How To Charge Prius Battery While Driving( 99% Easy Guide)

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Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 05:22 pm

In this post on how to charge Prius battery while driving we have a lot more on Prius battery charging system to discuss such as: what happens if Prius battery dies while driving, does the Toyota Prius recharge itself  how to charge 2005 Prius hybrid battery and even  how long can a Prius sit before the battery dies? Etc. How To Charge Prius Battery While Driving

Interestingly, batteries have been an integral aspect of all vehicles, but the Toyota hybrid model, the Prius, has its battery mechanism different from the onset of the manufactured models from 2012 until now. The regenerative braking system occurs whenever your Prius vehicle begins to decelerate or brake. In the braking process, the engine continues to release electrical power and simultaneously shuts off the engine as it saves your vehicle’s battery lifespan and gas. Perchance, this process recycles energy wasted as you slow down and apply the brake.

However, as regards a traditional gasoline-powered battery, the Prius battery is significantly responsible for making the vehicle move. In essence, the electric/hybrid battery creates all the power required to make your vehicle move at a speed of 15mph or even less. When compared to other hybrid cars, Prius is excellent for city driving since it uses its battery power at low rates to enhance its gasoline efficiency as it drives on streets or even in stop-and-go traffic; at a speed of 16 mph or higher, the fuel-power motor activates and as well recharges your vehicle’s regenerative battery.

Notwithstanding, if you are still wondering how to charge your Prius battery while driving, this educative guide will scrutinize, explicate and bring to lamplight the solutions to these specific subjects and queries, such as do you have to charge a Prius hybrid, does the Toyota Prius recharge itself, how does a Prius charge while driving, and more.

 How To Charge Prius Battery While Driving

How To Charge Prius Battery While Driving?

Let’s get into the gist without much ado!

It is indispensable that the only possible way of charging the Prius battery while driving is the self-charging mechanism of the Prius vehicle. Notwithstanding, this mechanism, known as regenerative braking, has become integral to how Prius functions for years.

This regenerative braking process helps charge the battery and preserve its lifespan as it draws energy from the gasoline engine (ICE) power and turning wheels and stores this power in the rechargeable battery pack.

Do You Have To Charge A Prius Hybrid?

Yes, you have to charge a Prius hybrid if it is a plug-in hybrid and the battery holds little or no charge, in any case. In essence, the Prius plug-in hybrid has two modes of charging the battery: a larger battery, a smaller battery, and powerful motors, which would allow it to compare to a full Electric Vehicle.

That said, the two modes of charging the battery when discharged include; the jumpstart method, mostly used when your main battery depletes, and the plug-in process, which you could use to charge your vehicle through the plug-in cable at home, at a public charging station or even at work if you desire such.

Does The Toyota Prius Recharge Itself?

Yes, of course, it recharges itself. The Toyota Prius gets its recharge from a typical drive cycle and does not require the plugged-into recharge battery since the vehicle controls and utilizes the battery itself and keeps it topped up by using power from the ICE or the electrical power recovered and stored during slowing down or braking processions.

From the above foreground, like the Toyota Prius Prime, the Prius also recaptures energy as it moves through in-built regenerative braking tech. This regenerative braking mechanism recovers energy when your Toyota Prius slows down and converts this kinetic energy to a form that can be stored or used instantly. Hence, the Toyota Prius is the epitome of regenerative power, as regards its patented regenerative braking mechanism is the pinnacle of the self-recharge concept.

How Does A Prius Charge While Driving?

Since the Prius has an electric motor battery that is recharged in two ways when driving, the system uses electric power from the engine to propel the vehicle and recharge the battery. Similarly, you can restore the battery pack through a regenerative braking mechanism, which removes energy from your Prius’ front wheels as the braking and off-throttle deceleration convert it to electrical power for the working of the electric motor’s battery pack.

So far, this process happens whenever you apply the brake, perchance to a lesser range, as in lifting off the accelerator pedal so that the Prius reduces speed by itself. However, the principle above makes the Prius battery charge while driving and its self-charging so efficient, especially in city stop-start traffic.

How Do I Keep My Prius Running To Charge The Battery?

To keep your Prius battery running  you charge efficiently, you would need to adhere to the steps blow:

  • Turn your vehicle to the accessory mode or ready-off mode.
  • Reduce the accelerator twice entirely.
  • Put your vehicle in neutral mode.
  • Depress the accelerator 2 times fully.
  • Put your vehicle back into the park position.
  • Reduce the accelerator 2 times fully.

You should drive your vehicle in cities where stop-start traffic situations are often, for you would charge your Prius more frequently and conveniently.

how to charge 2005 Prius hybrid battery

How Long Does It Take To Charge Prius Battery While Driving?

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to charge the Prius battery while driving depending on speed of the vehicle.  Perchance your Prius battery indicates an inconsistent power supply or drains to a point where your vehicle won’t start, you may need to replace the battery pack. Nevertheless, replacing a Prius battery isn’t as cheap as a traditional gasoline vehicle. You would expect to pay about $2,500 to $6,000, including parts and labor.

How Do You Charge A Toyota Hybrid Battery While Driving?

Invariably, a Toyota hybrid has features that make it outstanding compared to other hybrid models of vehicles. However, charging a Toyota hybrid battery while driving (mainly when you apply brakes) is no big deal as Toyota has advanced its technology, making their hybrids self-charging. The standard hybrid models of Toyota have also merged two energy systems, such as; an electric motor and a gasoline engine, meaning that when the battery of a Toyota hybrid becomes low, excess engine power helps to charge it up again. Perchance is not all in any case; while driving, the regenerative braking system produces electrical energy stored in the battery for future use as you brake or coast. To make this effortless, you would charge your Toyota hybrid battery while driving through the regenerative braking mechanism.

How Do You Charge A Hybrid Car While Driving?

Charging a hybrid car while driving could be more precise, but I would explore the charging process below. Be patient in learning more as I make some intro in this section.

Invariably, a typical gasoline vehicle falls short when it is in a slow-paced driving along the streets and stop-start traffic situation. However, the Prius shines in these situations as it engages its electric motor at a low speed below 15 mph. It charges while braking using the regenerative braking tech as it converts kinetic energy to electricity. However, this tech exists in many hybrid models and most EVs, producing charges through kinetic energy with the help of electric motors.

What Happens If Prius Battery Dies While Driving?

If your Prius battery dies while driving, your vehicle could still run off gasoline, although weakly, and you won’t have smooth driving. 

On the other hand, your Prius battery can eventually die as you run on the way, but this situation of a dead or dying battery doesn’t constitute or mean that your engine would stop instantly. Rather you won’t be able to turn your engine if it goes off. So, keeping your vehicle’s battery charged would be best to avoid disappointments on a vital business trip. Hence, I recommend getting to a safe place before seeking help.

How Long Can A Prius Sit Before The Battery Dies?

Let’s get into this section as quickly as possible!

The interval your Prius would sit before its battery dies or runs out of charge is 4 to 6 weeks without the technology known as the Smart Key System (SKS). Peradventure, your Prius comes with the SKS technology; it would sit for about 3 to 4 weeks before the battery dies. You should leave your vehicle for a short time to avoid the battery deteriorating and reducing its lifespan due to some affecting factors such as parasitic drains, extreme weather conditions, and failure of other electrical components.

How To Charge Toyota Hybrid Battery?

The battery of the Toyota hybrid has been rated so high as it holds a self-charge mechanism through the regenerative braking system. However, the Toyota hybrid battery is mainly of two categories: the primary and auxiliary 12-volt batteries. That said, the auxiliary battery utilizes regenerative braking to convert kinetic energy to electric power, which would the vehicle use in the long term.

So far, charging the Toyota hybrid battery when it has discharged or if it dies requires charging it through a plug-in charger if it is a plug-in hybrid or the jumpstart method.

How To Charge 2005 Prius Hybrid Battery?

It is evident that as of 2005, the regenerative braking system was ineffective by Toyota; as of then, it still needed to produce the plug-in Prius hybrid entirely. Hence, charging your 2005 Prius hybrid battery requires these simple steps: the process would take about 10 to 2o minutes.

Here you have them!

  • Get any battery charger with its positive and negative leads.
  • Unlock your vehicle’s hood as you pull on the level to locate beneath it to get access to the steering wheel.
  • Reach out to the hood as you release and push it up.
  • Use the metal rod in the hood to hold up the hood.
  • Pull off the cover of the fuse box as you press the 2 tabs on the left side and bottom part of the box.
  • Open the plastic cover. Although, this point is where the positive (+) would be attached.
  • Fix the red cable (+) to the positive terminal as you would observe a tiny spark.
  • Note: Don’t allow the red and black wires to touch each other. It may cause electric shock.
  • Connect the negative or black wire to any metal part of your vehicle as your ground wire.
  • Lower the hood once your wires/cables are connected. Don’t slam the hood to avoid cable damage.
  • Allow your 2005 Prius hybrid to charge for about 2 to 3 hours. 
  • Once the charge is complete, ensure to follow this guide conversely as you disconnect all cables.

After this period, you would drive your vehicle for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

How To Keep A Prius Battery Charged?

The most effective method of keeping your Prius battery charged isn’t to drive it much. Still, instead, it is to leave your Prius in a READY mode to enable a higher charging level or sufficient charge in its hybrid battery to last for a more extended session period. However, you could obtain the Prius auto switch-off as you lock the doors using the metal key in the key fob, perchance you wouldn’t lock the doors with the key fob if your vehicle is still in READY mode, but you might if you take out the metal key from the key fob and insert it in the door handle and turned anticlockwise to lock the doors. Essentially, without this turnaround, your vehicle would still be in a READY mode and charge your battery effectively without automatically shutting off. Hence, you would need to unnecessarily drive your car by burning gasoline in an HV Mode to keep your Prius battery charged.


Prius models have a battery system that generates electric power to the motor, which it uses to create rotational force making the wheels spin effectively. Then the system uses the regenerative braking mechanism to reconvert the energy (kinetic energy) from the spinning wheels to electric power, as can store in the battery. 

Introducing regenerative braking in charging your vehicle’s battery as you drive requires taking your foot off the gas pedal or applying the brake. Perchance, the braking procession would only take a few seconds, but it is enough to give your vehicle the required power to run.

In the same vein, many benefits emanate from the regenerative braking technology; in any case, it allows your Prius hybrid to be longer on the road like the full EVs. As regards this technology integrated by Toyota, the Prius hybrid vehicles have become outstanding among other hybrid cars in the automobile world. 

In post in I have shown you how to charge Prius battery while driving and what happens if Prius battery dies while driving. I hope you like to post. Please take sec and share this informative post with others!

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