how to defrost windshield without heater how to defrost windshield fast how to defrost windshield with water

How To Defrost Windshield Without Heater

Last updated on December 7th, 2022 at 06:03 am

It is indispensable that there will be an unmistakable chill in the air as winter approaches! It is a frustrating occurrence of nature during the winter season; you wake up to go for a trip with your family or to work, only to discover that the windshield on your vehicle has frozen.

It’s discouraging as it leaves you with many worries. However, doing this scraper work requires a lot of energy, time, and some homemade solutions (ingredients).

You could have used heat to remove it quickly and effectively, but it is not the safest method on your windshield. Nevertheless, driving with a partially defrosted windshield and windows is not advisable, as it will limit your ability to see and create a hazardous situation for you and others.

It means the time has come to hold the right skills and techniques to defrost your windshield without using a heater. 

So far, this valuable and informative article will bring to lamplight the contents such as; how to defrost windshield fast, how to defrost windshield with water, what could happen when driving a car in winter without heat, how to defrost windshield without a heater, and how to defrost windshield while driving, 

Without much ado, let’s get started!

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How To Defrost Windshield Fast?

Interestingly, there is a fast method of defrosting the windshield using secret ingredients, alcohol (isopropyl) and water.

Here you have the procedure;

  • Mix 2/3 part of the isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) with 1/3 of water thoroughly.
  • Put the mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture on your windshield.
  • The ice will disappear.

Isn’t that simple?

The above procedure is applicable fast and straightforward because rubbing alcohol has a freezing point of about -58 degrees Fahrenheit, less than the standard freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can always keep this solution in your vehicle as it can never freeze.

How To Defrost Windshield With Water?

It is advantageous to use lukewarm water instead of hot water since hot water could damage your windshield when defrosting windshields.

Here are the steps;

  • Fill lukewarm water in bottle.
  • Pour or splash it directly on the windshield as the ice softens and melts.
  • Wipe away the residue with a cloth or your windshield wiper. 

Vital Information: Applying warm/boiling water to your will damages the glass, and in icy conditions, hot water freezes faster than cooler water. Perchance you put on water a frozen windshield, you might find it freezing again sooner.

What Could Happen When Driving A Car In Winter Without Heat?

You will have no negative consequences for driving your car in winter without heat!

Technology has advanced, so you remove some old-fashioned or old-school preventive maintenance practices. 

You might likely cause negative impacts as you oversee the risk of damaging your vehicle due to warned heating up of your car. 

Although, experts have revealed that idling your car and waiting for it to reach an operating temperature comes from the day vehicles that used carburetors. 

Some experts argue that without heat, the carburetor would not be efficient enough to get the proper mix of air and fuel in the engine. 

Hence the car might stall.

However, modern vehicles no longer have this component, so fuel injector engines have sensors that ensure a proper mix of air and fuel, no matter how cold the winter. You can run your car better by driving straight away rather than allowing it to run idle continuously. 

Running your vehicle brings negative impacts, such as much oil burning, frequent servicing, battery issues, high fuel consumption, and damage to spark plugs. 

How To Defrost Windshield Without Heater?

Battling snow and frost can be a massive hassle during the winter. So far, with these simple strategies below, you can get the snow off your car’s windshield without any significant damage.

Here you have them:

1.    Use Of Plastic Scraper Or A Soft Brush

Ice scrapers or snow brushes are a common way of removing ice on your vehicle’s windshield without you sitting. 

So far, getting the proper scraper will be so effective for you. Although, if the snowbrush or scraper is unavailable, you could use a credit card, never use a metal object as a scraper since it might seem so practical but could cause damage to the windshield.


  • Grab the scraper
  • Start scraping vertically and horizontally from the top to the bottom of your windshield. Be careful around the wiper blades.
  • Use the wipers to remove any residue.

You are good to go!

2.    Use Of De-Icing Material

Here I will focus on commercial de-icers available in the market since they are easy to use, removing ice and preventing them from forming again. These chemicals shouldn’t be used on any part of your car other than the windshield to avoid damage. 

A product like Rain-X-25 Degree Washer Fluid -Gal should be vital for a frost. This formula melts the ice as soon as it gets in contact, even at about a temperature below -27° F. 

The Rain-X- De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid consists of wash additives that help to wash away dirt from your windshield for proper visibility while you drive.


  • Have a mix of the product with water according to the producer’s guidelines and store it in the car’s reservoir.
  • Spray on the windshield from the top for the excess liquid to run down and melt the ice.
  • Scrape or brush away the melted ice. If required, respray the chemical to remove some stubborn residue altogether.
  • Wipe the wiper’s blades to ensure they are not frosted, as you use them to do the final wipe.

3.    Portable Vehicle Defroster

Since it is dangerous to drive with a fogged or frosted windshield, a portable vehicle defroster can be handy. 

The portable vehicle defroster is a device plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter to blow warm air out to the frosted part (windshield). 

A significant advantage of this device is that it is used in all seasons and is more effective at removing ice mostly from the windscreen and less helpful to fogged windows that need more heat. Get a portable vehicle defroster here at Amazon.

how to defrost windshield without heaterhow to defrost windshield fasthow to defrost windshield with water

How To Defrost Windshield While Driving?

The following ways should be essential for defrosting the windshield and preventing fog on the windshield of your car when you intend to drive away or are in the process of moving.

Relax to study through!

  • Clean the windshield: The interior of your windshield should be kept clean from dirt, debris, and dust since moisture loves to be trapped in the film to generate fog. So, using ammonia-based cleaners is essential to wipe off the dirt from your windshield. Also, the ammonia-based cleaners prevent condensation as it makes your windshield tinted.
  • Use your HVAC to set fresh air: If the air inside your car has become laden with high moisture content and has caused fog on your windshield. It is necessary to put on the HVAC to enhance the use of the air outside. This air rushing in from the vent will dry the interior and prevent fog on your windshield or windows.
  • Use of repellent to coat your windshield: When you coat the interior of your windshield, it will prevent the formation of fog. Get a good product that cleans and leaves repellent on the windshield against stubborn fog.


No one wants winter or extreme summer conditions to come quickly, but they will come since these aspects of nature are inevitable. Remember that vehicles made with carburetors can be heated up but not modern cars. 

So, heating your vehicle because of winter is unnecessary and economically disadvantaged if your car has the facilities of modern/advanced technology.

So far, you must plan ahead of this critical period with a snow scraper or snowbrush, homemade or commercial-made De-icers, use of the defroster, and the use of your car AC to remove snow or fog on the windshield or window of your car. 

However, the ways of defrosting the windshield could be time-consuming, but they are vital to defrosting or defogging the windshield to avoid damaging your vehicle. 

I recommend you carefully apply the steps as a certified mechanic could clear you if any issue should arise. 

Do like and share this informative article with others! I hope this piece on how to defrost windshield without heater was helpful. 

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