Reasons for Rough Idle Service Stabilitrak in the Chevy Cruze

Last updated on January 13th, 2023 at 08:52 pm

Reasons for Rough Idle Service Stabilitrak in the Chevy Cruze: If your Chevy Cruze has a rough idle which trigers this stabilitrak service light, several potential causes may be the case. In some cases, the spark plugs may need to be replaced, or the air filter may be dirty and need to be replaced. This article discusses some of the causes of rough idle service Stabilitrak in the Chevy Cruze.

The Chevy Cruze is a compact car that has been on the market since 2011. It’s known for its fuel efficiency and affordable price tag. The Cruze also comes with a feature called StabiliTrak, which helps keep the car stable on the road.

StabiliTrak is an electronic stability control system that uses sensors to monitor the speed and direction of the car.

If it detects that the car is veering off course, it will automatically apply brakes to individual wheels and adjust engine power to help keep the vehicle going in a straight line. This can be especially helpful when driving on slippery or icy roads.

Can StabiliTrak cause car to stall?

The answer to this question depends on some factors, such as the make and model of the car, the StabiliTrak system itself, and how well both are maintained.

However, StabiliTrak can cause a car to stall under certain circumstances. For example, if the system is not properly calibrated or if something is obstructing one of the sensors, this could potentially lead to stalling.

Additionally, suppose a driver repeatedly activates StabiliTrak while driving at low speeds or in stop-and-go traffic. In that case, this can also put a strain on the system and eventually cause stalling. Ultimately, whether or not StabiliTrak can cause a car to stall depends on a variety of individual factors.

Why does my Chevy shake at idle?

There are a few reasons why your Chevy may shake at idle. One reason could be that your engine is misfiring. This means that one or more of your cylinders are not firing correctly, which can cause the engine to run rough.

Another possibility is that you have a vacuum leak somewhere in the intake system, which can also cause the engine to run rough.

A faulty sensor

If there is a faulty sensor, it can cause the StabiliTrak system to idle. When one of them isn’t working properly, it can cause the system to malfunction.

Electrical problems

Any loose wires or other electrical issues will need to be addressed before the StabiliTrak system will work again.

Worn spark plugs

Your spark plugs may be worn out and need to be replaced. This can cause your Chevy to shake at idle. If any of these things happen, it’s important to get them fixed as soon as possible so your engine runs smoothly again.

Stabilitrak Service Light: Reasons for rough idle service StabiliTrak in Chevy Cruze

Rough idle service StabiliTrak in a Chevy Cruze is a common problem that can occur with your car. There are a few different reasons why the stabilitrak service light might come up, so it’s important to know what could be causing them. Here are some potential causes for rough idle service Stabilitrak in the Chevy Cruze.

Dirty or old spark plugs

This is one of the most common causes of rough idle service stability in the Chevy Cruze. Over time, spark plugs can become fouled with deposits from fuel additives or other contaminants in the air, which can cause them to misfire.

Replacing your spark plugs is usually a quick and easy fix that can make a big difference in how your car runs.

Clogged air filter

A clogged air filter will restrict airflow to the engine, which can cause all sorts of performance issues, including a rough idle and reduced power output from the engine. It’s important to check your air filter regularly and replace it as needed to keep your engine running smoothly.

Your air filter may be dirty, which can restrict airflow to the engine and cause a rough idle.

You might have a vacuum leak somewhere in the intake system, which can also cause a rough idle.

The fuel injectors may be clogged or not working properly, causing the engine to run lean and resulting in StabiliTrak issues.

The throttle body could be dirty or damaged, causing the engine to run erratically at low speeds and leading to a rough idle in the Chevy Cruze.

You might have an issue with one of your oxygen sensors, affecting how much fuel is injected into the cylinders.

One of your catalytic converters could be going bad.

Your mass air flow sensor could be dirty.

You might have low compression.

How much does it cost to fix the StabiliTrak in a Chevy Cruze?

The StabiliTrak system is an important safety feature in the Chevy Cruze, and it is vital to have it functioning properly. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong with the system, it can be quite expensive to fix. In some cases, the labor fee and parts can exceed $1,000.

If you’re having trouble with your StabiliTrak system, it’s best to take your car to a certified mechanic for diagnosis and repairs.

What does it mean when it says “service StabiliTrak track”?

A StabiliTrak track message may appear on the driver information center (DIC) of your vehicle. This message means that there is a problem with the StabiliTrak system, and it needs to be serviced.

The StabiliTrak system is an electronic stability control system that helps to keep your vehicle stable on the road, so it is important to have it serviced as soon as possible if this message appears.

The StabiliTrak system uses sensors to monitor the speed and direction of the vehicle and can automatically apply brakes or reduce engine power if it detects that the vehicle is losing traction. In some cases, the StabiliTrak system may also engage the car’s ABS (anti-lock braking system) to help keep the wheels from locking up and losing traction altogether.

While most modern vehicles are equipped with some form of stability control, not all systems are created equal. Some systems, like those found on GMC trucks and SUVs, are more advanced than others and offer greater levels of protection for drivers.

If you’re considering buying a new GMC truck or SUV, be sure to ask about its StabiliTrak capabilities so that you can be confident in its ability to keep you safe on even the most challenging roads.

Is it OK to drive with a rough idle?

It is not OK to drive with a rough idle. However, if you decide to drive with a rough idle; pay close attention to your engine temperature gauge. Pull over and shut off the engine immediately if the needle starts creeping into the red zone. Continuing to drive with an overheating engine can cause serious damage.

If your car is idling roughly but not overheating, there are still potential risks involved. For example, driving with a rough idle can put unnecessary stress on the components and lead to premature wear and tear if you have an automatic transmission.

Ultimately, whether or not it’s OK to drive with a rough idle depends on the severity of the issue and what type of vehicle you have. If in doubt, always take caution and consult with a certified mechanic.


The Chevy Cruze has been known to have rough idle service StabiliTrak issues. However, there are a few things that you can do to help improve the situation. Ensure you keep your engine oil at the correct level and change it when necessary. Also, get your car serviced regularly so any potential problems can be caught early on.

If you still have trouble with the service StabiliTrak in your Chevy Cruze, consider taking it to a professional mechanic for further diagnosis and repairs.

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