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If you are looking for a catalytic converter price list scrap for popular car brands, or a free catalytic converter price guide that shows some of the cheapest to most expensive Cat scrap values; then you are in the right article. Mind you, this is merely an estimated catalytic converter scrap price guide based on dat collected over the past years. The prices may vary slightly from the current market value and the location you looking at selling or acquiring the scrap catalytic converter. So if this is what you are looking for, then stay with me.

Free Catalytic Converter scrap Price

One of the common questions many people ask is, what cars have the most expensive catalytic converters for scrap? I guess that will probably be in your mind if you love cars. 

Most recent vehicles use a component called a catalytic converter to convert harmful compounds found in the engine exhaust system into safe gases like steam. 

The catalytic converters help to separate these dangerous molecules from the gases produced by the car exhaust before releasing them into the atmosphere.

It also contains precious metals, including palladium, platinum, rhodium, copper, cerium, nickel, iron, rhodium, and manganese. In early March 2021, these precious metals were valued at nearly $30,000 an ounce.

Because of their precious metals, this makes catalytic converters valuable in the global metal recycling industry. 

The best thing you will do is to sell your catalytic converter to a serious buyer or smelter to be recycled.  So if you’re wondering what cars have the most expensive catalytic converters for scrap, then keep reading.

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According to this report, stories spread about criminals who stole catalytic converters during the great recession that struck the world. Though it seems to be an unusual crime, some reasons made robbers choose to steal this component within a vehicle’s exhaust system.

One of the reasons is that they are worth it on the black market. However, the catalytic converter consists of metals that act as catalysts. And they include; Platinum (Pt), Rhodium (Rh), and Palladium (Pd) metals. Research indicates that the automobile industry is the biggest consumer of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). And its use is becoming increasing as the world’s vehicle stock rises.

In this article, we are looking at the catalytic converter scrap prices for common high-need cat converter sorts for the most in the metal or catalytic converter recycling industry. I will also provide answers to these typical queries ranging from; how much is a catalytic converter worth as scrap, what is the current market price for catalytic converters as scrap, how do scrap yards determine the value of catalytic converters, can the price of a catalytic converter as scrap varies depending on the material it is made of, are there any online resources for finding out the current price of catalytic converter scrap, and more.

Be patient; let’s get started right away!

How Much Is A Catalytic Converter Worth As Scrap?

A new catalytic converter is worth between $50 to $4500; when sold as scrap for the cat with valuable metals, a scrap catalytic converter can be worth $300 to $1500 on average. These values vary because of the vehicle brand, condition, and the number of precious metals inside the catalytic converter. However, the precious metal inside is the main reason they are the most expensive scrap in the automobile world.

Aside from Rhodium, Platinum, and Palladium, vehicle’s catalytic converters also contain other metals such as nickel, iron, manganese, and cerium. These metals are valuable and used in making electronics and jewelry. You need more than just knowing your car’s catalytic converter. But knowing the exact financial worth is vital, especially when selling it as scrap metal.

What Is The Current Market Price For Catalytic Converters As Scrap?

The current market price for catalytic converters as scrap depends on the type and model of the catalytic converter. Although, fluctuations in the market value for precious metals would also affect the price of the catalytic converter.

As regards, check out the chart price with all the different types of catalytic converter and their current scrap value. The table shows you various scrap estimates, from fold/ gm catalytic converter scrap values to jeep, Camry, and Honda catalytic converter scrap prices. You also may want to see the article on Recycling Catalytic Converter, which shows the Benefits and How-To Guide on cat recycling.

Free Catalytic Converter Scrap Value by Serial Number and Brand Name

Catalytic Converter ModelCurrent Market catalytic converter price list scrap”
O2 Slant            $489
O2 Straight            $700
Camry             $153
Regular Bead            $60
Jumbo Bead            $130
Jeep             $254
Exotic Small            $561
Exotic/Fat Slant Low            $650
Super Exotic/Fat Slant HI            $772
Elite/Pig HI            $1072
SE 6 Line            $440
XL Foreign             $322 to $655
Torpedo HI            $975
Torpedo 3B            $573
SE High Grade            $870
BL Thick Pipe            $350
SE 5 Line            $340
SE Medium            $390
Foreign Small           $300
Foreign Medium           $390
High Grade Domestic           $280
GM           $140 to $346
Standard Domestic            $230
GM Medium            $250
AC/Thin Pipe BL           $190
Regular PRE           $100
SE Low           $190
Small Flow           $70 to $246
Larger Chrysler           $109 to $314
Malibu Legal Lacrosse           $80
X Body            $400
Euro 4 High Performance           $100 to $329
Air Tube            $93 to $100
Direct-fit Mitsubishi Outlander 3           $100

How Do Scrap Yards Determine The Value Of Catalytic Converters?

Scrap yards determine the value of catalytic converters using the following conditions;

  • Vehicle Brand/Material Type
  • Emission Laws Due To Geographical Location
  • Market Demand For Catalytic Converter
  • Manufacturing Tolerance

Let’s explore these conditions below.

Vehicle Brand/Material Type

The vehicle brand and material type is a vital aspect that determines the value of the catalytic converter in scrap yards. For instance, in all sports and small-engine vehicles, the luxurious Ferrari F430 has the highest value in scarp yards. Ferrari F430 holds the most expensive scrap value because of the high PGMs in them.

Similarly, the catalytic converters of trucks and Hybrids are also incredible in Platinum Group Metal loading. So, scrap yards tend to concentrate more on vehicle brands with more precious metals.

Emission Laws Due To Geographical Location

Since a cat delete is illegal in US states like California, scrap yards would value a catalytic converter put into a California car more than one in Texas. At this end, the Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium concentration is higher in California vehicles than in Texas. Hence, their value would significantly vary when these two catalytic converters end up in the scrap yard.

Manufacturing Tolerance

Without a doubt, manufacturers have different tolerances. As I stated earlier, emission laws differ. Manufacturers adhere to different tolerances to comply with emission laws in a particular state or country where they send their vehicles. However, newly made cat cons of the same serial number and model would have different precious metals and the same value. Hence, scrap yards would also determine the value of the cat cons due to the manufacturer’s tolerance.

Market Demand For Catalytic Converters

The demand for a particular cat con would also determine the value the scrap yards will give. The higher demand for any product, the higher the value. However, scrap yards are favorite for selling your cat con if they pay the most value. To avoid underpayment, do get the scarp price guide online.

Can The Price Of A Catalytic Converter As Scrap Vary Depending On The Material It Is Made Of?

Yes, of course! The price of a cat con as scrap varies depending on the material. Cat converters with precious metals such as Rhodium, Palladium, and Platinum would have a higher value. That said, scrap yards often pay thousands of dollars for your old vehicle. The environmental benefits of the PGMs, especially Platinum, have remained strong over the past 20 years. However, the cost of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium are sum to worth at least $700.

On the other hand, a catalytic converter of OEM models holds a higher value, whereas non-OEM has a lower value.

Are There Any Online Resources For Finding Out The Current Price Of Catalytic Converter Scrap?

Indeed, there are online resources for finding out the current price of cat con scrap. These resources include the Ecotrade Group converter pricing app (Eco Cat), YS Catalytic Recycling LLC, RR Cats, Bacmetall, and others.


Bacmetall is one of the leading cat con purchasing companies in Europe. They are transparent and offer the highest price for your converters. You can check for the current price using this APP HERE!

RR Cats

This company is one of the fastest easy sells of scarp cat con. They also offer current prices on their website through images of each model. You can get their phone app and the Current Prices.

Ecotrade Group

Ecotrade Group would also give free cat con prices only when you sign up to their website. They are available 24/7, with over 20,000 items listed in their catalog. Do well to get any current cat con PRICE HERE.

YS Catalytic Recycling LLC

This company is one of the leading cat con buyers in New York, US. You can check for their current price list on their website HERE.

Is The Price Of Catalytic Converter Scrap Affected By The Age Or Condition Of The Converter?

Yes, of course! The price of the catalytic converter scrap is affected by the age or condition of the converter. Let’s have some details below;

Firstly, the age of the cat con would always play a vital role in its scrap price. Although, an older cat con might not be as valuable as a newer one. It may function less efficiently or even meet the current emission standards. Remember, the cat con has a life expectancy of 100,000 miles (10 years). Suppose it lasted 85,000 miles or about 9 years; the price wouldn’t be the same as that of 40,000 miles or about 3 years.

Secondly, when factors such as mileage and vehicle maintenance might have come into play. The cat con may lose a unit depending on its lifespan. If this loss of value due to the condition is about 5% to 20%, then the price would also be affected.

Free Catalytic Converter Price Guide on a Few Individual Brands

here are a few of the catalytic converter scrap price guides for the most pricy brands of catalytic converter.

1. The Ferrari F430 ($4,000 for each one) 

Research carried out in 2020 shows that the most expensive catalytic converter is the Ferrari F430 series. For Ferrari F430, the $4000 price tag is associated with it. Even at that, this model requires two converters. This means that for a complete replacement, the car owners will need to spend around $8,000. 

2. Lamborghini Aventador ($3,200 for each one)

The Lamborghini’s catalytic converter happens to be one of the most priced car converters, which goes for $3,120. Placing it second here is because it needs a double converter like the F430. This makes the total cost of replacing the converter around $6,240. 

3. Dodge Ram 2500 which goes for $3,500

This Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck happens to be a good one for most people. This is a low-cost catalytic converter that is quite similar to Ferrari’s. However, this vehicle’s owners must spend $3460 to replace their catalytic converter.

4. GM Ford F250 $2,800 

Another most expensive vehicle catalytic converter is the Ford F-250 which costs drivers at least $2,800. But bear in mind that these prices are only for the converter alone. Note that other exhaust parts and the cost of labor could add to the total repair cost if you have a busted converter.

5. Ford Mustang $1,500

Another most expensive catalytic converter vehicle happens to be the Ford F-250 which costs drivers a minimum of $2,804 and has become part of our list of most expensive catalytic converters. But bear in mind that other exhaust parts and the cost of labor could add up to the total repair cost.

The Ford Mustang high-flow cat converters are made to enhance the car’s exhaust flow just to increase the engine’s horsepower.

catalytic converter scrap price

What Cars Have The Most Expensive Catalytic Converters For Scrap US

I know you would be wondering what cars have the most expensive catalytic converters for scrap US. However, the most expensive cat converter belongs to the Ferrari F430 brand for a $4,000.00 price tag. Not only that, the fact is that the Ferrari F430 brand requires two. This simply means that full replacement would cost car owners about $8,000.

Other high priced scrap catalytic converter price list are:

  1. Lamborghini which goes for $3,200 each (2 required)
  2. Dodge Ram 2500, which goes for $3,500
  3. Ford F250, which goes for $2,800
  4. Ford Mustang, which goes for $1,500.

What Cars Have The Most Expensive Catalytic Converters For Scrap UK

In the United Kingdom, the most expensive catalytic converter you will find there is the Ferrari F430 which goes for £3,200. Owners of F430 require two for a full replacement which cost £6,400.

The Lamborghini Aventador happens to be a luxury car in the UK, and its converter is one of the most expensive, which goes for £2,800. The Aventador also needs two converters for full replacement which will cost owners £5,600. 

The next most expensive catalytic converter in the UK is the GM Ford F-250 which will cost drivers £2,400. This has a significant price drop in the UK than the Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Aventador. 

The last most expensive catalytic converter happens to be the Ford Mustang which goes for £1,200, and it relatively has a lower price tag when compared with others. However, the average price for other car brands ranges between £800 and £1,200. Though this depends on the vehicle’s brand and model. But generally, the bigger the engine, the more expensive the catalytic converter will become. 

How Much Is A Prius Catalytic Converter Worth Scrap

The Toyota Priuses happens to be one of the cars that’s prone to theft. This is because Prius cars are hybrid vehicles and contain two catalytic converters. Toyota Prius catalytic converter’s scrap tends to be less corrosive, which makes them more valuable to be stolen.

There’s current scrap price for the GD3+EA6 cat converter that is used in the Toyota Prius 1.5 2004-09 second-generation cars go for $1,022. And the GP1+TB1 catalytic converters scrap price which is used in the 2010-15 third-generation Prius, goes for $548.

     How Much Is A Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Worth Scrap 

Many are curious about how much the Ford F150 catalytic converter scrap is worth. The average cost for the GM Ford F-150 catalytic converter goes between $1,300 and $2,200. While labor costs for fixing it are estimated at between $98 and $124.

How Much Is A Ford F250 Catalytic Converter Worth In Scrap  

The GM Ford has specific markers for their catalytic converters. Indeed, their hоnеyсоmb type of converters contains valuable metals such as platinum, rhodium, copper, cerium, and palladium. 

However, the Ford F-250 heavy-duty cat converter scrap is estimated at $2,800. While the cost of labor goes between $90 and $150. Note also that there are specific companies whose business is in processing Ford catalytic converters scrap. 

catalytic converter price lookup,

FAQ on

How much is a Chrysler catalytic converter worth.

The cost can range anywhere from $200 to $2,000 for factory original catalytic converters. Prices for luxury models of Chrysler vehicles with specialized exhaust systems can be higher. And the aftermarket worth of Chrysler catalytic converters is often less expensive than the factory’s original parts and can be purchased for as little as $100 to $314.

How Much Is A Toyota Catalytic Converter Worth Scrap 

The Toyota cat converters are also very valuable, and recyclers will pay heavily for a catalytic converter. Their cat converter metals can be more expensive if they are lifted from hybrid gas-electric cars just like the Prius brand. This is because all the newer hybrid vehicles’ converter’s scrap worth is about $800 to $1,500.

But on average, the scrap cost of the Toyota catalytic converter is estimated at $500 to $900. At the same time, the cost of labor is estimated between $100 and $180.

  How Much Is A Honda Catalytic Converter Worth Scrap 

As you already know, cat converters are very expensive due to their precious metals, such as platinum, rhodium, copper, and cerium. 

This makes them an easy target for thieves to sell in scrapyards. Honda’s brand of cars doesn’t have many serial numbers on their cat converters, but you can still identify Honda’s catalytic converters. 

The market value for Honda catalytic converter scrap goes from $540 to $800.

 How Much Is A Jeep Liberty Catalytic Converter Worth In Scrap 

The Jeep liberty cat converters scrap is valued at $250 and above. But the used jeep liberty catalytic converter is sold on eBay for about $200 to $800. 

While the current price for a brand-new jeep liberty cat converter is valued at between $800 and $1200.

How Much Is A Diesel Catalytic Converter Worth In Scrap

For those who don’t know, diesel catalytic converters can only be found in diesel-related engines

Many times, catalytic converter scraps from diesel engines are not valued too much because they don’t have many precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. However, some diesel catalytic converter scrap is worth a decent amount of money.

The diesel cat converters are valued at anywhere between $150 and $700. But note that diesel catalytic converters and their prices may vary due to the differences in their model and manufacturers. 

Conclusion on this mini-free catalytic converter price guide

In this free catalytic converter scrap price guide, we considered which cars have the most expensive catalytic converters for scrap and the least costly cat. It’s vital to know this as it will help you to know the value of your cat converter scrap. But remember that the most expensive is the Ferrari F430 car cat converter, which goes for $4,000 per converter and requires two for a full replacement.

As you know, the cat converter is an important car component that is primarily responsible for lessening the engine exhaust system’s toxicity. 

When your catalytic converter is in better condition, it will help you avoid legal issues from your state’s regulatory body.  Please share this post if this scrap catalytic converters price list was helpful.

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