Why is Tesla Battery Draining Fast while Driving & In Hot Weather

Last updated on January 12th, 2023 at 07:24 pm

Why is your tesla battery draining fast while driving or in hot weather? Well, a lot of factors are responsible. and this article will look at casues and how to save tesla battery when parked.  The Tesla batteries are incredible in the automobile world. But it is not faultless. Most complaints of Tesla owners are the unpredicted battery drain. So if you notice that your tesla battery drain in hot weather faster than normal, then know that you are not alone. And so prevalent in extreme weather conditions and an idle state. Tesla batteries are to last longer than typical EV batteries, but the fast drain might require an immediate replacement.

tesla battery draining fast while driving

In hoping to resolve this issue, Tesla switched their vehicle batteries to the new Li-ion battery packs. However, the fast drain of Tesla batteries has continued for several reasons. As such, vampire battery drain, excessive Tesla app usage, and Sentry and Smart Summon modes could cause a fast drain of the Tesla battery.

So far, this post will provide answers to these typical queries ranging from; why is my tesla battery draining so fast, Tesla battery drains fast while driving, does driving fast drain a Tesla battery, how do you precondition a tesla battery in summer, how long will a tesla battery last with just the heater running, can a tesla overheat in hot weather, and more.

A thorough study of this guide will be helpful; let’s get started!

Why Is My Tesla Battery Draining So Fast?

Your Tesla battery would drain so fast because of a Vampire Battery Drain. Your Tesla never goes to sleep as you do. Its system consists of a lot of computer software that performs specific tasks. For instance, your vehicle is ready to open the doors as you walk up to it or running the Sentry Mode as in recording anyone approaching it. 

Although, the number of programs running when your Tesla is parked depends on what you ask your Tesla to do. There is a trade between the number of tasks done and the amount of power consumed by your vehicle. From my research and experience, the Sentry mode alone can consume over 500kWh per year and around 2 to 3% daily.

It is vital to minimize power consumption by turning off the Sentry Mode and Smart Preconditioning when necessary.

So, Can A Tesla Overheat In Hot Weather?

Yes, Tesla can overheat during hot weather. The effect of overheating is significant on the infotainment screen as it will prevent you from the camera feed. Similarly, overheating during hot weather would damage the battery and affect your vehicle’s range. As a result of overheating, you would often replace the battery. For this effect, Tesla introduced a built-in overheat protection known as Cabin Overheat Protection (COP). This feature turns on when your vehicle’s interior temperature reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius. So, owners of Tesla love this feature as it automatically cools off the cabin

Common Causes Of Tesla Battery Drain In Hot Weather

So here are some of the common causes of Tesla battery drain during hot weather 

I.              Driving habit 

High speeds over 100 mph would cause your Tesla battery to overheat and drain. Thus, this drain is significant in Tesla Models X and Y.

Using an AC system in your Tesla during hot weather will drain your battery.

Constant software updates and use of the Tesla app or third-party apps in your vehicle.

II.           Increased use of air conditioning

It’s hot out, so you naturally crank up the air conditioning to stay cool and comfortable in your Tesla. But did you know that using AC can drain your battery more quickly? That’s because the AC system requires extra power to run, which can deplete your battery faster.

III.        Higher ambient temperature

It’s not just the AC that can drain your battery in hot weather – the higher ambient temperature can also contribute to battery drain. When it’s hot outside, your Tesla has to work harder to keep everything cool and running smoothly, which can take a toll on your battery.

IV.         Reduced efficiency of the battery

Heat can also reduce the overall efficiency of your Tesla’s battery. When the battery gets too hot, it can’t perform at its best, leading to a shorter driving range and increased battery drain.

V.           The use of more frequently used of high-energy-consuming features

When the weather is hot, you might use your Tesla’s high-energy-consuming features like your heater or seat warmers more frequently than usual. These features can drain your battery more quickly, especially if you’re using them for extended periods.

tesla battery drain in hot weather

Reasons for Tesla Battery Draining Fast While Driving

If your Tesla battery is draining fast as you drive, extreme temperature, stop-and-go traffic, uphill driving, use of heater & AC systems, and short drives are of the culprit. 

Let’s explore some of them below;

1.     Extreme Temperatures

Much heat around your vehicle’s battery will make it drain faster. Although besides that, your battery’s lifespan could reduce at a faster rate.

Similarly, cold temperature also drains your vehicle’s battery fast. Since cold weather limits generative braking capacity, your batteries will have less power to maintain optimal temperatures.

2.     Short Drives

Taking more short drives will drain your battery capacity faster. As you start your Tesla, expect the engine to consume the most power. Although a short drive also limits the battery’s range.

3.     High Use Of Heater And AC Systems

The high use of features such as the heater and AC would drain much power from your battery. Ensure to use seat heaters to keep the cabin climate at optimal temperature.

how to preserve your Tesla battery while driving

So to preserver or save your tesla battery when driving here are some tips to adhere to:

  1. Take it easy on your pedal. Accelerating aggressively can drain your Tesla’s battery faster, so try to take it easy and gradually build up speed.
  2. Use your brakes wisely. Instead of braking hard, try to use your Tesla’s regenerative braking feature to help preserve battery power.
  3. Keep an eye on your speed. Higher speeds require more energy, so try to keep your Tesla’s speed at a moderate level to save on battery power.
  4. Use your Tesla’s Eco mode. This special driving mode is designed to help you get the most out of your Tesla battery by optimizing power usage.
  5. Keep your Tesla’s battery charged up. Regularly charging your Tesla’s battery will help keep it in good condition and extend its overall life.

And there you have them! Ways to preserve your Tesla battery while driving. Follow these simple steps and your Tesla’s battery will stay happy and healthy while you’re out on the road.

Does Driving Fast Drain Tesla Battery?

Of course, driving fast drain Tesla battery. For instance, high speed, especially on highways, would limit the use of the regenerative braking system. That said, you would affect the battery’s lifespan. 

How Do You Precondition A Tesla Battery In Summer?

Preconditioning your Tesla battery in summer is vital. You would get to a suitable temperature before charging or using your vehicle on the roads.

Here are steps for preconditioning your Tesla battery in the summer;

The Preconditioning Feature

It is easy to regulate the temperature of your vehicle through the climate control screen on the Tesla app. You could also go into the climate section of the app and turn on the preconditioning. Although, there will be a red battery icon in the app indicating that your vehicle is preconditioning.

Ensure you plugged in your vehicle before preconditioning.

1.     The Smart Preconditioning Feature

This feature assesses your daily driving habits. It also turns on the preconditioning feature automatically based on predictions. With smart preconditioning, you don’t have to precondition your vehicle manually. For instance, suppose you leave work at a particular time every day. Smart conditioning would precondition your Tesla’s battery before you go with it.

2.     The Navigation Feature

The more frequently you use this feature, the more your battery warms up. If you have planned to stop at a supercharging station, you could turn on your navigation system. Although, through this feature, your app will find the location of the nearest charging station. As a result, your battery returns to average temperature before getting there.

3.     The Scheduled Departure

Most Tesla owners prefer the Scheduled Departure to the Smart Preconditioning Feature. You can instruct the app when and how you want your battery to precondition your schedule. You could do it daily or weekly. 

  • check out these steps below;
  • Go to settings in your app
  • Select the climate control option
  • Access the preconditioning feature
  • Please turn it on and select the schedule to set your fixed time.

Your vehicle will condition your battery at the appropriate time before the time you scheduled.

How Long Will A Tesla Battery Last With Just The Heater Running?

Your Tesla battery might last about 72 hours or 3 days when the heater is running. This time frame depends on your vehicle’s resistive heating mechanism or heat pump to maintain ambient temperature. so lets now look at how to save tesla battery when parked

Tips on to how to save tesla battery when parked

Plug it in! Make sure to charge your Tesla up to a comfortable level before parking it for a long period of time. This will help keep the battery in good shape.

Keep your Telsa cool. If you’re going to be parked in a hot location, consider using a battery cover or shade to keep your Tesla’s battery from getting too hot.

Use a battery maintainer. These handy little devices can help keep your Tesla’s battery topped off while it’s parked, so it’s ready to go when you are.

Turn off unnecessary features. If you won’t be using your Tesla’s features (like the air conditioning or heated seats) while it’s parked, consider turning them off to save on battery power.

Get a good night’s sleep. Make sure to charge your Tesla up fully before going to bed, so you can wake up to a fully charged battery and a refreshed electric car.

And there you have it! Follow these simple steps and your Tesla’s battery will stay happy and healthy while it’s parked. be safe!


Finally, the Tesla battery is still one of the best, with a long-lasting life. But it is not immune to drain due to driving & weather conditions and to malfunction in your vehicle’s system. As I have mentioned above, fast battery drains are also familiar to Tesla. If you notice your battery draining more than usual, it is crucial to investigate and stop it.

Therefore, it would be vital to precondition your battery before charging or using it. Doing this will help maintain average temperatures in your vehicle.

Remember to put off the systems when you don’t need any to prevent battery drain and loss of Tesla range. Do well to share this post with others!

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