What Does Subaru 30000 Mile Service Include

Maintenance service is the bloodstream to making your Subarus last for a lifetime! However, it is easy for most people to remember their vehicle maintenance service. This neglect could lead to a sudden breakdown that will ruin your day and your business.

Contemporarily, this breakdown is not supposed to happen. That said, people might think that changing their tires or rotating them and oil changes are all that matters most. No! Subaru maintenance service is broader than what you might think.

However, interval services such as 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, 90,000 miles, and 120,000 miles are essential to your Subarus performance. 

Nevertheless, it is crucial to make sure your Subaru gets the love and care it requires, as this article will bring to an understanding of these contents; what is a Subaru’s major service, is it expensive to maintain a Subaru forester, how much does Subaru significant service cost, is it expensive to service a Subaru, Subaru 30,000 mile service guide, Subaru 30,000 mile service cost 2022, Subaru 30,000 mile service necessary, 2017 Subaru outback 30,000-mile service and more. Read also: Subaru 60,000 Mile Service Cost For Maintenance

What Is A Subaru Major Service?

A major service in Subaru is the combined service rendered in mileage intervals of 30,000 miles as you drive. Although Subaru’s central service range from 30,000 miles to 120 000 miles, it includes a list of repairs and maintenance that an expert technician does for routine check-ups. Any repair and maintenance (including parts and labor) that exceeds $500 is considered a significant service.

Is It Expensive To Maintain A Subaru Forester?

Yes, the Subaru Forester is expensive in terms of maintenance costs. Unlike the other Subaru models, the Subaru Forester is the most costly, as it has a relatively high maintenance cost of over 10 years. It comes in the 10th position with a ten years cost of $12 200 and $1,220 yearly, beating the Subaru industry average of $1,202 annually. According to a survey stat on Subaru foresters, there are 23.97% chance that a Subaru forester will need major service during this period. I recommend you avoid buying a Subaru forester of the 2020 model because of its repair and maintenance costs.

How Much Does Subaru Major Service Cost?

Since Subaru thinks of and takes your safety seriously and has the industry-leading award to prove it, Subaru’s major service cost is between $300 to $700 and about $499.95 for most special services. It could be less than the cost above, depending on your location and the model Subaru. Note that as your vehicle gets older, the cost of maintenance and repair increases.

Is It Expensive To Service A Subaru?

Let’s find out!

Of course, NO! Not expensive but relatively affordable to service and maintain a Subaru since they are durable and reliable. Driving a Subaru guarantees an outstanding level of performance and safety. Notwithstanding, you won’t have to spend much money in the long term on servicing and maintenance. Although Subarus are expensive to purchase, consider the model when buying a new one.

Subaru 30000 Mile Service Guide

There you have it. When your Subaru’s odometer reads 30,000 miles, you, the owner, should visit factory-trained professionals or your certified technician to adhere to the guidelines for 30,000 miles of service in your manufacturer’s manual.

You have what to expect from a 30,000 miles (30 months) service guide.

  • Replacement of drain plug, engine oil, and filter.
  • Inspection of the tread wears tire rotation and pressure adjustments.
  • Review of heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Lubricate trunk, doors, hood hatches, and hinges.
  • Inspect the brake system like; pads, fluid, hoses, and lines.
  • Suspension and steering components inspections.
  • Inspect the battery and service it.
  • Linkage check and wiper inspection.
  • Exhaust system inspections and more.

Subaru 30000 Mile Service Meaning

The Subaru 30,000 miles means an interval you should render your first significant maintenance service. Without mixing words, the Subaru 30,000 miles service is a standard maintenance routine involving the vehicle components that should be checked on and changed, if necessary, at 30,000 miles or 30 months. Though the 30,000 miles of service doesn’t guarantee that your Subaru might not break down without prior notice, however more care and attention you pay to your vehicle, the less you will get stranded on the roadside!

What Does Subaru 30000 Mile Service Include?

Although, some services are necessary before the 30,000 miles service mark. Indeed, Subaru recommends that you have an oil change and tire rotation every 6,000 miles; at every 12,000 miles, the lines, brake system, and steering inspections should be carried out, along with filter replacement. It is better to perform these maintenance services at 24,000 miles and not wait over 30,000 miles.

Here are other included services!

  • Replace the front and rear differential fluid.
  • Radiator and cooling system inspections.
  • Inspection of all engine & transmission mounts.
  • Check all interior and exterior lighting systems.
  • Pollen filter change.

The above-included service is necessary for; what is included in the Subaru 30000 miles check-up.

Subaru 30,000 Mile Service Cost 2022

Subaru is one of the most fantastic Japanese car brands in the US and other parts of the world. Though slightly more expensive than average, the cost of maintenance service for Subaru 30,000 miles is between $300 to $700, depending on the model of Subaru.

Subaru 30,000 Mile Service Necessary

You can’t downplay the necessity of maintenance. That said, the Subaru 30,000 miles service is your vehicle’s first significant service from new. It is crucial and necessary to carry out your manufacturer’s guided services, as your vehicle’s manufacturers think to satisfy you, since they know the best in maintaining your car for your benefit.

2017 Subaru Outback 30,000 Mile Service

The 2017 Subaru outback has 30,000 miles of service and maintenance procedures ranging from; brake flush system, change of engine oil, fluid check, cooling system inspection, and fuel system check. The 30,000 miles is practical for the functioning of the 2017 Subaru outback. 

2018 Subaru Outback 30,000 Mile Service

The 2018 Subaru outback has a 30,000-mile service that includes;

  • Inspection of the drive belt, 
  • Engine oil and filter (change should be for the average temperature at 6,000 miles and Hot or cold temperature at 3,000 miles),
  • Inspect the cooling system and the fuel system, 
  • Replace the engine air filter, 
  • Inspect CVT transmission oil, 
  • Replace brake fluid & clutch fluid, 
  • Rotate and place tires, 
  • Replace cabin air filter. 

What Does The Subaru Forester 30,000 Mile Service Involve?

The Subaru forester’s 30,000 miles include sub-intervals and their service maintenance procedures. So far, these sub-intervals might be affected by weather, road conditions, and some driving habits. Also, the service below is the same as on the Subaru forester 30,000-mile service.

Let’s get started here!

  • 6,000 Miles (6 Months), Included Service

Replace your Subaru forester’s engine oil and engine oil filter, and inspect the tires/rotate them.

  • 12,000 Miles (12 Months), Including Service

You should repeat services performed at the 6,000 miles maintenance interval, replace the A/C filter and inspect the following; brake lines, front & rear axle boots, clutch operation, total braking system, steering, and suspension.

  • 18,000 Miles (18 Months), Including Service

Change engine oil, filter, and tire rotation as you have inspected.

  • 24,000 Miles (24 Months), including Service

You must repeat the maintenance service at the 12,000 miles interval.

  • 30 000 miles (30 months), including service

Inspection and rotation of tires, change of brake/clutch fluid, a review of CVT fluid, an inspection of belt drives, replacement of air cleaner element, and change of general lubricants.

Always give your Subaru forester the best service it needs!

What Does The Subaru Crosstrek 30000 Mile Service Mean?

The 30,000 miles of service for Subaru Crosstrek means essential service, which covers a wide range of vehicle parts that you should inspect, evaluate, and change on or before the 30,000 miles. 

What Is The 30000 Mile Service On Subaru Forester?

Subaru Forester is prone to many faults and has a relatively higher repair and maintenance cost than other Subarus. However, the 30,000 miles of service on the Subaru forester are various activities geared to repair and maintain the well-being of your vehicle at that particular distance.

How Important Is A 30 000 Mile Service?

Without mixing words, the efficacy of the 30,000 miles service is to keep your vehicle in warranty effect and avoid damage to your car. Since the manufacturer has you at heart and never means you should spend more money, your vehicle and its components are efficient as machine parts do not endure for a long time if they are not cared for and replaced when necessary. My friend once told me, “the cost of maintaining your vehicle parts is less than replacing the damaged parts.” I sincerely believe it is true!

How Often Do Subarus Need To Be Serviced?

Most people delight in gambling to avoid investing in vehicle maintenance, but I say gambling has not paid anyone! The frequency at which your Subaru needs service is typical, every 6,000 miles. At this service interval, you should be able to change the oil and oil filters and inspect and rotate your tires with the manufacturer’s guides. Remember that an early repair is always better than an overdue repair.

How To Get The Subaru 30,000 Mile Service Coupon?

You wouldn’t want to expand your budget or spend unnecessary money on vehicle repair and maintenance services. However, Brilliance Subaru service parts specials render affordable services with some dollar discounts on parts and accessories. The Brilliance Subaru service and parts offer one coupon per customer and not with other offers applicable to previous buys. Similarly, Brilliance Subaru also offers Subaru special services for VIPs with mega discounts. You should have a scheduled service with them;

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Subaru Forester 30000 Mile Service

Subaru Outback 30000 Mile Service

Subaru 30000 Mile Service List

Categorically, in Subaru, the following are inspected, replaced, and performed on your vehicle.

  • Air conditional
  • Brake services
  • Belts, drives, and hoses
  • Oil change 
  • Battery service and maintenance
  • Electrical services and maintenance
  • Shocks and struts (suspensions)
  • Alignments.


To summarize this post, the 30,000-mile service and maintenance is an important scheduled service that needs attention. Though, it slightly depends on the model of your Subaru, even if they are of the same manufacturer.

Their 30,000 miles services differ somewhat, as not all models are prone to most issues as others except for the most common, which is an oil change. So far, the oil change is between 3,000 to 6,000 miles depending on the road, weather, and drive habit conditions.

 There you have it! I recommend you visit a certified mechanic for a guide or any auto shop for proper check and repair, take the 30 000 miles to elapse before doing the needful.

However, the detailed work should be helpful for your vehicle to last longer than you can think. You shouldn’t wait! Save money to maintain your Subaru! Do like and share this post with others. Related Article: Where Are Subaru Foresters Made Originally?

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