Nissan Leaf Turtle Mode Meaning with How B and D, V2G works

Like the ICE, the EVs have warning lights that illuminate their dashboard. These warning signs have different meanings regarding a specific brand of vehicle. The Nissan Leaf is a popular electric vehicle with safety features to ensure no further damage occurs to your car. The turtle mode comes up with an icon on the dashboard in your Nissan Leaf model year. 

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Nissan leaf turtle mode bypass

This sign indicates that your EV has only a single cell in its battery pack of 3 volts compared to the standard 4 volts. At this stage, about a 1kWh battery pack is remaining, and your vehicle power would be limited. This turtle icon is significant even in Tesla vehicles. However, the low temperature in the Li-ion battery, high temperature in your EV system, malfunctioning, and defective Li-ion battery can trigger the turtle mode.

However, this guide will provide answers to these specific queries ranging from; what is turtle mode Nissan LEAF, how far can a Nissan LEAF go in turtle mode, what is B and D on Nissan LEAF, will my LEAF stop charging when full, what happens when Nissan leaf runs out of power, what does the turtle mean on an electric car, how does Nissan LEAF V2G work, and more.

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Overview on the Nissan Leaf Vehicle

What Is Turtle Mode Nissan LEAF?

Turtle Mode is a situation where a turtle icon illuminates the dashboard of your Nissan LEAF. This indication is a vehicle safety mechanism showing you have limited available or disposable power. And you should pull over and charge.

Meaning Of, Nissan Leaf Turtle Mode

Within the Nissan Leaf, turtle mode means reduced power, activated when your battery is 1% remaining. According to the Nissan Leaf owner’s guide, turtle mode is also the power limitation indicator light. Therefore, when the power limitation indicator light appears, the vehicle is not responsive when the accelerator is depressed. In order words, it is a safety concept that protects the battery from a deep discharge allowing you to charge your vehicle as soon as possible.

How Far Can A Nissan LEAF Go In Turtle Mode?

If in turtle mode, your Nissan LEAF could go for about 7 miles at least before it comes to a stop. It would help if you prevented your vehicle from running on low power or even to the point of activating the turtle mode.

nissan leaf turtle mode bypass

When driving  your Nissan leaf in turtle mode, the car will not accelerate above  26 miles per hour,  even when the gas pedal is fully pressed to the floor. 

One thing you can do to bypass the turtle mode in Nissan Leaf is to turn on cruise control. And once the cruise control is set, you will notice that you will not be able to operate the car, nor will the car accelerate if you keep pressing the gas pedal. 

So instead of continuously pressing the gas pedal here, what you can do is to click on the steering wheel button (see image below), and you will now notice that the acceleration will start picking up, and you will then be able to go up to 40 miles per hour.

nissan leaf turtle mode bypass

What Is B And D On Nissan LEAF?

The B and D on Nissan LEAF signify the regenerative system and driving range, respectively.

The B-mode on the Leaf enhances the regenerative braking efficiency as it helps charge the battery and provides a more extended range. Employing a B-mode downhill facilitates your mileage. 

Similarly, shifting the D-mode will moderate the use of air conditioning and would also maximize your driving range. You can use the e-pedal while your LEAF is in the B and D modes.

Will My Leaf Stop Charging When Full?

Yes, of course! When the battery reaches full, your Leaf will stop charging.

However, charging the Leaf is simple at home or in a public station.

What Happens When Nissan LEAF Runs Out Of Power?

Suppose your Nissan Leaf runs out of power; it would go into Turtle Mode, a situation where your Leaf slows to 20MPH. Perchance, before the turtle mode, your Nissan Leaf would have given you ample warnings on low state of power. It is better to pull over and get some charge. However, what happens if you can’t find a charge?

An ICE would sputter off as it rolls to a stop. Necessarily, this doesn’t apply to EVs, especially the Nissan Leaf. It would be wise to charge your Nissan Leaf before you embark on any trip and utilize the regenerative braking when necessary.

What Does The Turtle Mean On Electric Car?

Turtle mode on the electric car means your vehicle will only go walking speed due to low power. Perchance your batter capacity is about 1% left, and it could move at a rate of 20 mph.

How far can a Nissan LEAF go in turtle mode?What is B and D on Nissan LEAF?

How Does Nissan LEAF V2G Work?

The Leaf is the first EV to have the bidirectional charging or V2G feature. The Vehicle -to- grid (V2G) technology makes carbon reduction easier and increases energy savings and flexibility. Its working principle involves using DC electricity to charge a specific EV with a unidirectional charger. Here the charger or the EV must have a converter. Before using this power in homes or transmission from the grid, you must convert DC electricity from the Nissan Leaf to AC electricity. You would perform this task with the help of a bidirectional charger (V2G), which looks like a home EV charger. 

In Japan, homes, offices, and equipment utilize V2G technology for power. It is also undergoing trials in the US, UK, and Denmark.

Let’s briefly look at the features and benefits of this technology below;


  • Nissan Leaf
  • Standard 120-v charging cable
  • A 120-v outlet for a level charger

Benefits of the Nissan Leaf V2G Technology

·      Eco-Friendly Option

Eco-friendly energy sources such as solar and bidirectional charging make your car greener. As a renewable energy source, users of electric motors can use their vehicle batteries to store energy.

·      A Money Saver

Without a doubt, the use of EVs battery packs for powering homes or offices is a cheaper source than the high cost of electric bills.

·      Source Of Electric Power During Blackouts

In a power outage, EVs with bidirectional capacity can power the home. Although, Nissan has claimed that the Leaf e+’s 62kWh battery pack could power a typical Japanese home for about 4 days.


In my final words, warning signs help drivers to have ideas of what is happening in the vehicle. EVs have also come with this safety feature since their inception. If you don’t run out of charge, it could have been that you are responsive to your dashboard warning signs. 

So, when the turtle mode illuminates, you should pull over or drive to the nearest charging station. Eventually, your Nissan Leaf stops after the turtle mode. There is no cause for alarm; try to get a tow truck to get your vehicle charged. To run out of charge is a bad maintenance culture. Always charge your Nissan Leaf before moving on an extended road trip.

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