Where Is Toyota Smart Key Deactivation Switch?

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If you are wondering where is Toyota smart key deactivation switch is, then this is the post. Additionally, we are going to cover the following topics in within the article. How to locate Toyota smart key deactivation switch location, can you disable Toyota smart key? How do I start my car if my Toyota smart key doesn’t work? How do I disable the Prius smart key?

Can a key fob be deactivated? What happens if car smart key battery dies? How do I reset my Toyota smart key?

Where is Toyota Smart Key Deactivation Switch

In this modern age, it is evident that technology has been incredible in recent features in vehicles. The smart key used in Toyota vehicles with its keyless entry is one of these great features, and with it, you wouldn’t have to insert any key into the doors to access and start your vehicle. Howbeit, the Toyota smart key is a stylish small device that ensures that your car only starts when the smart key is close-by. And many drivers love the Toyota smart key system. 

Suppose you intend to deactivate the smart key to enable you to drive your car when the key fob isn’t functioning or in a fewer scenario, such as theft prevention or even long-term vehicle storage, in any case. There could be a few ways to deactivate your Toyota’s smart key, which I will explore in this guide.

Notwithstanding, this post will address and offer solutions to these specific queries, ranging from; can you disable Toyota smart key, how do I start my car if my Toyota smart key doesn’t work, how do I disable the Prius smart key, can a key fob be deactivated, what happens if car smart key battery dies, how do I reset my Toyota smart key, and more.

So far, a thorough study of this work would benefit you! Where Is Toyota Smart Key Deactivation Switch?

where is toyota smart key deactivation switch
where is toyota smart key deactivation switch

Toyota Smart Key Deactivation Switch Location

There is a general statement about a physical switch that deactivates the smart key. But the location of the smart key deactivation switch depends on the age of your Toyota model, trim level, or even country.

Firstly, suppose your Toyota vehicle is less than 15 years old as of date. In that case, the smart key deactivation switch is in the Toyota logo on the key fob, where it would communicate wirelessly with your vehicle to deactivate the smart key system.

Secondly, if your Toyota vehicle is over 15 years old, as of date, you can typically find the smart key deactivation switch on your dashboard underneath the steering wheel.

Can You Disable Toyota Smart Key?

Yes, of course, you can! Although, I had done that several times when I had issues with my Toyota key fob. I will also explore other reasons you might think to deactivate your smart key system. However, each has a different approach to halting the smart key system.

They include;

1.     Deactivation because your fob isn’t functional.

  1. Hold the smart key Toyota logo close to the Engine Start Stop button.

2.     Disabling your Smart Key for long-term storage or theft prevention.

  1. To deactivate your smart key for most models of Toyota, follow these steps;
    1. Hold down the lock button
    1. Push the unlock button twice

3.     Deactivating the Smart Key System permanently

  1. Your local Toyota dealership would only do this.

How Do I Start My Car If My Toyota Smart Key Doesn’t Work?

Toyota smart key technology can be very tricky, although starting your vehicle when your Toyota smart key doesn’t work depends on the vehicle’s age as regards its manufacturing time.

Check out the procedures below;

For Toyota vehicles less than 15 years from date:

  • Pick up the wireless switch.
  • Hold the key fob very close to the Engine Start Stop Button.
  • A buzzer sound indicates your smart key system is disabled temporarily.
  • Start your vehicle and drive. 

For Toyota vehicles more significant than 15 years from date:

  • Locate the push button.
  • Press the push button to deactivate your smart key system.
  • You can now drive your vehicle.

Simple, isn’t it?

How Do I Disable The Prius Smart Key?

To disable the smart key on a Prius vehicle would require following the simple steps below.

Check out the steps here!

  • Put your right foot firmly on the brake before starting the vehicle. Remember, you can’t start your Prius without pushing the foot brake.
  • For newer vehicles, place the smart key in the vehicle’s cabin. While in older cars, you insert the smart key into the ignition as the fob’s button faces the vehicle’s roof without turning the key.
  • Push the power button for at least a second and firmly keep your foot on the brake. You would hear a beep letting you know that the electrical engine is starting.
  • Note: If you don’t hear any beep, push the power button again for more than 2 seconds. Always know that the electric motor would start for hybrid, but the gasoline may begin when needed.
  • Locate the ‘Welcome to Prius’ on the screen, then the word READY will appear, indicating that your vehicle is ready to be driven. Hence, take your car out of the park and put it into the drive to begin operating.

Can A Key Fob Be Deactivated?

Yes, you can deactivate the key fob, especially if you lost it. To do this, you must delete the key fob program from the vehicle’s system. Perchance, it would prevent the key fob from being used on your car if picked by another fellow. Remember, deactivating the key fob differs from the vehicle model; ensure to follow the instruction of your manufacturer.

What Happens If Car Smart Key Battery Dies?

If your vehicle’s smart key battery dies, it would be a hassle for you to have access to your car. In as much, you might need a backup key to start and access your vehicle. But the simple approach is to get a new battery from a nearby automobile shop, in which you would open the smart key and replace the batteries with fresh ones. Although, if you can’t get a new battery, starting your vehicle with a dead smart key battery would depend on the model of your car as stipulated by your manufacturer.

How Do I Reset My Toyota Smart Key?

Resetting your Toyota Smart Key system might vary among Toyota models and trims. 

Notwithstanding, the procedures below should be beneficial:

  • Have access to the dashboard display on your Toyota model.
    • Click on Vehicle Customization.
    • Select the Driver Lock System from the menu.
    • Click the Door Unlock.

Eventually, the above doesn’t help; you must visit your vehicle dealer as soon as possible.


Finally, the Toyota smart key is an incredible device, but there is no doubt that issues could emanate from it. So far, more than 60% of malfunctioning innovative key cases are resolved by replacing a battery or resetting the entire system.

The main aim of the smart key deactivation is to turn off the smart key system so that you can have access to start your vehicle in the event of a key fob malfunction or a dead key fob battery. 

Perchance, deactivating Toyota’s smart key system could be complex most of the time, though you ensure you apply the proper techniques. The detailed work above will be helpful to you. Do like share this informative article with others!

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