Why Prius Won’t Turn Off & How to Turn It Off

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If your Prius won’t turn off here I will discuss what to do and other Prius problems and solutions. Toyota Prius comes with its fair share of issues. If you own one, you may have noticed some of these “malfunctions” once in a while. Hopefully, we might get a recall or two for a few of the most pressing problems. However, pending that solution, I will be providing you with some valuable tips in this article. 2007- 2017 Toyota Prius Check Engine Light you may also love to read this post too Why Prius Won’t Turn Off & How to Turn It Off

Why Prius won’t turn off in some instances?

The combination meter is the most likely reason for your Prius not shutting off. Behind the steering wheel is the combination meter, which is a gauge with green LEDs.

Reasons why your Prius might turn off suddenly:

  • Problems with the fuel pump or the filter
  • From the Engine to the Chassis
  • the Prius Battery Cables tangled
  • When your alternator fails, it’s time to replace it.
  • Sensors Have A Problem

It also includes the speedometer, gas gauge, and shift selector positioning, among some other components.

Symptoms of a faulty combination meter:

  • Your vehicle will refuse to turn off.
  • The speedometer isn’t working.
  • It’s possible that the back hatch won’t open.

Roadmap of this article:

  • What to do if Prius won’t turn off?
  • Why is Prius dashboard completely off, and the engine does not shut down?
  • Causes of Prius shut off while driving and won’t start again?
  • What to do when Prius won’t turn off while driving?
  • How to turn off a Prius yourself if it refuses to go off?

Why is Prius dashboard completely off, and the engine does not shut down?

A faulty ground connection can cause a slew of electrical issues by preventing sufficient electricity from reaching the parts that need it the most.

I strongly advise getting the help of a skilled mechanic to ensure that a defective ground connection is the root of your Toyota’s complaints. Whenever an electrician arrives, they will run an electrical diagnostic on your Prius to determine why it is still running.

Follow these steps to solve this issue:

  • Turn the headlights on and off three times while holding down the “info” button.
  • Press the start button without pressing on the brake pedal when the diagnostic screen shows on the console.
  • When the display turns on, you can turn off the car and start it normally.

Some tools you will need:

  • screwdriver (Phillips)
  • screwdriver with a flat tip
  • Socket: 10 mm and 12mm
  • Extension for ratchet

Getting a combination is also a viable solution. The procedure is as follows if you want a new combination meter.

Before placing an order for a component, we will demand a complete payment. Because your mileage will be recorded on the part, it is not returnable once ordered.

The symptoms are frequently periodic, and people’s minds alter when the car begins running again; selling a combination meter with the incorrect mileage is a lot of effort. The component is delivered in a week. We can arrange a meeting and repair your Prius the same day as the part comes. Related article: Toyota Prius Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Causes of Prius shut off while driving and won’t start again?

While driving on a highway or just down the street, you might experience this with your Prius. Regardless of your location, you need need to do something about this. In this section, I will be giving you a step by step guide,

Possible reasons why your Prius shut off while driving

  • Running out of gas: You should have your fuel gauge checked since it might be giving you a misleading reading.
  • Problems with the alternator: If your alternator fails, the automobile relies on the battery to keep running. The battery has a limited lifespan before it is depleted.
  • Ignition switch that isn’t working: When the ignition switch wears out, the engine may lose power due to vibration, similar to hitting a pothole on the road. The car’s engine dies due to this lack of energy even while you are on the move.
  • The gasoline pump isn’t working correctly: The automobile might perish while driving if anything clogs the gasoline pump or a filter.
  • Sensors that have failed: Modern automobiles are equipped with computers, and their sensors may provide inaccurate data.

Because there are a variety of variables that might cause your automobile to die while driving, it’s critical to stay on top of its maintenance status at all times. In addition, take account of your emission levels at all times, and avoid hefty keyrings that are easier to slip into the ACC position mistakenly.

What can you do about it?

  • Drive to the side of the road and park the car there. Don’t get too worked up. It is still feasible to pull over and coast the car to a halt despite losing power steering and brakes. It will simply be more challenging.
  • Alternatively, pull over to a safe spot and apply the emergency brake if slowing down is too difficult. If you’re unable to restart the car immediately away, try to park out of the path of other drivers to give you some room.
  • Attempt to restart the vehicle. If you can get it renewed, that’s excellent, but the original problem is still a clear sign that you need to take it to a repair shop to get it looked at.
  • Use an emergency flasher. The main factor in this situation is safe. If the automobile doesn’t start, use your flashers to alert other vehicles that you’re experiencing problems and that they should give you and your car some room.

What to do when Prius won’t turn off while driving?

To solve this issue, you can start by holding the power button down for three seconds is the solution. This switches the vehicle to the option set as accessory mode.

Then, with your foot off the brake, swiftly push the power button two times to change between ignition “on” and ignition “off” modes. You may even switch the car off while maintaining control of the ODO and brake.

For example, while pressing the brake and ODO buttons, hit the power button once to turn the car back on. The odometer will flash 000000 when the dashes reach the right. It will then switch on again, and the lights will be reset.

How to turn off a Prius yourself if it refuses to go off?

Turning off a Prius by yourself isn’t that complicated. All you have to do is follow these easy-to-understand steps.

  • Use the electronic key to start the automobile. 
  • After you have completely stop the vehicle. 
  • Next, you have to toggle the shift lever to the P setting.
  • Place your foot on the parking brake.
  • When you press the engine switch, the engine will turn off.

By following the steps laid out above, you will be able to turn off your Prius without any hassle successfully.

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