11 Best & Affordable Bidirectional Scan Tools (Ultimate Guide)

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If you are looking for affordable Bidirectional Scan Tools for personal or professional use, then you are on the right guide. whether you are an auto expert or just a car owner who needs a reliable and quick bi-directional scan instrument to scan for error in your vehicle, this article is for you. When it comes to revolutionizing your workflow, whether you manage a service or repair company or are a DIY vehicle enthusiast, you’ll want to select the most significant choice of scanner available in the market and that is what I will be guiding on.

I will be covering some of the top bi-directional scanners in every price range to make home mechanics and pros’ jobs easier. So let me save you a lot of time in research by providing you with the market options.


A bi-directional scan instrument does not just interpret the information in your car’s OBD system. To carry out its function, a bi-directional scanner connects with your automobile to provide the finest solutions for your vehicle’s problems.

So whether you’re a car owner who simply wants to get an affordable bidirectional scan tool for your car or a professional mechanic who wants something pro, then you are just in the right place as I present you with some of the best bidirectional scan tool for home mechanic and some of the Cheapest bi directional scan tool for beginner car owners to use. We will also look at queries, is MK808BT bidirectional and is Thinkdiag bidirectional in the post.

So to begin let’s take look at what is a bidirectional scan tool

What is a bidirectional scan tool for car?

A bi-directional scan tool is a gadget that allows you to transmit and receive direct orders to your car’s control modules. With this connection channel open, you can easily carry out a plethora of helpful customization and maintenance functions.

You a probably puzzled as to how this might help you in your daily life. The key benefit of a bi-directional scan tool is that it allows you to make a more thorough evaluation.

In essence, when you use an OBD scan tool, it performs the function of extracting diagnostic data from your car.


Your OBD tool will provide a comprehensive scan, informing you about your vehicle’s overall well begin. In addition, every car includes an inbuilt computer that monitors the mechanical and electrical systems to verify that they are functioning correctly.

The computer in the automobile identifies when a system breaks. The problem is then saved as a diagnostic trouble code in the computer’s memory. You’ll notice two things while looking at the code.

Is MK808BT bidirectional?

Yes, the MK808BT has a bidirectional functionality; however, it only carries out ABS Brake Bleeding.

Is Thinkdiag bidirectional?

Yes, Thinkdiag is a cost-effective bidirectional scanner with good performance. This is a fantastic tool that may be used daily. It’s beneficial and may be used to diagnose automotive problems at any time.

Name of Bidirectional Obd2 Scanner  Price of each bidirectional scan tool  Rating
1.LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN IV Bi-Directional Diagnostic Tool  $7654.3 star
2. LAUNCH X431 PROS Mini Bluetooth Full-system Bi-directional Scan Tool with ECU Coding$1,1994.5 star
3 Autel Maxisys MS906BT Bluetooth Full-system Bidirectional Diagnostic Tool with ECU Coding  $1,2794.7 star
4.Autel MaxiDAS DS808 OBD2 Full-system Diagnostic Scanner with Bi-Directional Control and ECU Coding  $899 4.4 star
5. LAUNCH CRP429C Affordable Automotive Bidirectional Scan Tool  $2774.2 star
6. LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO  $1,1994.4 star
7. FOXWELL NT650 Automotive ABS SRS Bidirectional Scan Tool With Special Service Functions  $259.994 star
8. Autel Autolink AL619 Bidirectional Affordable Scan Tool  $99.994.6 star
9. ANCEL AD610 Elite Automotive OBDII ABS SAS Actuator Affordable Bi-Directional Scan Tool  $129.994.3 star
10. FOXWELL NT630 Elite OBD2 ABS SRS Affordable Bidirectional Scan Tool  $139.984.3
11. Autel AL619 Engine ABS SRS Affordable Bi-directional Diagnostic Tool  $99.894.4 star

11 best and  affordable bidirectional scan tools

Best Bi-directional scan tool

In this section, I will be highlighting some of the best bi-directional scan tools for car. When it comes to choosing quality bidirectional scan tools, there are many factors to consider.

Rest assured, you will be provided with the best obd2 bidirectional scanner the market has to offer. So, without any more delay, let’s dive right into the list.

1. LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN IV Bi-Directional Diagnostic Tool

Two built-in cameras are included in the Launch X431 bidirectional automobile scan tool. First, the frontal camera is 2 megapixels, while the back camera is 5.5 megapixels with a 3.5mm audio jack for earphones.

The Launch X431 is a bidirectional scan tool with strong Bluetooth connectivity, seamless internet communication through WiFi, and USB capability. In addition, the Launch X431 Diagun’s repair functions begin with 11 reset functions.

The Launch X431 will assist you with whichever warning light is bothering you. Critical repair services such as ABS bleed and DPF regeneration are included. However, for do-it-yourself fixes, it offers everything you need to avoid a trip to the technician. In addition, checking error codes for all electronic systems, including wipers and lights, provides you with valuable information about your engine.

Ability to diagnose the entire systemThe functionalities of the ECU coding are pretty limited.
The ability to visualize live data simplifies diagnosis.For printing diagnostics, you’ll need a computer.
It comes with two years of free updates.Changes may take a long time to display.
Supports 11 different reset options.Software installation may be challenging for some users.
It offers a camera and headphone support. 
Actuation tests are simple to carry out. 
Capable of resetting the IMMO system and programming keys. 
It is water-resistant. 
Over 100 manufacturers are covered in detail. 
Option to update with a single click 

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2. LAUNCH X431 PROS Mini Bluetooth Full-system Bi-directional Scan Tool with ECU Coding


The LAUNCH X431 PROS Mini functions similarly to a small tablet computer. The small and portable nature of the X431 PROS tiny will appeal to DIYers.


The PROS small clears codes and activates components in your vehicle to assist you in figuring out what’s causing the problems. Oil, TPMS, parking brake, and electronic throttle are some of the resets available.

The scanner sends orders to solenoids, switches, and relays as part of this procedure. These instructions tell a module or sensor what to do. Using a scanner to turn on or off the fuel pump is an excellent example.

DPF generation, steering angle calibration, battery maintenance, and more are all possible with this bi-directional scan device.

The screen interface is simple to useRegistration may take a long time.
Essential Configuration is performed.After the first two years, updates are costly.
Offers two years of free service.It is more effective for foreign vehicles than for American cars.
It’s compatible with a wide range of automobiles 
WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity 

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3 Autel Maxisys MS906BT Bluetooth Full-system Bidirectional Diagnostic Tool with ECU Coding

Long-distance work is possible with the Autel Maxisys MS906BT. If you are a professional mechanic or DIYer, this product will benefit from the Autel Maxisys MS906BT. In addition, many customers praise the MS906BT for broadening the scope of work they may conduct in their workshop.

You can communicate with your car via Bluetooth using the MS906BT’s HDMI and USB ports. In addition, the MS906BT’s Exynos 5260 6-core processor ensures lightning-fast performance no matter how far away you are.


The Autel MS906BT also has a crucial programming feature. New fobs can be made, IMMO systems can be programmed, and the anti-theft system can be tested. For adjusting other electronic systems, the Autel MS906BT works well with advanced ECU coding capabilities. Read more about this scanner here in this article.

ECU programming capability is sophisticated.Only a few manufacturers have ECU features.
Most electronic systems undergo functional testing.One of the more expensive scanners
DTC functionality and complete OBD2 testingEarly on, the battery may fail.
Working at a high rate and across a long distanceNot all cars are eligible for functional testing.
The ability to log data assures that the problem is handled correctly. 

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4.Autel MaxiDAS DS808 OBD2 Full-system Diagnostic Scanner with Bi-Directional Control and ECU Coding

All of the most frequently used/ required features are available with this Autel bidirectional scan tool. In addition, all fault codes, both OBD2 and non-OBD electronic systems, may be diagnosed using the Autel DS808. You can also read data from the ECU that other hand-held scanners cannot.

For the best user experience, a 7-inch Android display screen is used by the Autel MaxiDAS DS808. Cloud-based MaxiFix, which saves your car’s diagnostic history in the cloud, is one of the specialized functions.


The Autel DS808’s shop manager feature will come in handy for professional garages. It’s easier than ever to organize and retrieve cached diagnostics. In addition, its quick response capabilities provide instant access to the most frequently used functionalities, which saves time.

The coding functions are the one area where the Autel DS808 may fall short for a competent technician. It can read data from the ECU and do tests on the fly.

Organizes and manages data on the cloudThe battery isn’t always dependable.
It is very light and portable.Warranty servicing entails the shipment of the goods to China.
The user interface is simple to use and navigate.The tutorial component of the website does not connect to all servers.
It’s equipped with AutoVIN technology.Critical programming is not possible.  
The shop manager feature allows you to keep track of data.The features of ECU programming are restricted.
Free software updates for life 

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5. LAUNCH CRP429C Affordable Automotive Bidirectional Scan Tool

5. LAUNCH CRP429C Affordable Automotive Bidirectional Scan Tool

The Launch CRP429 fully supports OBD2 testing and diagnostics. You may see live data from any system, even non-OBD2 electronic systems, to read fault codes.

The Launch CRP429 scanning capability can also be used on a wide range of favored brands, making it ideal for garage repairs at home. In addition, all of the diagnostics are simple and quick to carry out.


The bi-directional diagnostic scan instrument CRP429 from LAUNCH stands out right away. The CRP429 is one of the most cost-effective bidirectional scan instruments on the market, as buyers will quickly discover.

The CRP429 Launch goes above and beyond the essentials. It allows for limited ECU programming, as well as injector tuning, to assist reduce pollutants.

Properly diagnosed with quick responseThere are several limitations to critical programming abilities.
Mode 6 data can be used.The rebooting tool may fail.
Supports the majority of automobiles produced between the years 2000 and the present.The throttle body can’t be reset.
A one-year guarantee is included, as well as one year of free online updates.The key fob can’t be reprogrammed.
OBD2 functions are available, as well as five different reset options 

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2. LAUNCH X431 PROS Mini Bluetooth Full system Bi directional Scan Tool with ECU Coding1 1

The Launch X431 is one of the finest bidirectional scan tools for vehicles, and it has advanced functionality. This product is an 8-inch tablet bidirectional OBDII scanner that reads and graphs data from all of your vehicle’s systems.

For both live and freeze frame data, many scanners have graphical displays. However, the Launch X431 V goes much farther. Any system, including the transmission, battery, temperature control, and lighting, may display live data as text or graph.


This tool does actuator testing, allowing you to examine specific parts for functionality. If a problem arises, the X431 Pro provides how-to tutorials as well as expert advice.

All dash warning lights and TPMS, IMMO, gears, and DPF are reset functions on the Launch X431 V.

It features a two warranty.The owner’s manual is frequently absent.
Battery life is around 8 hours.For all vehicle models, it is not possible to calibrate proximity.
It outperforms more costly scanners.The charging process takes a long time.
All systems are subjected to complete bidirectional active testing.Coding features are limited.
There are 15 service functions in all.It does not work with big rigs.
A free WiFi printer is available.For an update after two years, a paid membership is necessary.
There are 23 languages to choose from.Is unable to program a new Pat’s security ignition key into a dash cluster.

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Cheapest bi directional scan tool: best and affordable bi directional scan tool for car


7. FOXWELL NT650 Automotive ABS SRS Bidirectional Scan Tool With Special Service Functions  

Affordable Bidirectional Scan Tools

The Foxwell NT650 is the cheapest bidirectional scanner on the market. All of the basic operations of an automobile bidirectional scan tool are performed by the NT650 scan tool.

This is one of the most long-lasting bidirectional scan instruments available. In addition, it comes with a screen protector and additional cushioning to keep it safe from damage.

The resets performed by this scanner are as follows:

  • oil
  • ABS
  • SRS
  • EPB
  • TPMS, among other things.

This top-rated OBD2 bidirectional scanner is compatible with 58 different automobile models that include ABS/SRS. In addition, the oil reset is compatible with 49 other vehicles, while the TPMS adaption is compatible with 32 cars.

It is both inexpensive and long-lasting.Not every function is compatible with every vehicle.
The long wire makes it simple to monitor real-time data while driving.When using this tool, updates are difficult to register.
Comes with a microSD card for convenient data transfer to other devices.Advertisements are bilingual. However, they are only available in English and Spanish.
It’s simple to move about 
It’s simple to read clear graphs. 


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8. Autel Autolink AL619 Bidirectional Affordable Scan Tool

8. Autel Autolink AL619 Bidirectional Affordable Scan Tool

Among the top bidirectional tools, the  Autel Autolink AL619 is regarded as the most cost-effective choice. The Autel Autolink AL619 is one of the bidirectional scan instruments that can recover both generic and manufacturer-specific ABS/SRS codes. 

This low-cost bidirectional scan tool shows the fault code as well as a description. In addition, it provides freeze-frame, O2 sensor tests, and live PCM data in addition to diagnosing defective indication lights.

One of the most excellent bidirectional scan instruments is the AL619. You may check for airbag and supplemental restraint system malfunctions, as well as precisely diagnose ABS/SRS codes. This scanner is compatible with over 50 different automobile manufacturers.

It provides a rapid diagnostic.Updates require a Micro SD card.
Data may be saved and printed using a computer.GMC 99 GMC ABS is not available in the Sonoma or Chevy S10.
Lifetime updates are included.It may take a long time for changes to take effect.
VIN, CIN, and CVN are all supported. 
The warranty period of one year 


Chck out current price on Amazon

9. ANCEL AD610 Elite Automotive OBDII ABS SAS Actuator Affordable Bi Directional Scan Tool

9.ANCEL AD610 Elite Automotive OBDII ABS SAS Actuator Affordable Bi-Directional Scan Tool

The Ancel AD610 supports all ten OBD2 test modes. It can also read and remove fault codes from OBD1 systems, extending its functionality. It lacks the complete system inspections of more expensive devices,

However, this bidirectional scan tool enables you to examine your ABS and SRS/airbag systems to quickly identify problems with these critical safety features. Additionally, this most excellent bidirectional scan tool supports all OBDII test modes.


Although this tool does not offer extensive control, its capabilities are simple to use, especially for non-techies. As a result, the Ancel AD610 is a formidable tool for vehicle maintenance at home.

The Ancel AD610 can capture and save all live sensor data it receives. When you include in the auto-VIN feature and upgraded Mode 6 testing, you have an OBD2 scanner that significantly outperforms its pricing range.

Your purchase includes a nice carrying case and a micro SD card.Not all non-OBD2 systems can be read.
Both OBDII and OBDI diagnostics are supported.It’s possible that it’s not a good fit for your vehicle.
The most cost-effective solutionThere have been several complaints concerning their instruction manual.
Updates are unrestricted.For particular automobiles, the reset feature is not available.
For driving cycle verification, a screen monitor is ideal. 
Your car’s critical safety systems are reset. 

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10. FOXWELL NT630 Elite OBD2 ABS SRS Affordable Bidirectional Scan Tool

10. FOXWELL NT630 Elite OBD2 ABS SRS Affordable Bidirectional Scan Tool


The FOXWELL NT630 allows you to monitor live data, read and clear codes, and retrieve ECU information. In addition, the scanner aids you in detecting problems and performing essential maintenance and repair chores as a result of this.

The NT650 also performs all of the essential operations of a bidirectional scan tool for automobiles. DPF regeneration, tire pressure monitoring, and battery replacement are all examples of these services.

The NT630 was designed to last a long time. The NT650 is protected from the elements with a rubberized sleeve, additional corner padding, and a screen protector.


With this tool, multiple tests can be run simultaneously; it also includes mode six testings, which is done on the NT650. And the graphing capabilities provided by the NT650’s two-way nature allow you to get right to the heart of your car’s problems.

Data may be readily transferred to other devices using the SD Card in the machine.Update registration is complex.
The garage is easy to maneuver.Most features are not compatible with all vehicles.
Easy-to-understand graphsAdvertisements are available in a variety of languages. However, only English and Spanish are now available.
While driving, the long connection makes it easy to monitor real-time statistics. 

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11. Autel AL619 Engine ABS SRS Affordable Bi directional Diagnostic Tool

11. Autel AL619 Engine ABS SRS Affordable Bi-directional Diagnostic Tool

The Autel AL619 is a low-cost bidirectional scanner with high-end functionality. Most MILs, including ABS and SRS lights, are cleared by the AL619 Most models may be repaired by removing and reading codes.

This budget-friendly variant includes generic codes, manufacturer-specific codes, and pending codes. The AL619 also illustrates the significance of those codes, saving you time from having to look out the information on your own.

The AL619 is supported by most automobile models made after 1996. However, ABS and SRS codes can be cleared by just roughly half of those manufacturers. The AL619 also includes free lifetime updates, a one-year guarantee, and multilingual support.

A lifetime of free updates and a one-year guarantee are included.Not all automobile models are compatible with ABS and SRS.
With most autos, the essential features operate fine.Customers have previously expressed dissatisfaction with customer service.
It’s pretty simple to use the keypad. 
Diagnose your vehicle’s problems quickly. 

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Concluding on  best and affordable bi directional scan tool for car

You can purchase the ANCEL Elite Automotive OBDII ABS AD610 Scanner, the Autel Autolink AL619, the LAUNCH CRP429 Scanner, or you can get the FOXWELL NT650 if you are looking for the best when it comes to affordable bi-directional scan tool for cars.

And if you are a beginner you should go for the AL619 in terms of affordability but as an expert or experienced mechanic, you probably be better of with NT650. However, you may also consider  AD610 or the CRP429 as they are in between the first two.

And if you are a much-advanced mechanic and have the money, then you surely will prefer the

LAUNCH X431 PROS Mini models which is number 2 on our list or L. and the LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN. The  Launch PROS mini is best for those who are advanced but learning, while the VPRO works better for your shop.

As a professional, you may also love the Autel MaxiDAS DS808 OBD2 Full-system Diagnostic Scanner, especially for those who want something portable which can easily be carried around.

The FOXWELL’s NT630 Elite and other models will work best well for beginners on a budget as well but these cheap bidirectional scan tools are not easy to use and so will require some learning time to master the use properly.

Finally, the Autel Maxisys MS906BT’s camera feature is best for DIYers and professionals who want to record the issues they are diagnosing on the go.

Please note that your car model might not work with all these scanners so it is important you pick the scanner that will work with your vehicle, especially the cheaper bi-directional scanner. And if you are a mechanic who works on many models and brands of cars, then be prepared to spend a little more to get a scanner that covers and is compatible with multiple models of vehicles.

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