Why the Rough Idle Service Stabilitrak Chevy Cruze

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If you want to know why your Chevy Cruze is idling rough, then this post will show you some of the Reasons for rough idle service stabilitrak chevy Cruze.

In this contemporary time, modern vehicles have many safety features working together to help you have control over your moving vehicle. Although one of these features is the Stabilitrak, and this safety feature has been a grand safety mechanism in the GMs, especially the Chevy Cruze. The Chevy Cruze Stabilitrak has many programs and components that keep you and your vehicle safe. 

Regardless of its safety function, it can still go faulty due to these common defections, including lousy sensors, defective powertrain control module (PCM), and wrong wiring. So, if the service Stabilitrak illuminates on the dashboard, your vehicle won’t have access to the safety feature when required. 

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    rough idle service stabilitrak chevy cruze

    Notwithstanding, if your Chevy Cruze begins to have rough idle, the engine cannot maintain a steady revolution of about 1,000 Revolution Per Minute (RPM). Perchance, this rough idling would make your vehicle bounce, shake or even produce strange noises. Similarly, you will also notice that the tachometer’s needle is unstable at a steady RPM. 

    In this canguide, I will address the Reasons For Rough Idle Service Stabilitrak Chevy Cruze and additionally provides solutions to these specific queries ranging from; why is my Chevy Cruze idling rough, can stabilitrak cause car to stall, why does my chevy shake at idle, is it ok to drive with a rough idle and more.

    So, be patient to study through this work as it would benefit you quickly!

    Why Is My Chevy Cruze Idling Rough?

    Your Chevy Cruze is idling rough because of failing electrical components or contaminated oxygen sensors.

    #1. Failing Electrical Components

    A Chevy Cruze ignition system failure or its electrical components would cause a rough idle. This issue usually worsens when the vehicle has an increased RPM. Although, the parts that have triggered the electrical components failing could be plug wires, ignition control module, and spark plugs and coils.

    #2. Contaminated Oxygen Sensor

    Oxygen sensors regulate how lean or rich the gases are as they move out of the combustion chamber. Regarding this, the engine’s computer adjusts the fuel entering the engine. Perchance, the sole aim of the oxygen sensor is to sustain a perfect mixture that could produce a very minimal emission. So, if the oxygen sensor fails due to contaminations, it would cause a rough idle, trigger the check engine light (CEL), emission test failure, and also cause reduced fuel efficiency.

    Perchance, other reasons why your Chevy Cruze is idling rough are;

    • Clogged air filter
    • Broken or lose engine mounts
    • Faulty spark plugs
    • Disconnected vacuum hoses.

    Can Stabilitrak Cause Car To Stall?

    Of course, yes! The Stabilitrak can precisely cause the car to stall if the stability control system becomes defective. In this situation, the car could be fishtailing, and the vehicle system cannot identify the source. If this scenario continues, the car could lose power as the defection has become an obstacle; perchance, it could stall, and the engine might go off.

    Why Does My Chevy Shake At Idle?

    Your Chevy would shake at idle due to two fundamental problems- a misfiring engine and a mounting issue. 

    Firstly, a misfiring engine occurs when the spark plugs fire at the wrong time or when there isn’t plenty of fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber. Leaving this issue over time would cause heavy damage to the engine block. Secondly, the mounting problem; the engine mounts will cause your vehicle to shift around as they fail to perform their designated function.

    8 Reasons For Rough Idle Service Stabilitrak Chevy Cruze

    The braking system, traction control system (TCS), and steering wheel constitute the Stabilitrak system. However, if your Chevy Cruze has rough idle service StabiliTrak, the following reasons include its defection.

    1.     Lousy ABS Sensors

    Lousy ABS sensors are part of the causes of the rough idling of any vehicle and other prominent issues that you should address.

    2.     Vacuum Leak

    Peradventure the vacuum system has any leak, it would affect the performance of the vehicle’s computer as regards regulating air-fuel ratio. As a result, this will lead to rough idle and, if not checked or repaired, could lead to slow acceleration and lack of engine power.

    3.     Faulty Throttle Position Sensor

    The throttle position sensor is an essential component of your vehicle that calculates the throttle angle to match the fuel injection with the correct acceleration you need. If it is faulty, acceleration will become slow, and a rough idle might result.

    4.     Wrong Idle Speed

    Since the range idle speed is between 600 to 1,000 RPMs, your Chevy Cruze experiencing a rough idle indicates the wrong idle speed setting. Although, you would need a professional to adjust this speed for your vehicle to accelerate properly.

    5.     Lousy Fuel Pump

    The fuel pump lifts fuel from the vehicle’s tank to the fuel injector. If it becomes clogged or wrong, the engine will not get enough fuel (gas or diesel) and rough idling, stalling, sputtering, and very slow acceleration would commence.

    6.     Dirty Fuel Injector

    The fuel injection system works to inject fuel into cylinders to produce a mixture of air and fuel to facilitate combustion. So, dirt can clog the tiny nozzles of the fuel injector and prevent fuel into the cylinders. Hence, a clogged fuel injector causes a lack of fuel in the engine, which could constitute a rough idle and cause a loss of engine power. Changing a clogged fuel injector as quickly as possible would be wise.

    7.     Damaged Spark Plugs

    Your vehicle’s idle speed could be affected when spark plugs are installed incorrectly or damaged. Thus, leading to vibration, straining noise from the engine, or even slipping.

    8.     Bad Brake Switch

    In as much as this device is small, its function is, to an extent, significant. Although, the braking system of any vehicle is very crucial. Peradventure, the brake switch becomes terrible, and it would be a complex situation to experience. So, endeavor to inspect for a damaged brake switch and replace it when necessary to avoid rough idling or brake failure.

    How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Stabilitrak In A Chevy Cruze?

    The cost of fixing Stabilitrak in your chevy Cruze is guess-estimated to be between $80 to $100, including labor costs of $30 to $50 and Stabilitrak system costs of $20 to $40. Although these costs range may depend on location or if some parts relating to the stabilitrak become faulty, the price should be between $100 to $300. You should employ the services of a professional to diagnose all possible causes before replacement or fixing commences.

    What Does It Mean When It Says Service Stabilitrak Track?

    It means that the stabilitrak control module has malfunctioned. And you would need to reset the system immediately to have the standard control of cutting power and the brake wheels to enable your vehicle to move in the correct direction.

    Is It OK To Drive With A Rough Idle?

    Although, this depends on the situation and your location. But, from my experience and research, I recommend you shouldn’t drive when your car is rough idling. A rough idle often involves shaking, slipping, or even causing damage to other engine components. Don’t risk your vehicle!


    To summarize, with this service stabilitrak chevy Cruze guide,  I will say that the stabilitrak will help to progress your vehicle’s control when there are poor roads and bad weather conditions. But it is wise to drive carefully and keep an eye on the service stabilitrak, whether on a slippery or rough pathway, in any case.

    On the other hand, a rough idle on your Chevy Cruze is initially inconvenient if you don’t resolve the issues associated with it. More significant and more severe problems would emerge, such as stalling, slipping, slow acceleration, or even loss of engine power. Most of these issues are very dangerous when driving your vehicle.

    So far, take your vehicle to a professional to inspect defective components like airflow sensors, electronics, fuel pump, and other vital parts relating to the cause of rough idle on your Chevy Cruze. Perchance, your vehicle safety should be important as you have a good ride. Do like and share this informative guide with others!

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