How Much Does It Cost To Reprogram A TCM(2012 Ford Focus TCM Reprogramming)

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When you think about technological advancement in the Automobile industry, General Motors has always been a major player. They have always provided computer power in their cars as expected from their users.

General Motors happens to be the first domestic car producer to utilize programmable logic computers. They have computers that follow a particular calibration found in their car memory.

This simply means that whenever there’s a new TCM installed in their cars, it is supposed to be programmed using relevant equipment and must be done on the vehicle. But make sure you don’t drive the car to your dealer’s shop once it is repaired; this might cause premature transmission failure.

Additionally, the adaptive values should be reset by making use of a factory scan tool, and ensure that it is only the latest programming that’s updated when making use of the original computer. Doing this will help avoid premature failure.2013 & 2012 Toyota Camry Torque Converter Replacement Cost

So How Much Does It Cost To Reprogram A TCM

There’s no exact pricing when it comes to replacing or repairing transmission control modules (TCM). It all depends on the model and the make of the vehicle, and specific labor cost for the hired auto mechanic. However, on average, a car owner needs to reprogram TCM will have to pay from $850 to $925 to get this repair done.

How To Program Transmission Control Module

In case you don’t know how to program the transmission control module, then I will show you the simple way to get it done. First, you’ll need to have the programming calibration number, and this means before programming the new module, you are required to get it from the original module. Note that SPS which is GM’s Program will have to request this number as you are prompt to program. 

But in case you own Tech2Win, this means you can get the part number from the old module. Once you have it, you’ll have to enter it in the software for programming as SPS requests for it. Make sure you have the real number, as guessing or choosing the wrong number could lead error, it has to be exact. 5 Best Exhaust for Fuel Economy

Transmission Control Module Reset

Have an issue with your transmission? Is no longer new to change a transmission. Most times, it can be exciting doing something new especially when you want to do it yourself. I will show you how to reset the transmission control module by yourself.

Note that these steps to reset the transmission control module is easy to follow.

Here are the steps Transmission Control Module Reset:

  • Step 1: Put your key on turn position
  • Step 2: Press gas pedal
  • Step 3: Wait for some time
  • Step 4: Turn off the Key
  • Step 5: Release the Gas Pedal
  • Step 6: Wait for some seconds and it there you have it, it’s ready at this point

2012 Ford Focus Tcm Reprogramming

For you to reprogram your 2013 Ford Focus TCM, just put the transmission in the N position with the key ON without starting. Now turn it off, and put back in P, and put it ON while you wait before starting it. Whenever you put it in N position without running the car, a message will be sent that tells you ‘’Transmission Ready’’ with a progress bar.

How To Reset Transmission Control Module Ford Focus 2012

Anyone can have a 2012 ford focus transmission light reset, all you have to do is to turn your key to position 2. Once done, just press the gas pedal and wait for some time. Then put the key to the off position. Now release your gas pedal, while you wait for two minutes.

2012 Ford Focus Transmission Control Module Location

For those who don’t know where the transmission control module is located, you can find it below the transmission case cover.  And some other model can sometimes be found under the center console of your car interior or you can still see it close to the battery under the hood.

2012 Ford Focus Transmission Control Module Programming

I have outlined the most common ways to program the 2012 Ford Focus transmission control module.

Step 1: Put your key on turn position

You’ll first need to put your key in your car ignition, then turn it twice to allow your dashboard to turn ON. But don’t turn on your vehicle yet.

Step 2: Press gas pedal

Once done, press the gas pedal with your foot. Keep doing it till the kick-down switch is activated. Once done, you’ll hear a click. You should allow your foot to be touching the floor. Press the gas pedal down for about 10 – 15 seconds.

Step 3: Put the key off and release the gas pedal

While the gas pedal is pushed down, try turning the key back off and release the gas pedal.

Step 4: You need to wait

You must wait for some time and please do not open the door, just concentrate Make sure you do not disturb all electrical systems in the car. Just wait for about 2 to 5 minutes.

Step 5: Vehicle ready to drive

You now finally know how to program a transmission control module. After you must have done this, the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and Engine Control Unit (ECU) will work together to monitor your habit of driving.

However, it’s vital to drive in normal circumstances to enable the transmission to learn and react to the way you throttle.

But in case these procedures did not work, then this means that some components of your ECU could be faulty.


It is easy to reprogram the transmission control module than lots of people think. There’s no need to consult a professional mechanic or you have to own some special tools and equipment, you just need some time and the right instructions.

You won’t spend more than 10 minutes getting it done with this method. Once done, just drive your car for about 15 minutes.

However, I advise that in case you are not sure about your ability to get it done or you do not feel comfortable doing the job under the hood, then move the car to a service shop and find an expert that specializes in transmissions. Performance of Exhaust Affect Gas Mileage

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