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Why is My Windshield Fogging Up in the Summer

If you are readying this you probably have the question why is my windshield fogging up in the summer in mind? Or you have in mind of knowing how to defog windshield when raining or during the summer season. Well, this article will address just that so stick around. 

There is no worse thing compared to driving along a busy road in summer all of sudden; you can’t see clearly due to windows fog up. It’s very frustrating and difficult to see and dangerous for you and other drivers if you can’t see what’s ahead of you. You can do many things to prevent your car’s windows from fogging up during the summer

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Why is my windshield fogging up in the summer

There are a few causes for your car’s windows to fog up in summer. The first is High humidity which seems to be the most common cause. This is because of the condensation that forms on the windows when the outside air is humider than the inside air.

The second cause of foggy windows could be a malfunctioning AC system. Foggy windows can be caused by an AC system that isn’t blowing enough cold air. Foggy windows can also be caused by leaks in the car’s air conditioner.

Why Is My Windshield Fogging Up On The Inside?

A few minutes after you jumped into your car as you drove along, your windshield began to fog up. How has this happened, and what could have caused it to happen that way?

Let’s look at the possible facts here!

It is undoubting that your car will fog during winter, in cold weather or even hot conditions. The fogging, especially inside your windshield, is brought about by the hot air inside your vehicle, forming moisture with the cool air outside as it condenses. So far, the factors below constitute fog inside and outside your car’s windshield.

  • Humidity
  • Surface tension
  • Condensation
  • Heat

Car Windows Fogging Up Inside When Parked

Having your windows fog up can be inconvenient and problematic, in any case. So far, the leading cause of your car’s windows fogging inside when parked is related to condensation, which is a temperature difference between the windows and the air. So, if the inside temperature is warmer than the outside temperature, fogging occurs on the inside glass surface of your window because the hot air inside your vehicle has come in contact with the cold glass window surface, attracting moisture as it fogs up. In general, when hot air meets cold air, moisture develops on the surfaces of objects. Perchance if this surface is your car’s windows; it will fog up.

Why Is My Windshield Fogging Up On The Outside?

Although your windshield fogging up is due to the temperature and the air’s moisture content. So, fogging occurs due to condensation of moisture or temperature difference. Suppose the air in your car exceeds the temperature of the air outside. Then moisture condenses in the form of fog outside your windshield. Similarly, if the converse happens, your windshield fogs inside. However, it is vital to know the temperature difference before you can be sure to remove fog from your windshield or window. 

How To Defog Windshield In Rain Without AC?

Fogging has been a pressing problem for you and has posed some driving risks.

Below are easy steps for defogging your windshield in the rain without using AC.

Step 1: Use a microfiber material/cloth to wipe off the excess moisture condensed on the windshield.

Step 2: Put off the recirculate setting to reduce the air that comes in from the outside, as it reduces humidity and less condensation on the windshield in your car.

Step 3: Roll down the front windows slightly to enhance airflow inside your car. The essence of this external air is that it sucks out the humid air inside your vehicle, as it reduces the air pressure inside your car.

Step 4: Turn on your defroster to a low setting. Don’t be tempted to increase your vehicle’s speed to clear the condensation faster; you could be counter-producing more condensation rather than reducing it. However, the warm air produced by the defroster will be enough to reduce the fog on your windshield.

Step 5: Use microfiber material to wipe off the moisture. Don’t use your hands since your skin’s natural oil might smear on your windshield, causing more issues in visibility. 

Although the above steps are also applicable in; how to defog the windshield in a summer rain?

How To Defog Windshield In A Summer Rain?

When it’s raining, whether is summer rain or not, there are 2 ways I will recommend defog your windshield  

     Turn on the car air conditioner. 

The coils of your car ac unit or system helps to remove moisture from the rain.  

     Turn off car air recirculation.

 If you want defog your windshield when it is raining don’t’ make the mistake of putting of your car air recirculating system. This is the most common mistake made when trying to quickly defog your car windows.

How To Defog Car Windows In Rain With Ac?

Nevertheless, you have been thinking about how helpful your car’s AC could be in defogging the windows during rain. However, the AC could be convenient for clearing fog and applicable; how to avoid fog in a car during rain?

Here are some simple steps to doing such;

  • Put on the AC to help remove the lesser moisture.
  • Adjust the AC temperature to match the outside temperature, but this may not be ideal if the temperature outside is less than the temperature inside your car.
  • Turn off the recirculation function to allow AC to work correctly by drawing fresh air inside the car.
  • Finally, you can turn on the defogger to blow hot air to quickly clear the fog on the windows.

How To Avoid Fog In A Car During Rain?

Turn up your car  AC

Turning up your car’s ac cooling system will bring the inside of the car to temperature to the same temperature as that of the outside which will help make the fog disappear, and it is one of the best ways to defog your car in the rain.

How To Use Defogger In A Car?

Defogger is a vehicle component designed to help you defog your windshields and windows. Using or functioning with the defogger in your vehicle requires the simple process below.

  • Locate defogger, a button with a sign like the squiggly arrow on your vehicle’s dashboard.
  • Press the button once to start the defrost function.
  • After activating the defogger, the windshield receives hot air.
  • Deactivate as you push the button again.
  • Use the windshield wiper if necessary.

Note that some vehicles may have 2 defogger buttons, one rear and the other for the front.

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