How to keep car battery charged when not in use

How Long Do You Need to Drive a Car to Recharge a Dead Battery

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If you are wondering how to keep car battery charged when not in use, well, come along in this post I will show you how long can a car battery sit unused while maintaining battery life.

Then we will now talk about how long do you need to drive a car to recharge a dead battery and finally we will round up with how to keep car battery charged when not in use

The worst thing that can happen to many motorists is driving their car in the morning and the car not starting.

It even becomes more frustrating if you have an appointment to keep or you need to get to work early. There are lots of things that could happen to your vehicle.

However, if it makes no sound or noise whatsoever, then there is every possibility you are dealing with a dead battery.  Just like every other component of a vehicle, the battery can develop faults too.

However, they are more likely to have problems if left alone for a long time. Cars are objects that need to be used often, they should not be left alone for too long. When left for so long, their battery can go flat and refuse to come on except charged.

A question that most car owner asks is how long it takes to recharge a car battery? Charging the battery of a car is not very easy. This is why you need to do everything possible to save the battery of your car so that it can have a long life span.

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How long will a car battery last without being charged

This is the most asked question among car owners. The answer to this depends solely on the type of car you are using and the power it has.

The age of your battery also matters a lot in how long it will last. Old batteries will not last as long as new ones. Some battery will go off in 15 days to 30 Day while others may last less than 2 months. So, it is not advisable to leave your car sitting for a long time.

However, irrespective of the car you use, no battery will last for more than a month without being charged.

This is because there are so many things that drain the battery of your car even without it being in used. Every car has other features like clocks and radio. So, even if your car is not on, these things drain its power.

How long can a car battery sit unused

The life span of your battery when left sitting for too long depends on the model of your car and how potent the battery is.

In general, car batteries should be able to keep their charge in less than 2 months. A car with an older battery might last lesser than that.

Batteries in good form might be able to last for 2 months without driving.  However, it is unadvisable to risk it. You should keep your car battery charged if you want to leave them alone for a long time.

How long does it take to charge a car battery

A dead battery can be very frustrating. The only way you can avoid this problem is by charging your car every few weeks to avoid it getting flat.

Most vehicles should be able to charge a healthy battery after driving the engine for thirty minutes. This means they will avoid using any of the car electrical components. However, this does not mean the battery will be fully charged.

If you are using a charger to charge the battery, then what you need to consider is the charger’s amperage. A charger that has high amps will take lesser time than one with lower amps. Although a charger with low amp charger will maintain your battery at a full charged level better than one with a high amp.

How long can a car sit before the battery dies

Cars can sit for two months before their battery eventually dies. However, this is not the case for most cars.

The age and condition of the battery will determine how long it takes before it eventually dies. The rate at which it also consumes power even while the car is sitting will also determine.

But a battery in a great working condition should be able to last for two months or even more.

How to keep car battery charged when not in use

There are numerous reasons that could lead to the battery of a vehicle dying. The major cause is leaving the car lying parked in your garage for a long time. Cars are objects built mainly to move from one place to another. Leaving it parked for weeks without use will affect the battery. This is because not using it affects the battery from charging and it will eventually die.

There are ways to keep your battery charged even if you are not using it. Some times in life, people get to a particular point where they do not have to drive a car.

 It might be because they moved to a new city, got or a new job, or whatever reason there is. During this period, it is left for you to do all you can to keep your car battery charged.

  • Occasionally Drive the car: Rather than living your car parked in the garage for months, you can drive it occasionally every few weeks. This will help to charge the battery and also exercise come of its moving parts. There are certain parts of a car that might rust if left alone for some months. Brake callipers are getting rust, belts can dry, and many more.
  • Get A Trickle Charger: Another thing you can do to keep your vehicle charged is to get a trickle charger and use to maintain battery charge while not in use. This charger will provide your battery with the electricity it needs and you do not have to monitor is. All you need to do is plug it in and you are good to go. So you want to get a solar battery maintainer for your car battery, see this one here on Amazon

You also have the watch the video above to see more ways approach to keeping your car battery alive when not in use.


The only way to avoid your car battery going flat while the car is sitting in the garage is to practice keeping it charged.

Cars are not meant to be at a state of rest for a long time. The battery of every car only get charged when it is up and running.

Rather than leaving your vehicle sitting in the garage for a long time, you can get it off your hands.

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