BMW I3 Battery Degradation How Long Is It

Last updated on January 8th, 2023 at 09:32 am

How long does BMW i3 battery degradation start? Batteries for the BMW i3 typically last for three to five years before signs of degradation will begin. Variables including driving patterns, the outside temperature, the type of battery, and more, affect how quickly things degrade. 

bmw i3 battery degradation

Overall, quality aside, the amount of enjoyment you get from your battery depends on how you handle it. By performing some simple maintenance that we will highlight in this post, you can also extend the life of your i3 battery. BMW I3 battery warranty guarantees against deterioration that exceeds 70% coverage. 

Please continue reading to find out more about BMW I3 battery degradation, its lifespan, and the warranty that covers it.

Is BMW I3 Battery Warranty Transferable?

The battery warranty for the BMW i3 is transferable to another private owner but not to a buyer involved in the car-buying, car-selling, or car-service industry. In order for the battery warranty to even be eligible for transfer, it must still be in effect.

Additional insurance is available for certified pre-owned i3 purchases, although many of these do not cover battery repairs. Most warranties are transferable, whether it’s a CPO warranty or a brand-new BMW. Extended warranties are included in this.

How Many Miles Does BMW I3 Battery Last?

According to BMW, I3 Battery is listed to have a warranty of 100,000 kilometers on their official website. It can be considered a good warranty for an electric vehicle of its composition. Corrosion in your battery’s connections and connectors is a surefire sign that your battery has run out of miles to give.

Proper maintenance of your vehicle is important for maximizing its lifespan. To ensure that your battery is constantly functioning, you should get it examined frequently for sharp dips in voltage. Car batteries typically transmit 12 to 13 volts unless they are good-quality batteries. Any voltage above 13 volts can indicate a bad battery.

What Is BMW I3 Battery Replacement Cost?

Replacing the battery in your BMW I3 will cost between $79 and $450. You will also need to include the labor costs, which could run from $36 to $46. Depending on the battery’s size, kind, power, and type of vehicle, the costs may change.

You need to get a replacement battery as soon as you notice the signs of your car battery falling apart. This service can be easily completed by an experienced technician, or you can look out for nearby car battery replacement services. For more convenience, you can also make use of mobile mechanics.

Can You Change The Battery In A BMW I3?

Yes, you can easily handle the replacement on your own. Your battery replacement will need to have parameters identical to those of your old battery. Therefore, for a battery to be an ideal replacement, it ought to be of the same kind and size.

Newer battery types can be fitted in as a replacement without the need for cutting, welding, or adapters. This is because their size and fittings are the same as those of the older models/packs. Find a local car battery replacement as soon as you notice any symptom of battery failure that appears to be beyond your control.

bmw i3 battery degradation

Can I Make My BMW I3 Faster?

Yes, you can make your BMW I3 Faster. One effective way to make your BMW I3 faster is by upgrading your transmission. By giving your transmission a boost with a new automatic shifter assembly, you will be able to make your car faster.

You can get this upgrade for around $230 – $250. For increased durability, this upgrade kit incorporates an aluminum shifter stick design which is impact and wear-resistant. Additionally, aftermarket gear shifters are made to be as functional as possible. Therefore, alongside the increased speed, it also offers seamless gear shifting.

What Is BMW I3 Battery Lifespan?

According to market research and the BMW official page, the BMW I3 Battery can last anywhere between 3 – 5 years. Your battery’s overall lifespan depends on how well you maintain it. 

Your car battery lifespan can get exhausted for a variety of reasons. To get the best out of your vehicle, you will have to keep good driving habits. Taking your car to an experienced mechanic for regular checkups will help enhance your battery lifespan.

How To Know If Your Car Battery Needs To Be Replaced

Listed below are some of the symptoms you need to look out for to know when to get your car battery replaced.

  • You might notice that your headlights that are dimming
  • Cables or connectors corroding on car battery
  • Increased frequency of engine rpm or jump starts
  • Your engine takes a long time to come on fully.
  • While driving, you might notice erratic power changes
bmw i3 battery degradation

How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

  • Park your car indoors, away from climates or temperatures that change drastically
  • Run a check-up on your car’s battery regularly. Don’t let your battery sit unused for protracted periods of time; instead, start your BMW i3 frequently.
  • In order to prevent the loosening of the connections and severe rattling of the battery’s components due to vehicle vibrations, you must keep your batteries tightly fastened.
  • You need to clean your battery terminals with a quality cleaning agent and a wire brush to prevent corrosion.

Is My BMW Battery Covered Under Warranty?

Yes, your BMW battery is covered under warranty. It only makes sense to select dependable authentic equipment as a two-year/unlimited-mileage warranty covers all replacement BMW batteries.

BMW batteries are designed to survive longer than typical batteries and supply our ever-changing world’s energy needs. Nevertheless, even a quality BMW battery is prone to lose charge when left unattended or idle. This is why you need a warranty on your car battery. 

When Did BMW I3 Upgrade The Battery?

The BMW I3 battery had an upgrade In May 2016. In 2017, the i3 capacity also had another boost to 94 Ah/33 kWh battery, allowing for enhanced range. Overall, the battery pack’s capacity was raised by more than 50% without changing the battery size.

Alongside their partner, Samsung SDI, they succeeded in improving the cell-internal packaging with additional electrolytes. This, in turn, helped in modifying the battery’s active material, resulting in higher energy density of the lithium-ion cells. In summary, the i3 battery was given enhanced battery capacity.


We have combed through various issues related to the BMW I3 Battery. We hope this article will be of help. BMW I3 Battery Degradation is a concept that must be considered. The battery is the lifeblood of a vehicle. Ensuring that your car has the adequate power it needs to operate its components is of utmost importance. 

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