes, the dual polisher is a good tool to have at hand. With it, you do not need to spend extra cost in painting your car.

What does dual action polisher mean

A dual polisher is a simple tool that is used to paint the body of a car.

Who makes Halfords dual action polisher

Halford’s dual polisher was made by Halfords in the United Kingdom. This polisher comes with 3 pads which can be used for different areas depending on what you are doing. The red pad is useful in removing scratches, the yellow is to remove swirl marks and the black pad is designed to apply polish.  It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. You can visit their website to purchase it.

Can a dual action polisher remove scratches?

As mentioned above, you can use the dual action polisher to get rid or scratches and swirls.

Can a dual action polisher burn paint?

A dual action polisher cannot damage or burn the paint. It can only improve how scratches appear on your car and also remove light swirl. The only type of polisher that can cause burn is rotary. This is why an inexperienced person should not make use of it.

Where to buy dual action polisher?

You can get it from stores online or automobile stores. You will have to buy the polisher and other necessary accessories.

What is the best dual action polisher for beginner UK?

Autojack Variable speed orbital dual action polisher with a digital screen

This is the top leading dual action polisher in the UK. It has high reviews and ratings on the site. Some of its features are 5M Cable, 6 – 12 speed, and orbital movement. It is sold at £99.95. You can purchase it here on this store.


In summary, this post explained all there is to know about using dual action polish. It is a good choice for you if you want to do paint work on your computer without having any prior experience.

I hope this post on why use a dual action polisher and how to use dual action polisher was helpful to you?

If you find it useful please share it and remember to also bookmark it for reference.

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