Is Changing Tire Size On Same Rim Ok?

Is changing tire size on same Rim Ok? Ideally, tires enable your vehicle to hold a dependable grip on the road path and enhance its performance as you would drive, turn and apply the brake. Whether you have thought of changing your vehicle’s tire size for aesthetic reasons, it is crucial to know that fitting a tire on the rim that is not meant for it can affect your car’s performance.

However, vehicle tires come in various sizes and widths, each having specific benefits and drawbacks. You can change or fit the size of your tire on the same rim in as much as the rim and tire have the same internal diameter. Invariably, the key to changing the size of your vehicle’s tire on the same rim is left for you to understand the specifications of tires since there is a system that all manufacturers use. 

This article will address these common questions we get all the time, such as; can you change tire size on the same rim, how to read different tire sizes, will different size tires fit the same rim, is it okay to change tire size on the same rim, can you change tire size without changing rim, can different size tires mess up your alignment, and more.

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is it ok changing tire size on same rim

Can You Change Tire Size On The Same Rim?

Yes, you can change tire size on the same rim! Although, you would need to know the manufacturer’s specifications concerning the tires that should fit your vehicle’s rim. Similarly, as you intend to change tire size on the same rim, the rim and new tire must have the same internal diameter to avoid your tire rubbing against the metallic part in the wheel well or even rubbing against the brakes. 

On the other hand, changing the tire size on the same rim would require a lot of money and time. Perchance, some mechanics would advise you to buy a new set of rims if you intend to change your tire size.

Is It Okay To Change Tire Size On Same Rim?

Yes, it is! Since your vehicle’s tire is a component of the wheel set-up, you can change tire size on the same rim if you want your car to have better performance, aesthetics ability, and handling capacity. Although, it would be wise to buy tire sizes that would fit your predetermined size of rims. Similarly, please avoid using a bigger size of tires since they affect your transmission as the gear ratios are affected. Also, send incorrect information to your vehicle’s computer, which could make your anti-lock brakes fail when you apply brakes. I recommend you stick with the tire size that comes with your car.

Tips Consider Before Changing Tire Size On Same Rim

If you consider changing the tire size on the same rim, the following information would be vital.

Here you have them;

1.     Size Of Tires

Without a doubt, wider tires have more friction, which constitutes road noise and lower gas mileage. Therefore, altering the outside diameter of your tire would eventually affect the transmission and throw off your odometer and speedometer. To this effect, changing the diameter of your tires would affect your wheel turn. The difference may be an inch or 2, but adding about 5% to your aspect ratio at higher speeds can increase the mileage. 

Hence, it is better to use a vehicle tire size calculator to determine how the new tire would affect your car’s speed.

2.     Dimension Of Wheel Well

Tires eventually need space as they turn and travel over uneven terrain. It would be beneficial if you knew the area inside the wheel well of your tire. Ensure that your tires don’t rub against metallic parts in the wheel well or even against the shock absorbers.

Nonetheless, if you consider the above factors correctly, you will be able to have improved vehicle performance, better aesthetics, and better handling.

is it ok, changing tire size on same rim, how to read different tire sizes

How To Read Different Tire Sizes?

Reading tire sizes can be confusing when you are unfamiliar with the 4 basic measurements; the tire design, the width of the tire, the aspect ratio, and the internal diameter of the tire/rim.

Let’s consider reading the sizes of different tires using the example below;

If a tire has P250/55R17;

  • The letter “P” represents a tire designed for passenger vehicles. Although, some manufacturers might skip this part.
  • The number 250 is the width of the tire in millimeters.
  • The 55R means that the tire has a 55% ratio of the width (sidewalls). However, this signifies the high sidewalls, the rubber between the inside edge, and the tire’s tread. The letter ‘R’ (radial) refers to the tire and how the manufacturer made it.
  • The final number, 17, means the inside diameter of the tire is 17 inches.

If you are considering new tires, the last number should be the same as the one you intend to change. Although, you might have some flexibility as regards the first and second numbers (the width and aspect ratio). Perchance, the aspect ratio is insignificant regarding how the tires could fit on a rim or even the sidewalls. 

Will Different Size Tires Fit The Same Rim?

Of course, yes, different tires would fit the same rim, but you must understand tire measurements. However, you can measure tires in 3 aspects; tire width, sidewall height, and internal diameter.

Perchance, you can replace a tire with the same diameter, which is vital when better vehicle performance is needed. For instance, 235/55R16 or 245/50R16 tires can fit in for 225/60R16 tires since, most importantly, they have the same internal diameter.

Can You Change Tire Size Without Changing Rim?

Yes, you change the tire size without replacing the rim. However, there are some factors to consider if you intend to do such. These factors include the tire’s width and the rim’s diameter.

That said, the diameter of the edge must be greater than the tire width, or else the tire would not fit in the rim. However, knowing this would enable you to fix your new tire to have better vehicle performance and prevent alignment problems.

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Can Different Size Tires Mess Up Your Alignment?

Yes, different size tires can mess up your vehicle’s alignment. Peradventure, your tire size differs from the factory or manufacturer’s recommended, and your vehicle’s alignment needs to be adjusted when you might have made any change. 

To this effect, taller or broader tires other than the original tire would stretch the suspension, which could result in changes in the caster angles, camber, and toe angles. As regards, you would need to consult a certified mechanic to help you adjust incorrect alignment created by the different size tires. 

Notwithstanding, incorrect alignment can hurt your tire and cause it to have uneven wear on the inside and outside edges. 

Can I Put Any 17-Inch Tire On A 17-Inch Rim?

Yes, you can! Although, I recommend you follow the recommendation of your manufacturer. However, it is wise to put a 17-inch tire on a 17-inch rim since the tire has a specification to be a 17-inch rim. Remember that the tire’s rim diameter is vital to fitting your vehicle’s tire to avoid incorrect alignment.

Tips For Shopping For A Tire

If you are considering getting a new tire, check out the following tips for shopping for a tire below;

  • You must know how to read a tire.
  • Ensure that the tire’s internal diameter matches your rim specifications.
  • Know the width (sidewalls) of your tire before buying.
  • Make sure you go for your manufacturer’s specifications or any tire within the range of your specifications.
  • Consult your mechanic for any recommendations

What Size Tires Will Fit On 17 Inch Rims?

The size of tires that would fit on 17-inch rims are tires that have the specifications of the 17-inch rims regardless of the little differences in aspect ratio and the tire width (sidewalls).

Do check on some of the tire sizes that would fit on 17-inch rims;

17-Inch Options17-Inch Options17-Inch Options17-Inch Options

Although, the above are a few of the size tires that would fit on 17-inch rims.


Getting accurate size tires for cars could be complex at times. Although, it is crucial to read and identify tires that would fit your vehicle and driving style before changing them for any reason.

Changing the tire sizes on the same rim is difficult. Still, it would be best if you were careful that the internal diameter of the edges and tires match your manufacturer’s recommendations. At some point, the aspect ratio and tire sidewalls may differ in size but not the internal rim diameter.

So far, consider the tire sizes and dimensions of the wheel well before changing the tire on the same rim. Please consult your certified mechanic before changing tire size on same rim if necessary. Do well to share this post with others using the share button below.

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