can oil stop leak damage my engine and is lucas engine oil stop leak safe

Can Oil Stop Leak Damage My Engine (Is Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak Safe)

Last updated on January 13th, 2023 at 08:26 pm

One of the major issues that any vehicle owner may encounter is an oil leak which usually triggers the low oil preature light on the dashboard of your car.. The older the engine of a vehicle, the higher chances it has to leak irrespective of the type of engine the car is using.

A leaking engine is a serious issue that could lead to engine damage. Every car will eventually develop oil leak problems and it can range from minor leaks to major leaks.

There are various stop leak products on the market and due to the fear of engine damage, so many people fear applying them to their engine.

In this post we are going to look at answers to the question:  can oil stop leak damage my engine, is lucas engine oil stop leak safe to use  for your car, how much lucas oil stabilizer should i use in my vehicle, how does Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak work.

You will see my response to the question: will oil stop leak hurt my engine, how long does it take for lucas engine oil stop leak to work and how to or an easy lucas oil stop leak directions for use with how much Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak do I add.

There are various things that could cause an oil leak and a worn-out oil filter can lead to a leak and would require an urgent replacement so that it does not lead to a more serious issue.

With proper maintenance, this problem can be avoided and a loose or worn out loose oil drain plug is also another huge cause.

If the oil drain plug is faulty, there would be oil around the plug. Older vehicles have the tendency of developing oil leaks due to a faulty valve gasket.

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Can Oil Stop Leak Damage My Engine (Will Oil Stop Leak Hurt My Engine)

Some oil stop leaks product have been known to cause damages to the engine, so these has made some people weary about the type of products to get.  So my take on whether oil stop leak can damage your car engine, is yes.

Before you purchase a stop leak, you need to consider getting a brand with impeccable reputation.

Choose one that is compatible with all models of vehicle and would work perfectly well with the engine, hose, radiator, and other components.

You need to invest in an effective stop leak with high quality. Off-brand stop leak products can cause damage to your engine.

Is Lucas engine oil stop leak safe?

Lucas engine oil stop leak is one of the most popular stop leak brand out there. When it comes to vehicle additives, Lucas products are on top of the game.

This product is not only known for stopping leaks from engine but it also improves the overall performance of your engine.

There are few stop leaks that improve the performance of the engine.

Unlike other products, Lucas stop leak does not dilute engine oil. It is very safe to use as it will increase the pressure of your oil.

 It does not have any harmful solvents and is safe to use in every gasoline engine. Lucas will reduce the noise of your engine and increase its performance. 

When you compare this product to other stop leak, you will realize that it is quite affordable. It is quite cheaper to fix your leaks with Lucas than taking the vehicle to a mechanic.

As long as you are using Lucas oil for gasoline engine, they are very safe. However, it is not compatible with diesel engines. Lucas stop leak will also not work with severe leaks.

How much Lucas oil stabilizer should I use

Lucas oil stabilizer is useful in extending the life span of oil and reduces its temperature in the engine. It also helps in raising oil pressure and reduce leaking and smoking.

Lucas stabilizer can also help to control overheating, noise, and leaks and wears.

Before using the Lucas oil stabilizer, you need to check the directions to use. The oil stabilizer needs to be added in every oil change.

It should be 80% oil and 20% stabilizer. If you are using an older engine, you can top of oil with stabilizer whenever you are changing it so as to reduce oil consumption rate.

You can also add it to a new engine to maintain its performance.

You should use about 20% or one quart in engines and then about 60% or 80% in worn engines. If you are using a manual transmission, then about 25% to 50%, in differential, use about 25% to 50%, if the differential is noisy, and then use about 50% to 100%.

Lucas oil stop leak directions for use

Lucas stop leak is an effective way of stopping engine leaks and improving the performance of your engine.

 All you have to do is to add about 20% of the engine capacity in every oil change and you will begin to notice changes.

One quart of Lucas stop leak should be added to about 4 quart of engine oil. It is an additive that is effective in stopping minor leaks in the engine.

How does Lucas engine oil stop leak work

Lucas engine oil stop leak works by repairing the oil leaks in your engine. It is highly effective and will improve the performance of your engine.

However, this product will not work on severe oil leaks. It only works if the oil leaks are minor and easy to fix.

Will oil stop leak hurt my engine

Oil stop leak is supposed to fix oil leaks in the engine and improve its overall performance. Whether it will hurt your vehicle engine or not depends on the type of brand you use.

There are lots of high quality oil stop leaks on the market that you can use. If you use the best brands, it will not hurt your engine in any way.

How long does it take for Lucas engine oil stop leak to work

Lucas engine oil stop leak starts working immediately you apply it and begin to drive the vehicle. You will begin to see visual changes after driving the vehicle for few days or miles. 

How much Lucas engine oil stop leak do i add

You should add about 20% of Lucas oil leak to your oil in every oil change. A quart of Lucas stop leak should be added to four quart of engine oil.


In summary, if you have a minor oil leak, then you should consider getting a stop leak. One of the best products in the market is the Lucas engine oil stop leak.

 It is highly effective and helps to improve the performance of the engine. This product does not threaten to damage your engine in any way.

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