Check Emission System Honda Civic 2012 2013, 2014 & 2015

When your engine’s control unit detects a problem, it will signal your dashboard console to illuminate the icon. The engine control unit, which manages the engine causes the check engine light to illuminate. 

What does check emission system mean on Honda Civic 2012?

What does it mean when a Honda Civic says check emission system? When your Honda says check emission system, it means there’s a problem that needs to be fixed right away, and your Honda should be taken to a mechanic right away.

Possible reasons for emission system issues include the following;

  • Faults in the ignition system
  • Gas Cap Is Missing or Loose
  • Controlling emissions is a problem.
  • Problems with the computer output circuit
  • A depleted or weak battery

An emissions inspection or smog check would fail a vehicle in this condition. Unfortunately, the Check Emission system is one of the most commonly misunderstood lights or indicators in your 2014 Honda Civic. The check engine light is a feature of the onboard diagnostics system, and it can appear in a variety of ways.

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What does it mean when the emission system light comes on?

It indicates that the car’s emissions control system is malfunctioning, and the vehicle is polluting the air above federally permitted levels. This blinking light indicates a serious problem that, if not addressed quickly, could cause significant damage to the vehicle. In addition, this blinking light usually indicates a severe engine misfire, which allows unburned fuel to leak into the exhaust system.

Note: The CEL can light up for various reasons compared to other symbols that tell you exactly what’s wrong with your car, like the coolant temperature light that indicates overheating. As a result, you should take it to a garage and have the technicians diagnose the problem.

How to reset check emission system honda civic 2012, 2013 to date

If the Check Engine light does not automatically reset itself, you can try out these instructions to clear the check emission system light:

  • Turn off the ignition after your engine cools down.
  • Identify the negative terminal on your car battery while wearing safety glasses and gloves. A black cap and a negative symbol are the most common features. The positive cap will be red and have a plus symbol
  • A wrench can be used to loosen the nut on the negative terminal. Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal. For 30–60 seconds, set it to the side.
  • Tighten the negative cable with your wrench after reconnecting it.

How do you fix an emission problem?

It is more advisable to fix the emission light-related issue than reset it without investigating any possible causes.  Before you get the chase to diagnose the problem, a simple hack is to turn the car on and off three times in a row if it hasn’t turned off after three days.

However, if that doesn’t work, follow these simple steps;

  • Check the EVAP system Evaporative Emissions Control system for issue
  • Scrutinize the air cleaner’s, check if the air filter is functional
  • Make sure the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system is in good shape
  • Examine the Positive Crankcase Ventilation system 
  • Check emission system honda civic 2013

Check emission system honda civic 2013

When the “check emission system” light comes on in your Civic 2013, it means the emissions control system has a problem. In some cases, it might be an issue that can be easily solved (like a loose gas tank); however, it may be more complex in other cases.

Either way, your best bet for fixing the issue quickly is to run a quick diagnosis by yourself or a technician soon.

Unfortunately, because hundreds of parts and sensors are monitored in various systems, it is virtually impossible to “guess” where the fault is. However, simple issues like a missing fuel cap or even putting gas in while the vehicle is running can cause the light to come on.

What can you do?

Look for any signs of damage or debris at the top of the fuel filler neck to troubleshoot the issue. Look for any dry-rot cracks, holes, or loose/missing connections in the vacuum lines under the vehicle and around the back areas of the car. If everything looks good, the next step is to review the onboard computer’s Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

Check emission system honda civic 2015

The engine light test will appear anytime there is an emission failure. The purpose of the engine illumination test is to alert the driver to the fact that an emission-related failure has been identified and that onboard diagnostic trouble codes have been stored in the powertrain or engine control subsystem.

Since antipollution systems are so closely linked to engine and transmission control systems, the symptoms can include almost any type of drivability issue. Excessive shifting, inability to shift, tentativeness during acceleration, pulling, engine failure to start or run, power loss, and a variety of other conductivity-related issues are examples.

Check emission system honda civic 2014

The Check emission system is an integral part of the onboard diagnostics system that you must not ignore. Most importantly, it usually shows up in a variety of ways. For example, it could say “Check emission system” or symbolize an engine or a mix of the two.

This light is part of your vehicle’s diagnostics system and illuminates in either amber or red. Since the 1980s, onboard computers have increasingly controlled and monitored vehicle performance, and your 2014 Honda Civic can benefit from them.

2012 honda civic check engine light

The check engine light will most likely blink when your vehicle’s monitoring system detects an error in one of your engine’s key components. However, various things can cause the check engine light to come on in your 2012 honda civic.

It could be as minor as a loose gas cap or as serious as engine knocking. This light is part of your vehicle’s diagnostics system and illuminates it in either an amber or red color.

Every 2012 Honda Civic is equipped with a computerized high-tech performance monitoring system. So if your Honda Civic’s check engine light is flashing, it means there’s a problem that needs to be addressed right away.

2012 honda civic check transmission light

The transmission warning light on your 2012 Honda Civic could have a dual purpose. First, the transmission light in some vehicles may serve as a maintenance reminder and inform you of transmission problems.

It alerts you when it’s time to check or replace your transmission fluid, as well as when it’s time to take your vehicle in for routine maintenance. To be specific, consult your owner’s manual or contact your dealer.

In some cases, your transmission warning light is illuminated shortly after your vehicle reaches 80,000 miles. This is because you don’t believe there is a problem with the transmission; the light could be a reminder to perform servicing.

Check emission system Acura TL

When the onboard computer detects a fault in engine performance, transmission, or emissions system, the check engine light or emissions light illuminates.

When this happens, a fault code is stored in the computer. This incorrect code is the key to repairing your vehicle when a diagnosis is carried out. The check emission system light may illuminate for any of the below reasons;

  • A vacuum leak
  • Engine misfire
  • Low engine compression
  • Faulty sensors such as an O2 sensor or another engine sensor
  • Hydraulic pressure loss in the transmission
  • Transmission shift solenoid
  • Open/short in the wiring harness
  • Emission evaporative system leak

Several reasons may cause the check engine light to illuminate. The best course of action is to Take your vehicle to an experienced technician for a comprehensive diagnosis.

Check emission system honda odyssey 2012

When your check engine light or emission light on the 2012 Honda Odyssey console starts lighting up, it means there’s a problem that needs to be fixed right away, and your Honda should be diagnosed and repaired right away. The blinking check engine light indicates that the problem is urgent and has not been fixed, 

The blinking check engine light indicates that the problem is urgent and has not been fixed; this blinking light usually indicates a severe engine misfire, allowing unused fuel to leak into the exhaust system.  This can rapidly increase the temperature of the catalytic converter to the point where damage is likely, necessitating a costly repair.

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