How Do You Reset A Toyota Hybrid Battery?

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Last updated on November 26th, 2022 at 09:04 am

How Do You Reset A Toyota Hybrid Battery? Contemporarily, hybrid vehicles have automatic systems that read warnings from different components to diagnose and alert you of specific issues. However, varying reasons usually trigger these pre-programmed warning systems; since the Toyota hybrid explicitly combines an internal combustion engine and electric motor as power sources. Its system serves as a regulator of these power sources. Although failure could occur due to some factors, and the warning light is triggered.

Be it as it may be, the system will surely malfunction if the warning light results from some issues with the battery. So, you could detect a lousy battery if the Toyota’s hybrid battery charge fluctuates. This fluctuation could empty the battery, and you might need to replace it and reset the system as quickly as possible.

Interestingly, this guide will address and offer solutions to these typical queries, ranging from; what would cause a hybrid not to start, why is my Toyota hybrid not starting, what is the most common problem with hybrid cars, how do you reset a Toyota hybrid battery and more.

How do you reset a Toyota hybrid battery
How do you reset a Toyota hybrid battery

A thorough study of this work would be of benefit to you!

What Would Cause A Hybrid Not To Start?

The primary cause of a hybrid not starting is a faulty ignition system. If there is no spark produced, the engine will not start. As a result, lousy spark plugs and faulty plug connections on the system can make your hybrid vehicle not start. So far, you should check your plug connections properly and tighten them when necessary.

Toyota Camry Push Button Start Problems

Toyota is advancing its technology as the day passes. These technological advancements make today’s driving safer, simpler, and more exciting among Toyota vehicles, and Camry is no exception. The push button start is one of this developed-technology today. Peradventure, if it fails, then some issues I would explore below have prevented you from using the push button start.

Here you have them;

  • Dead Smart Key Battery: Always ensure that your smart key battery is good; if not, your push start button will not start your Camry.
  • The Engine Battery Is Weak: When your vehicle’s battery runs out of charge, your push button can’t start your car. Battery replacement would be vital for your vehicle.
  • Deactivation Of The Smart Key: If you accidentally deactivate the switch on the bottom of the instrument panel below the steering wheel, your push button won’t start your vehicle.
  • Unfirmly Pressing Of The Brake Pedal: Your Camry won’t start if you don’t press the brake pedal firmly before pushing the start button.

Be aware of these issues to have a functional push button on your Toyota Camry.

Why Is My Toyota Hybrid Not Starting?

The Toyota hybrid is a reliable vehicle but a complicated machine. So, the problems below would cause your Toyota hybrid not to start.

  1. Key Fob Battery – The Toyota hybrid usually starts with a key fob, so if the key fob is faulty due to a bad battery. Then your vehicle won’t start.
  2. Weak Battery Issues – Discharged 12-volt battery or corroded battery terminals could be a severe issue for your vehicle not to start. Check your battery terminals, identify discharged batteries, and replace them immediately.
  3. Blown Fuse – Always check your fuse box since a faulty fuse could cause your vehicle not to start.
  4. Ignition Issues – Faulty spark plugs which don’t create a spark would cause the vehicle not to start.
  5. Overfilled Engine Oil – The excess amounts could get into the combustion chamber, resulting in issues with your vehicle not starting.
  6. Evaporating Emissions System – This problem occurs in system failure or leaks due to faulty valves or lines. Ensure you have regular hybrid maintenance to prevent this evaporating emissions problem. 
  7. Lousy Oxygen Sensors – The oxygen sensor regulates the quantity of unburned oxygen in the vehicle’s exhaust. If, over time, it fails, it could cause a secondary problem due to high oxygen levels in the exhaust system.

What Is The Most Common Problem With Hybrid Cars?

The most common problem with hybrid cars is battery cell failure. The hybrid’s battery powers the electrical systems; therefore, if any issue emanates from the battery, there is a tendency for the system to fail. Similarly, failure of the 12-volt battery would also constitute malfunctioning of the internal combustion engine and the regenerative braking system in hybrid vehicles.

How Do I Know If My Hybrid Battery Is Bad?

Although hybrid batteries don’t last forever, most go bad after 8 to 10 years of use. Before it goes wrong, there will be various warning signs when it is about to go lousy or near its lifespan. However, if you are still getting familiar with knowing if your battery is bad, below are good signs that could help you.

  • Less anticipated mileage per gallon.
  • Frequent discharging of the battery.
  • Frequent kicking in of the internal combustion engine (ICE).
  • Weird noises from the engine.

How Do You Reset A Toyota Hybrid Battery?

To reset a Toyota hybrid battery, use the simple steps below. Perchance, ensure that your actions are timely.

  • Insert the key in the ignition system and turn it to position ONE.
  • Press and hold the Odometer as you make your key to be in position TWO.
  • Hold the Odometer button continuously for about 10 seconds. At this point, the battery light should start flashing with a beeping sound.
  • Release the Odometer button as the battery light drops, then turn the key to start your vehicle. If the light stays, it would be best to repeat the steps once or twice to reset your Toyota hybrid battery.

How Do You Start A Dead Hybrid Car?

Starting a dead hybrid car requires you to use the jump-start technique. Be patient in learning the straightforward steps below.

  • Apply your parking brake as you turn off the interior lights and headlights.
  • Put off the hybrid system as you remove the key (if it is an older hybrid model).
  • Open your vehicle’s hood to access the block and jump-starting terminal cover.
  • Connect the jumper’s positive cable (+) to the jump-starting terminal.
  • Connect the negative cable (-) to an unpainted part of the vehicle having a dead battery.
  • Don’t allow the two vehicles to touch each other, as you use a battery of matching capacity or higher quality. If you use a remote charger, press the power button to start charging.
  • Allow the connection for about 5 minutes.
  • Run the engine of the vehicle to boost about 2,000 RPM as you depress the gas pedal gently.
  • Start the hybrid vehicle and make sure the READY light is on using the push-to-start button. If the READY light doesn’t glow, charge for an extra 5 minutes and try starting the vehicle.
  • Disconnect your connections in a converse manner starting from the negative terminals and cables and to the positive wires.
  • Drive your vehicle for about 10 to 20 minutes to create a regenerative braking mechanism for your 12-volt battery to charge itself.


Finally, it is inevitable that someday you will replace your Toyota hybrid’s battery. How would you know when the time is right? Although signs such as a decrease in miles per gallon, your battery not holding a charge, and unusual engine noise, to mention a few, would surely be noticed.

If done replacing a battery when it goes lousy, the next is to reset the system for the smooth running of your vehicle. I have given you details on the above work on how you could reset a Toyota hybrid battery and how to start a hybrid with a dead battery, in any case. The procedures will be beneficial to you. Do like and share this guide with others! i hope this post on How do you reset a Toyota hybrid battery was helpfull? please share.

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