Jeep Wrangler Head Gasket Replacement Cost & 2012 Jeep Wrangler Cylinder Head Replacement Cost

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Why should you be bothered about the head gasket of your jeep Wrangler? It may interest you to know that it performs functions that aid the regularity of the car engine operation.

The head gasket of your Jeep Wrangler located between the engine block and the cylinder head.

It is a feature common to modern vehicles, although the design may vary from one automaker to another.


2012 jeep wrangler head problems

The head gasket does this by sealing the combustion chamber and helping your vehicle to compress and contain exhaust gases of the engine.

seal between the cylinder head and the engine block prevents your vehicle’s antifreeze from mixing with the motor oil, and the seal has been described by some automotive experts as critical to ensuring normal vehicular performance as the parts of the ignition chamber.

When the head gasket of your jeep Wrangler is blown, it means that the essential seal between the engine block and the cylinder head has been severed and the implications are manifested as symptoms of a blown head gasket which can read here however in the post we are going to look at jeep wrangler head gasket replacement cost and models above 2012 jeep wrangler cylinder head replacement cost.

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Jeep Wrangler Head Gasket Replacement Cost

Replacing the head gasket of your Jeep Wrangler will cost you purchase of the parts and repairs, including the installation of the new head gasket.

You would probably be surprised to know that the components themselves are not expensive. It is the costs of hiring labor to install and repair that occupies the chunk of the budget.

On average, a Jeep Wrangler head gasket replacement costs between $900 and $1000, including the costs of hiring labor to do the repair and installation, which is between $600 and $900. 

The head gasket itself is not expensive, costing between the range of $50 and $100. You should, however, bear in mind that the replacement will not be an instant exercise.

 It may take a while and this means your vehicle staying at the mechanic shop for the time being.

Fixing the head gasket will keep the engine running at secured temperatures by sealing in-between the cylinder head and the engine block and regulating combustion at normal levels.

Jeep Wrangler Cylinder Head Replacement Cost

A cylinder head to replace a cracked one should probably go for $200 and not cost more than $300 on average.

The cost of workmanship is valued at about $100 per hour times the four to five hours that he is expected to spend on the job. In total, the cost of labor added up to the price of components amount to between $700 to $1000.

The cylinder head is very important because of its role as the conduit for fuel and coolant. It could get cracked due to several reasons.

Overheating of the engine makes the parts of the cylinder head to be stressed out. Because many cylinder heads are aluminum products, they are susceptible to crack or wrap when the engine heating goes overboard.

Another reason for a cracked cylinder head is the failure of the water pump. Water cools off the engine and when it is not pumped, the excess heat of the engine will not be offset by the coolants surrounding the water jackets in the cylinder head and engine block as it would be too hot. 

Failure of the thermostat could also be responsible for the cracking of the cylinder head. The thermostat acts as the regulator of the flow of coolants to the radiator, allowing and impeding as it is necessary.

A failed thermostat implies that the coolant will not be able to flow to the radiator, and the engine would continue to radiate heat without getting cooled off.

On the other hand, if too much coolant flows to the radiator, the engine gets too cooled and the ignition system may be affected negatively. 

Since the cylinder head is a conduit, it is not uncommon to see its cracking accompanied by an oil leak. Consequently, a check engine light may signify low oil pressure.

 Other symptoms include the poor performance of the engine, leaking of the coolant, smoke from the engine, and the abnormal ignition of the engine.

The misfire of the engine is caused by the mixture of the fuel and coolant in the combustion chamber and this makes improper burning to happen.


The head gasket of the Jeep Wrangler forms the seal between the cylinder head and the engine block and is very critical to the normal functioning of the engine.

 Once it gets blown, the implications are manifested as symptoms and there is a need to get it fixed immediately to avoid plunging the vehicle into further degeneration.

 The blown head gasket has to be replaced and this typically costs between $900 to $1000 on average and the highest estimates should not go beyond $2000.

The replacement may take a while and the estimated cost includes the costs of procurement and labor. 

In the same vein, the cylinder head of your Jeep Wrangler is understandably important to the vehicle. It could get cracked by several factors shown above and replacement could go for $700 to $1000.

As the head gasket, not fixing the cylinder head is dangerous and makes the vehicle faultier and more vulnerable.

 In the end, it follows that the components are not themselves expensive, but the cost of labor and installation is the real deal. 

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