Ac Off Due To High Engine Temp (Safe to Drive) Chevy Cruze

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It is problematic and uncommon when an AC Off Due to High Heat Engine Temp warning is triggered on the dashboard, especially when driving your Chevy Cruze on a sunny day.

And that is why I would like to share some Common causes of ac off due to high engine temp Chevy Cruze and show how to resolve it.

Due to the disheartening of this situation, you might ask yourself these questions; what could have triggered this warning? 

How do I resolve this issue? Nevertheless, relax to study through as the causes of this warning includes; coolant leaks, faulty radiator cap, lousy coolant temperature sensor, malfunction of the PCM, and disconnected battery terminals. 

ac off due to high engine temp safe to drive

ac off due to high engine temp chevy Cruze

So far, a quick fix to these problems will put you and your vehicle back on track. Moreover, this article will elaborate in detail on the informative contents such as; ac off due to high engine temp equinox meaning, why could ac be off due to the high engine temp gauge not working, how I fix my Chevy Cruze from overheating, are there any recalls on the Chevy Cruze, how much is a water pump for a Chevy Cruze and more. Let’s get started, in any case!

Ac Off Due To High Engine Temp Equinox Meaning?

Eventually, you see AC Off Due to High Heat Engine Temperature on your Equinox; it implies that the Engine Computer (PCM) has detected too much heat or a faulty electric cooling fan.

Though minimizing the load to avoid adding heat, your AC turns off instantly. This safety measure programmed into your Equinox’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) will shut down the AC.

In the process of shutting down, the AC compressor of your vehicle is shut-down, too, since the engine controls it. 

For instance, if there is an inaccurate reading telling the ECU that there is a high temperature or any factor that could have triggered the warning. 

Your Equinox’s engine automatically shuts off the AC to help solve whatever the issue might be. 

Thus, helping to prevent damage that would have arisen as the AC is turned on at a stationary position.

Why Could AC Be Off Due To The High Engine Temp Gauge Not Working?

The reason why your gauge temperature isn’t working even when your AC is Off Due to High Engine Temperature is that there is potential damage to your engine, which is picked up by the ECU and brought to your notice as warning lights due to the following; flawed coolant system, issues with belts and hoses, thermostat failure, radiator failure, a broken water pump, and oil too low/no coolant.

Is Ac Off Due To High Engine Temp Safe To Drive With?

Of course, you shouldn’t drive when your vehicle’s engine says AC Off Due to High Engine Temperature. At this point, you should diagnose your car to check the cause of this warning.

Similarly, when the radiator has become faulty, driving with an overheated engine might cause the cylinder to warp, resulting in a decrease in power, irregular firing, melting of belts, wiring, and even sensor, and excess oil burning to mention but a few.

I recommend you be patient to fix the problems which have caused your vehicle to say AC Off Due to High Engine Temperature rather than springing up more complex issues.

Causes & how to fix ac off due to high engine temp

Common cause of  ac off due to high engine temp chevy cruze

So if you have a Chevy Cruze and you’re getting an error message on your dashboard saying ac is off due to high engine temperature you might have a problem with the car coolant temperature sensor especially if the car engine is not overheating.. 

And this is the most common problem; however, other parts could be a problem too inside the car cooling system sensor. 

Sometimes it might be a water pump, cooling fan, thermostat, or even a car radiator,  but the coolant temperature sensor is the most common cause of the problem.

The way you tell that the coolant temperature sensor is the cause of the ac off due to high engine temp chevy Cruze on your dashboard  is that the engine will not be overheating, as it would if it is a water pump or if the car cooling fan has gone bad. 

How To Fix Ac Off Due To High Engine Temp Chevy Cruze

To fix the chevy Cruze when it says AC off due to high engine temperature while driving requires the following simple steps below:

  1. First, it would be best if you turned off your car heat as it immediately releases the stress off your engine.
  2. Carefully and slowly, pull over.
  3. You should put off the engine.
  4. Remotely close the hood and wait for about 15 minutes before you open it.
  5. You should check the engine coolant level and make sure it is at the recommended level.
  6. Seek a certified mechanic or a towing company to move your vehicle to the nearest garage.

Why Does My Chevy Cruze Say AC Off Due To High Engine Temp?

Interesting to know why your Chevy Cruze says AC Off Due to High Engine Temperature. Though this warning on your dashboard because of faulty or malfunctions of some engine components like; the water pump, cooling fan, thermostat, radiator, coolant sensor, and more, which your vehicle’s engine (ECU) has picked up, and in essence, shuts down the AC system until you address the issues, to enable that the engine function correctly.

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What Does It Mean When Your Car Says AC Off For Engine Protection?

It is a preventive measure and not a disheartening situation if your vehicle should say AC Off for engine protection.

However, saying AC Off Due to High Engine Temperature could have been due to problems like a faulty thermostat, oil leak, bad electric cooling fan, radiator cap, and more that could prevent your engine from functioning at its optimal temperature.

Thereby causing harm to some components in your engine, so it is crucial to protect your engine as you would protect yourself for it to be effective and efficient anytime, any day!

How Do I Fix My Chevy Cruze From Overheating?

Chevy Cruze is a vehicle prone to a more specific problem affecting all models. Though, that problem is the coolant system which is notorious for having issues. Solving or fixing the problem of overheating requires the steps;

  • Assess the situation by pulling over
  • It would help if you turned the heat
  • Open the windows
  • Call for help if you can’t ascertain the problem or proffer solutions.

Below are ways of preventing overheating your engine;

  • Check your car’s coolant levels often
  • Often check your thermostat as you drive.
  • Cool your engine at the first warning of overheating
  • It would be best if you didn’t overuse the AC to the extreme
  • Store up an extra bottle of water or coolant in your vehicle

Importantly, regular maintenance and servicing should be better.

Are There Any Recalls On The Chevy Cruze?

Yes, of course! Chevrolet has recalled the Cruze model because of specific issues developed by this model. Perchance, these recalls are due to;

  • Radiator/coolant system issues
  • Steering issues
  • Braking problems
  • Exterior lightings
  • Seat belts issues
  • Electrical and power train problems and more

How Much Is A Water Pump For A Chevy Cruze?

The average water pump cost for your Chevy Cruze is between $711 and $897. Labor and parts costs are estimated to be between $261 to $330 and $450 to $567, respectively. Have it at heart that the prices above exclude taxes and fees; thus, don’t factor in a unique and specific model or location. Could you identify a bad water pump in your vehicle?

Luckily for you, below are ways to identify that your water pump might have failed;

  1. Leakage of green coolant on the ground.
  2. Increase in water temperature gauge.
  3. Production of a low-pitch grinding sound from the engine.
  4. Water leakage from the engine, especially in the front.

Although your chevy Cruz water pump can last for 100,000 miles, if it fails, you could get a replacement with a high-quality, but if you get a low-quality water pump, it will last for 30,000 miles.

Concluding on ac off due to high engine temperature

To wrap up this post, overheating is one of the most causes of engine failure in the automobile world. So, you have a Chevy Cruze that shows a warning of AC Off Due to High Engine Temperature. 

In that case, you should look for issues like a bad radiator cap, a broken water pump, a faulty thermostat, low coolant, oil leakage, and more that have triggered your vehicle’s ECU. 

To enhance the engine’s safety, the ECU/PMC shuts down the functioning of the AC system to prevent further damage to your engine. 

So far, I recommend you fix it before it damages your engine.

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