4 Easy Steps to Reset Maintenance Required Light Toyota Tacoma.

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Last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 09:29 pm

Maintenance required light Toyota Tacoma: Contemporarily, most Toyota vehicles are designed with an electronic computer such that Toyota Tacoma is beneficiary of that technological make-up and precautionary indications.

Undoubtedly, vehicle symbols on the dashboard mostly remind you, the driver or the vehicle owner, of the required services. For instance; if the dashboard lights tell you there is low fuel in the tank; low oil, or a tune-up, in any case. You don’t have to panic but respond quickly to resolve the signal issues. Perchance, if you disregard the¬†‘Maintenance Required’¬†light when it comes, you would risk damaging your vehicle’s engine as you might end up stranded on the roadside, or the situation might result in an accident.

As regards the above reasons, performing all recommended maintenance on your Toyota Tacoma would be vital for the well-being of your vehicle and imperatively avoid inconvenience and untimely and expensive repairs resulting from neglect to follow the service maintenance strictly.

Nevertheless, if you are contemplating the required time to carry out maintenance, this guide will examine, explore and bring to lamplight the solutions to these vital issues, such as; how serious is the maintenance required light, what does maintenance require light means on Toyota Tacoma, can I drive with maintenance required light on, can I drive with maintenance required light on Toyota Tacoma, and more.

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Maintenance required light Toyota Tacoma

How Serious Is The Maintenance Required Light?

The maintenance required light is a serious thing but necessary. Although, the essence of this light is to remind you, the driver, of a pre-programmed period during which you should carry out maintenance service on your vehicle to enhance its smooth running. Perchance, it is not a panic situation in any case.

What Does Maintenance Require Light Mean On Toyota Tacoma?

Apart from reminding, the maintenance required light also means engine oil change. It implies that the MAINT REQD notifies you, the driver, that an oil change is necessary. However, an oil change at this signal is vital as an essential maintenance practice that would promote smooth running and increase the gasoline efficiency of your vehicle.

Essentially, when you see a 3 seconds maintenance light on your Tacoma, it implies that your vehicle has covered a distance of 4,500 miles range. But if this reminder maintenance light stays for about 15 seconds, your car has got to 5,000 miles; perchance, the light would stay on unless you reset it manually, as you could need the help of a certified mechanic.

How to Reset or Remove Maintenance required light Toyota Tacoma

If you recently took your Toyota Tacoma car for servicing and the maintenance required light Toyota Tacoma is still displaying on your dashboard. It is possible that your mechanic at the auto shop forgot to reset the light. You can either take it back for reset or do it yourself following the 3 steps below to reset your maintenance required light on the Toyota Tacoma.

  • Start your car.  
  • Hold the odometer reset switch. It can be found on your dashboard.  
  • Turn your car on and off with the reset button still depressed  
  • Turn your car off once more. The light should go out when you turn on your car again.  

And after steps and your maintenance required light Toyota Tacoma still did not turn off; then it’s a good idea to pay a visit to your mechanic again. Its possible your car is having other issues besides the oil maintenance.

What Does It Mean When Maintenance Required Light Is On Toyota?

When a maintenance required light is on in a Toyota vehicle, it means that your Toyota vehicle is essentially due for an oil change. This light brings to your notice that you have attained a certain distance where some maintenance processes would be vital as Toyota has scheduled them to be.

How Do I Turn Off Maintenance Required Light On Toyota Tacoma?

It is indispensable that Toyota Tacoma, like other Toyota models, would indicate or illuminate its maintenance required light on the dashboard when an oil change is due. However, the following procedures would help you turn off the maintenance-required light for different models of Toyota Tacoma.

Here you have them!

2011 And Older Models Of Toyota Tacoma


  • Turn off the ignition.
  • Hold the trip stem button on the dashboard.
  • Continue holding the trip stem button and turn the ignition on, but don’t start the vehicle.
  • Hold the trip stem for about 5 more seconds, as the odometer should display zero. Then the turn-off should be complete.

2012 To 2017 Toyota Tacoma Models


  • Put the ignition in the ON position, and don’t start the engine. If push button models, press the Start, but you shouldn’t touch the brake pedal.
  • Push the Odo/Trip to switch to “Trip A.”
  • Turn your vehicle entirely OFF.
  • Hold the Odo/Trip button.
  • Hold the Odo/Trip button for a few more seconds as you switch the ignition to ON without starting your engine. Hence, release the Trip button until the trip reads zeros.

2018 To 2021 Toyota Tacoma Models


  • Push the Power button once to activate the electronics without holding the brake. Don’t start the engine.
  • Select the Gear using the arrows on the Toyota Gear Icon.
  • Select Settings using the up and down arrows.
  • Select the Maintenance Reset using the up and down arrows.
  • Select Yes/Reset as you press the Toyota select button. Perchance, the light should turn off as the odometer reads zero.

Can I Drive With Maintenance Required Light On?

Yes, of course, you can drive with maintenance-required light. However, you should be aware that driving for extended periods can endanger your vehicle. So, keep your car up-to-date with all scheduled maintenance procedures. Remember, prevention cost is economical when compared to the cost of repairs.

Can I Drive With Maintenance Required Light On Toyota Tacoma?

Of course, yes, you can find your Toyota Tacoma safely with the maintenance required light comes on your vehicle’s dashboard. Meanwhile, you need to understand that the light doesn’t lead to panic; perchance, it is a reminder that your car needs to be serviced, as driving with caution would be necessary.

Failure to note this maintenance required light would increase the tendency to cause more strain to your engine. Similarly, leaving your vehicle unchecked would constitute more damage to your Toyota Tacoma. 

So far, it is better to visit a certified mechanic once you notice this reminder light on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Does Maintenance Required Mean Something Is Wrong Toyota Tacoma?

No, not at all, and it is unnecessary to panic. This maintenance required light on your Toyota Tacoma is a reminder that your vehicle would require maintenance regarding distance covered, time, and other vital elements.

Additionally, it would be wise you don’t liken this maintenance light to a system malfunction; instead, a technological feature that signifies a scheduled maintenance period for all Toyota vehicles, in which Tacoma is no exception.

What Causes A Maintenance Required Light To Come On Toyota Tacoma?

The causes of maintenance required light to come on Toyota Tacoma include the following;

  • Change in oil color: Although a good oil is translucent, it has a typical amber hue if it picks debris and turns black. Then, the maintenance required light would notify you of an oil change.
  • Burning oil smell: When there is a shortage due to an oil leak, you might get a reminder light on your dashboard.

How Long To Wait After Maint Reqd Light Comes On Toyota Tacoma?

The time frame for Maint Reqd light to come on, on any Toyota Tacoma is at 4,500 miles in which the Maint Reqd light would flash for 3 seconds, and after an additional 500 miles, it would come on again with 15 seconds of steady flash at 5,000 miles. So far, the interval for the Maint Reqd light is between 4,500 to 5,000 miles, as it would require manual reset/turn off.


In my final words, the function of the Toyota Tacoma’s maintenance required light is to remind you to take your vehicle in for an oil change. Although the computer system tracks the engine miles from the period, it was reset and triggered to a distance of 4,500 to 5,000 miles of driving.

Eventually, this Maint Reqd light comes; you should promptly schedule an appointment to have your vehicle serviced. Without mixing words, Toyota recommends a series of vehicle inspections to enable your car to run smoothly and prevent untimely and expensive engine damage.

So far, I have detailed the procedures for turning off/resetting the Maint Reqd light when it comes on. Also, consult a professional mechanic and your manufacturer’s guide when necessary. I hope this article on the maintenance required light Toyota Tacoma has helped you. Please share. Read this Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars How It Works (Pros And Cons)

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