Meaning & Causes Of Service Keyless Start System Message

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

The service keyless start system message comes up when there is an issue with the pushbutton start system. Numerous factors can cause a keyless start device to malfunction. The root causes can be anything from careless end users executing different operations in the wrong order to some bad development techniques.

From the most frequent root causes of the keyless start system issue to even potential problems that can emerge as a chain reaction, we will be covering a lot on this topic. In this article, we will be breaking down the possible meaning and causes of the keyless start system message. 

Please keep reading to learn more about the problems with the keyless start system and how to fix them. Now, what does a service keyless system mean? Let’s get right into the important details in the next section.

Service Keyless Start System Message

What Is Service Keyless Start?

Service keyless start is a system that makes it possible to start your automobile without a key. This is a fantastic convenience if your keys need to be recovered or remembered. You may also keep your car running while you are away from it with the service keyless start system, reducing the risk of it being stolen.

How does this system work? In ignition keys for keyless automobiles, there is a transponder chip, which sends a signal to the car’s computer when placed into the ignition. The sole function of this signal is to trigger the start of your vehicle instantly. This system is designed to help you quickly start your car without a key.

What Causes The Service Keyless System Message To Come Up?

What would cause the keyless entry to stop working? You won’t be able to start your car using the engine start/stop button if the service keyless system malfunctions. The most frequent causes of the service keyless system message are listed below, along with instructions on how to address each one.

1. Faulty Wires/cables

If your wires get corroded, your engine won’t start due to a keyless start system issue. Vehicles usually get faulty wires as a result of being old, these wires have become worn out due to the passage of time. Faulty cables will only diminish voltage and affect your ignition system. 

To troubleshoot this issue, use a voltmeter to determine whether your wiring still has sufficient voltage. If the current isn’t moving through, you will need to get your car checked up by a mechanic.

2. Faulty System’s Sensor 

Your car’s sensors are designed to receive and give instructions to the control unit. There are two common causes of a sensor malfunction. Either they malfunction because of an accident, or they might be blocked by dirt or cease. Try wiping off the sensor to get rid of dust if the sensor is being blocked. If cleaning the sensor doesn’t work, you will need the help of a mechanic.

3. Brake Issues

Pressing down your brake pedal is an important step for turning on your car with the push-button start. If your break has issues, it will only complicate the process. Pressing the button with force won’t even make the process easier.

However, all hope isn’t lost, you can fix this issue by correctly increasing the brake pedal’s pressure. If that doesn’t work, you can also tighten the brake cables to improve vehicle control.

4. Defective car battery

The keyless start system begins with an electric component and requires a good amount of power to function.  With your car battery dead or defective, your keyless ignition will not be able to function. 

To prevent this issue, you will need to check the voltage of your battery regularly with a voltmeter to see if it’s at a sufficient power level. Consider getting a battery replacement if the charge drops below 12 volts to prevent begin stranded. 

5. Extreme Cold

Your car engine might not come in winter because the higher voltage is required for it to function in extreme weather conditions. Cold weather slows down the overall chemical reactions in your battery. This phenomenon also leads to less power being given out. With less power being available the keyless ignition system won’t function properly. 

How Do You Reset A Keyless Ignition?

Follow the steps below to reset your keyless ignition. 

  • Put your fob close to the keyless ignition and click on the “Off” position and turn it to the “Run” position.
  • Do it in eight cycles, turn the key back to “Off” and perform seven more cycles from “Off” to “Run.” Finish the eighth round in “Run” mode.
  • Next, after 20 seconds, press and hold any button on your fob remote. The engine OFF/ON button will be successfully re-programmed if you hold it down until the locks cycle.

Resetting your keyless ignition is quite straightforward with the right steps. Reset any other remotes using the same procedure, and you can exit the programming mode by taking the key out of the ignition.

What Do You Do If Your Car Won’t Start With A Keyless?

1. Hold down the key button

The keyless ignition makes use of near-field communications technology to power the car start button system. For the near-field to function as intended, the key must be placed close to the steering wheel-mounted receiver.

If the key fob is in your pocket and the fob’s battery is dead, the car won’t start. On the other hand, if you press it against the button directly, the signal will be enough to link with the key at that close range and start the ignition.

2. Charge your Car Fob

If your car fob becomes inoperative, you can leave it to recharge the battery because they also need adequate power to function properly. Newer model cars usually include a USB port that enables indoor recharging, making powering it up easier.

3. Check your car battery 

Make sure your battery has enough power. When the car battery is low, the dashboard lights might come on, but your car won’t start. You might need to jumpstart your battery if it is weak before getting a replacement as soon as possible. Jumpstarting is only necessary if you need to drive to where you can get a replacement. 

4. Check the button/starter

If you push the start button and the car doesn’t respond, even when the battery is fully charged, the start button may be broken. You will need to check out the button immediately, or you could have your mechanic fix it. The starter could also be broken if the automobile does not start. And if you are still unsure whether the start button is functioning properly, check this post out.


Keyless systems make using your car easier and more convenient. However, they also come with their cons. Keyless start system messages come when you least expect them, but they are easy to deal with, that is, with the right approach. 

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