Can A Bad Ignition Switch Drain Your Battery

Last updated on December 14th, 2022 at 11:45 am

The ignition switch is an important part of a car. Several issues are bound to pop up when it gets faulty, like chain reactions over time or even immediately. 

Just like the ignition system, your car battery also plays an important role that cannot be replaced. Continue reading to learn more about how your faulty ignition switch affects your car battery.

Can My Ignition Drain My Battery?

So, can A Bad Ignition Switch Drain Your Battery? Well, my response is yes, a bad ignition switch can drain batteries. If the car’s ignition switch is broken, the battery life will suffer because your ignition system and your battery work hand in hand to ensure the healthy running of your vehicle. When your battery is completely drained, important parts of the car will lack the power to operate and vice versa. 

Battery drain is a problem that is bound to occur if your car’s Ignition Switch isn’t serviced immediately. A defective Ignition Switch will stress numerous sections of your car. If you don’t routinely check on your car, these issues could soon get out of hand. It would be best to become familiar with the signs of a malfunctioning ignition switch and how to avoid them.

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What Happens When Your Ignition Switch Goes Bad?

Not begin able to turn your car key is one of the major symptoms of having a damaged ignition switch. However, in this section, we will be laying out more in-depth symptoms that will be notified when your ignition switch goes bad.

1. Car Engine Doesn’t Start

Without the ignition switch working properly, your engine will naturally not come on. Your ignition switch is designed to send power to your ignition system, starter motor, and engine controls. When the necessary systems do not receive the power they need to support the operation of the car, your car won’t come on.

2. Engine Stalling

Before your car stops working, this is one of the symptoms you might notice. The stalling of your engine can be noticed when your ignition switch fails while the engine is still operating. When the engine stalls, it momentarily cuts off power from both the ignition and fuel system. After a series of these engine stalling occurs, your vehicle might not be able to come on at all.

3. Car Starter Doesn’t Make Any Sound

While there are many issues that might cause your car starter to go silent, having a bad ignition switch is one of the major causes. Before making any conclusions, you can try putting your transition in neutral to see if the issues come from your car’s neutral safety switch. Otherwise, you will need to fix your ignition switch.   

What Is Draining My Car Battery When It’s Off?

Even with the ignition off, a variety of things can drain your battery. Your car is bound to lose charge if anything is still operating after it has been turned off. The potential causes of your car’s battery draining when it is turned off are listed below.

1. Old Battery 

Car batteries will wear out over time. Depending on where you live and how much you drive, your battery can last for 4-5 years. Living in environments with extreme temperatures will also take a toll on the lifespan of your battery. Overall, frequent trips and everyday use of your can will reduce the battery lifespan.

2. Headlights and inner lights Left On

One of the first things you need to take note of when your car battery keeps draining is your headlights and inner lights. The headlights on many modern cars are programmed to turn off after a certain amount of time. However, if your automobile lacks this feature, your headlights can continue to operate either until you turn them off or until your battery is fully depleted.

3. Electrical issues

When electrical issues occur, some functions keep running even when your car has been turned off. Some car operations still run even when the ignition is turned off. The security radio or even radio should always be monitored to know when they malfunction. When electrical problems like these occur, the first thing you need to do is visit a mechanic.

4. Excessive Short Drives

It takes a good amount of power to turn on your car every time. If your car is turned on multiple times in short intervals, it will take a toll on your vehicle. While it might not have an immediate effect, it will eventually happen. In the long run, your car battery lifespan will be shortened.

What Can Drain A Car Battery Instantly?

There are many things that can drain your battery, however, extreme weather and leaving your car lights on will drain your car battery the fastest. Although car lights are designed to go off when the car doors are closed, it is important to stay vigilant.

Despite what is commonly believed, various events can result in depleted batteries. Even if your car is currently outfitted with top-rated car batteries, you should still be on the lookout for five things that could shorten the longevity of your battery.

Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying Overnight?

A faulty battery is one of the most likely reasons your battery keeps dying overnight. Examining the automobile battery or taking it to a mechanic is the first and simplest way to solve this problem.

Car batteries are not designed to last a lifetime; they have a limited lifespan. Over time, they will begin to lose power after they have spent their lifespan. In such a situation, your battery could lose charge overnight. All you need to do is a good replacement plan.

How Do I Know If My Alternator Is Draining My Battery?

To find out if your alternator is draining your battery, you must run a diagnosis. If your alternator is not charging the battery, it will only drain the battery.

If the alternator is the cause of your battery drain, a comprehensive analysis can reveal this. The issue comes from the alternator, you can install a new one to solve the problem. Either way, you can use the test results to determine the fault with the alternator and how to fix it.

How Do You Reset Ignition Switch?

It’s a good idea to do a reset on an ignition switch first when experiencing problems rather than replacing it. You can reset your ignition switch without any problems by following a few easy steps.

The ignition key should be inserted, turned to the on position, and then the engine should try to start. Keep the key in the run position and wait for ten minutes if the engine won’t start. The security lamp should then begin to blink before turning off. Wait 5 seconds after turning off the key.


Ignition switch issues can cause a whole bunch of problems. Fixing it as soon as possible is the best move to make. Having a bad ignition switch can deal long-term damage to your car battery. This is where we draw the curtains on this topic. We hope this content has been of help to you.

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