Can You Do Nissan Leaf Battery Upgrade DIY Yourself?

Without a doubt, Nissan’s Leaf has been one of the favorite electric vehicles for over a decade. As an affordable and mass-market EV, it has played a vital role in the inception of EVs. The Nissan Leaf is a leader in battery replacement. Many of its battery being replaced by Nissan themselves, even under warranty.

All Lithium-ion batteries degrade over time, even the battery packs of electric vehicles. The critical thing about EV batteries degrading is the time and how you use them. As a result, factors such as high depth of discharge or frequent fast charging can expedite the aging process. Related Article: Nissan Leaf Turtle Mode Meaning with How B and D, V2G works

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Suppose you are a Leaf owner wanting to increase the overall capacity of your battery due to a heavily degraded battery pack. The best and most reliable option would be a battery upgrade or replacement. Although, some people have this idea of swapping a few modules in the degraded pack battery. But that is a pointless exercise, from my experience.

This write-up will proffer answers to these specific queries ranging from; can a Nissan leaf battery be upgraded, Nissan leaf battery upgrade cost, can I make a Nissan leaf battery upgrade DIY, home by myself, how do I increase the range of my Nissan leaf, should I replace my Nissan leaf battery, what is a can bridge for Nissan leaf and more.

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Can A Nissan Leaf Battery Be Upgraded? 

Of course, yes! You can upgrade the Nissan Leaf battery significantly. This will battery allows existing EVs to become better than they were, even when new. In late 2019, Nissan USA released a pre-programmed 40kWh pack. This pack is compatible with the 2016 & 2017 Leaf and fits in for an initial 30kWh battery pack. Notably, this official upgrade cannot apply to the 24kWh battery. 

Nissan Leaf Battery Upgrade Cost

Upgrading a Nissan Leaf battery is about $7000 to $10,000. This cost range depends on the size, power, quality, and labor cost of the Nissan Leaf battery. The Nissan leaf upgrade is possible with the help of the HV Battery Pairing Tool.

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement Program

Nissan Leaf Battery Upgrade

Over the years, owners of the Nissan Leaf have experienced degradation in battery power. To alleviate concerns, Nissan has begun a battery replacement program. This program will have owners of 100% EV Nissan Leaf return their used batteries for a fee and receive refabricated ones. 

However, Nissan is using the battery capabilities of 4R Energy Corp to facilitate this program. According to Nissan, even though the refabricated packs are not new, they should have more energy capacity to replace the cells that lost the most power. Indeed, Nissan has made a more comprehensive battery capacity warranty to minimize the issues of the Nissan Leaf.

Can I Make Nissan Leaf Battery Upgrade DIY, Home By Myself?

The DIY upgrading the Nissan Leaf battery isn’t a project you could do at home. It is best suitable for professionals since it is complex and requires time, money, necessary components, and skills. Although, a skilled mechanic would upgrade a battery without the need to open either the new one or the old battery pack. It would be wise if you get to your dealership or trained mechanic for your Nissan Leaf battery upgrade.

How to Battery Upgrade Nissan Leaf

Check out the video link above to watch video on How to Battery Upgrade Nissan Leaf ;

How Do I Increase The Range Of My Nissan Leaf?

Here are ways you can increase the range of your Nissan Leaf;

  • Drive Smoothly
  • Maximize Regenerative Braking System
  • Be Cool With The AC
  • Be Easy On The Heat
  • Time Your Charge
  • Plan For A More-Efficient Road
  • Tend To Tires

Let’s explore them below;

1.     Drive Smoothly

Lead-footed driving will always drain your EV’s battery at an accelerated rate. Although it is tempting, ensure to take it easy when accelerating from the start.

2.     Maximize Regenerative Braking System

To increase the range of your EV, use the brake only when necessary to maximize the regenerative braking system. Using regenerative braking sends power back to the batteries as you decelerate.

3.     Be Cool With The AC

Frequent running of the AC while hitting the road would affect your EV’s battery. Try not to run the compressor, but the fan as much as possible. Driving with the windows open could be an option.

4.     Be Easy On The Heat

Running an EV heater at full blast would drain your battery. Dial down the climate control but rely on the heated seats and steering wheel to keep your vehicle toasty. Similarly, you can pre-heat your EV during charging to avoid using climate control often.

5.     Time Your Charge

Be conscious of the time it takes your EV to charge. Always unplug your EV when fully charged. Some EVs discharge slowly when you might have left them plugged into the charging outlet. 

6.     Plan For A More-Efficient Road

To increase your Nissan Leaf’s range, you should choose pathways that allow you to drive steadily at a lower speed. Avoid highways or areas known for heavy traffic or even hilly or mountainous regions. Suppose your EV has a navigation system that could suggest energy-efficient routes; use it!

7.     Tend To Tires

Driving with improperly inflated tires will not only cause uneven tread wear. It will also increase the energy consumption rate in your EV. Check your EV’s air pressure frequently with a simple tire gauge. Also, ensure to have the correct PSI of the automaker.

How to Battery Upgrade Nissan Leaf

Should I Replace My Nissan Leaf Battery?

Yes! It would help if you replaced your Nissan Leaf battery for about 5 years or at a mileage range of 100 000 miles. However, Nissan could replace your Leaf’s battery if it still falls under the warranty period. I recommend that your Nissan Leaf battery be upgraded rather than replaced. The upgrade is most for Leaf’s models of 2016 to present models. Remember, the cost of replacing the Leaf’s battery pack is higher than the cost of the entire upgrade. Make the right choice!

What Is A Can Bridge For Nissan Leaf?

A CAN-Bridge for Nissan Leaf is a device that translates the newer battery data to enable the older vehicle to understand it. It also helps to show the proper instrumentation. The CAN-bus is attached to the CAN-Bridge and the car to facilitate communication and understanding. In different model years of the Nissan Leaf, the CAN-Bridge mounts between the battery and the EV. Have it at heart that not all battery swaps need a CAN-Bridge.


Nissan Leaf is still one of the most affordable and reliable when compared to other EVs. Being the most massive produced EV with constant popularity, replacing the battery could be frustrating. 

So far, Leaf’s battery replacement requires a range of $8,000 to $14,000, depending on the model year. However, Nissan has begun a program allowing Leaf owners to return their batteries for a fee. And also collect a refabricated one in replacement. Similarly, Nissan has increased the warranty period of most model years of the Leaf because of battery issues.

I recommend you upgrade your Nissan Leaf battery instead of replacement. Thus, upgrading is less costly than total replacement.

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