can you drive with electronic throttle control light on

Can You Drive With Electronic Throttle Control Light On

Last updated on January 13th, 2023 at 08:30 pm

It very common to if you can drive with electronic throttle control light on and that is because the electronic throttle control and check engine light is an indication that the throttle of your car needs your attention or that of a mechanic.

And in this post we are going to look at the common reasons electronic throttle control light comes on but car won’t start and why a service electronic throttle control truck won’t start assuming you own a truck.

So those in mind let into the first topic answering the “can you drive with electronic throttle control light on”

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Can you drive with electronic throttle control light on?

Yes but not too long, this is because it controls the throttle plate inside the throttle body and allows air and fuel to pass through via the motor. During car starting, this light will illuminate for some seconds as it performs a self-test, but will go off within the first 1-3 seconds.

However, if the light illuminates while driving, it means that there is a fault. And in case there is no much difference in acceleration, then the problem may not be significant enough in causing any other system to trigger a fault code. 

However it very vital that you also take the car for a proper check. Read this also How to Fix the Electronic Throttle Control 5.7l Hemi

Electronic throttle control and check engine light

Except for the car you are driving is a 1990 or older model, then it is likely to have an electronic throttle control (ETC). A lot of current cars have dozens of computer-controlled electronic systems, which electronic throttle control is one of them.

For older vehicles, note that there is no coupling between the throttle and the throttle in the current models of cars. But instead of that, the electronic throttle control acts as the connection between these components. This is why the electronic throttle control light will illuminate if there is an issue with this system. 

Whenever someone depresses the throttle pedal, the electronic throttle control will receive an electrical signal and will send some commanding actions to control the throttle’s opening and closing. And once this cycle disrupts for any reason, the electronic throttle control light on your dashboard will start flashing.

The Reasons For The Electronic Throttle Control Light To Come On

Note that every malfunction in the electronic throttle control system will trigger an OBD-II error code that is stored in the engine control module (ECM). It’s the job of a mechanic to use a digital scanner in pulling out the codes and check the source of the issue. (see scanner tool here) Once done, it’s time to take the correct repair action immediately.

Here are the reasons for the electronic throttle control light to come on

1. An Irregular Throttle Control Operation

Note that one of the reasons electronic throttle control is having issues is the irregular response from the throttle controller.

Remember that electronic throttle control is what controls the throttle via an electric signal. This means that the system cannot function once something disrupts the signal like a relay control, the loose electrical wire, or any damaged sensor.

Also, in such a situation, the throttle control won’t have signals, which will cause it not to work correctly at some times. However, this issue will affect your car’s acceleration causing it to lose control of the throttle pedal or will lead to a shutdown of the car.

2. The Throttle will Hesitate or Stumble

Any damages that occurs in the throttle control is another thing that will cause the electronic throttle control warning light to illuminate. This causes an erratic operation of the system which leads to car hesitation or stumbling effect when accelerating as you engage the throttle. This accelerating issue can lead you to major safety risks

3. Mileage loss

Sometimes an electronic throttle control light illuminated could be connected to a change in the fuel economy. This might make you to fill up your tank more than usual. This happens because of damage to the throttle controller. Remember that this system controls the air-fuel mixture which goes into your engine. Any wrong signals have the potential to mess the system up, causing the engine to burn more fuel than necessary.

4. A Limitation in Acceleration

Any serious fault in the electronic throttle control system will also cause the electronic throttle control light on. This issue might cause your engine to go into limp mode. Ad whenever it happens, your car cannot accelerate beyond a fast idle. Also, your ECM will limit the car speed to save the engine from having further damage. 

Electronic throttle control light on car won’t start

Note that different issues can lead to an electronic throttle control. However, each problem has its specific code. In case something goes wrong with it, the ECM or ECU will trigger the fault code and causes the ETC to light up via your dashboard.

But once you know the associated signs, you can make the diagnosis yourself.

Here are some of the signs:

  • 1. A Non-Responsive Throttle
  • 2. Your Throttle Will Hesitate
  • 3. Experiencing Poor Fuel Economy
  • 4. Loss In Acceleration 

Service electronic throttle control truck won’t start 

Here are some common warning signs of a throttle controller that is failing.

  • 1. An intermittent throttle control
  • 2. Having problem in accelerating
  • 3. A drastic fuel economy changes

Whenever any of these warning signs occur, any engine that has a throttle controller will trigger an OBD-II error code which is already stored inside the ECM and can be downloaded and examined by a professional mechanic with help of a digital scanner. Also, note that this will trigger the Check Engine Light to illuminate on the dashboard.

However, once you notice the source of the error code, you can now get it fixed correctly.

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