5 Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses

5 Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses 

Have you wondered why you observed standing water in your laundry room? It could be time for you to replace the washing machine hoses with the appropriate ones. Remember that a faulty washing machine hose might cause you some dollars due to water damage and plumbing services in your home.

However, over time your washing machine hoses would require replacement, ranging from wear and tear of the materials, installation errors, poor water quality (hard water), and worn rubber washers. To prevent these issues from emanating, selecting hoses with high safety and durability properties should be considered. Notwithstanding, washing machine hoses could come in 3 different types: rubber, reinforced rubber, and stainless steel (braided form). Perchance, the stainless-steel washing machine hoses are the most significant of all types and a perfect solution to any problem emanating from the washing machines.

This article will ideally bring to lamplight the solutions to these specific queries ranging from; what is a stainless-steel washer hose, are all washing machine hoses the same, how often should washing machine hoses be replaced, are stainless steel washer hoses worth it, what is a stainless steel washer hose, and more.

Let’s get into this immediately, as you would benefit from an in-depth study of this guide!

5 Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses 

The 5 stainless steel washing machine hoses on Amazon include the following;

1. 2 Pack Premium Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses

1.     2-Pack Premium Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses

This product is a 5ft long stainless steel braided premium washing machine hose with each hose of ¾ inch, 90 degrees elbow connection. The red and blue lines are for HOT and COLD water, respectively. They are burst-proof, don’t rust easily, and are a universal fit for any washing machine. Interestingly, they have a 10 years warranty and an easy installation process. Be rest assured for buyers as you can get this stainless steel washing machine hose here.

2.     Premium Stainless Steel Washing Hoses With 90 Degree Elbow

2. Premium Stainless Steel Washing Hoses With 90 Degree Elbow 1

Although this product pair is universal to all washers and easily fixable to household water supply in a laundry room, they also come in different sizes, such as 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft, have a 5-year warranty, and burst proof, lead-free, have high corrosion resistance, and fill faster than any brand on Amazon for laundry service. A pair is about $23.97, as you can get this hose here on Amazon.

3.     K&J Premium 6ft Washing Machine Hoses

3. KJ Premium 6ft Washing Machine Hoses

The K & J premium washing machine hose is Amazon’s choice, and a pair costs about $24.81. They have a super tensile strength braided stainless steel that enhances the washer hose completely burst-proof; their seals at both ends provide leak-free fixing service. Similarly, the internal rubber hose is 100% pure with high flexibility and a long lifespan—there consists of a Hot and Cold water supply as red and blue lines. You can buy this hose on Amazon here.

4.     Premium Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses

The above product consists of blue and red striped water connections for cold and hot water lines. However, this product is also Amazon’s choice, and you can get a pair of it at a cost rate of $21.39 with sizes ranging from 3ft, 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 12ft. They are flexible universal washer hoses that are effortless to install, high burst-proof, and have a 5 years warranty. They also have high corrosion resistance and significant openings, filling 50% faster than other leading brands on Amazon. You can  purchase this hose here on Amazon.

5.     Premium Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses, 6ft Long

The 6ft long stainless steel washer hose offers 100% satisfaction, a 6-year warranty, and high corrosion resistance. On the other hand, these products have up to 1500PSI for added protection against bursting, fit all ¾ inch female garden hoses, and are universal. A pair consists of blue and red colors for cold and hot water supply lines and are 50% faster than most in filling any washing machine due to their openings. A pair would cost about $22.99Do get this hose here!

How Long Do Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses Last?

The life expectancy of stainless-steel washing machine hoses is about 5 years. However, it can last longer than 5 years if you appropriately follow maintenance services. In as much they last longer than the rubber or reinforced rubber types, you should inspect them at least once yearly.

What Is A Stainless Steel Washer Hose?

The stainless steel washer hose is a hose that is made with plastic enclosed in stainless steel and with a shut-off mechanism and a safety feature added at the other end. Although to an extent, burst-proof as auto-shutoff senses the level of water pressure change and may stop water flow when necessary.

Are All Washing Machine Hoses The Same?

Not really! All washing machine hoses usually have standard sizes. There are differences as regards design among manufacturers. All washing machines don’t have the same drain and fill hoses. Though most of these hoses have female and male fittings, so the fittings are very vital to these hoses.

Let’s take, for instance, hoses on a new washing machine that are usually similar to the old machine’s and are generally shorter in length. However, ensure to measure the hose size of your model washing machine before purchasing a new one, and the pressure value must stay the same as the previous one.

How Often Should Washing Machine Hoses Be Replaced?

The period at which you should replace the washing machine hoses depends on the type of hose. To put this right, you should replace washing machine hoses for 3 to 5 years, although stainless steel could last longer than this time frame, whereas rubber hoses would be approximately less than 5 years. By research and experience, I recommend you have this good practice of route plumbing maintenance by checking your hoses for any damage, leaks, or cracks at least once yearly.

Are Stainless Steel Washer Hoses Worth It?

Yes, stainless steel washer hoses are worth it! Let’s explore the reasons below;

  • They are, to a very excellent extent, burst-proof. The stainless steel (braided type) hoses have inside rubber content with good flexibility but can’t leak or burst like the complete rubber hoses because of the metal case that holds in the rubber.
  • They last longer than complete rubber and rubber-reinforced hoses.
  • They are super easy to install.
  • Stainless steel washer hoses are inexpensive, as you can get them for less than $50 per hose.

Do Stainless Steel Washer Hoses Need To Be Replaced?

Of course, yes, they do need to be replaced! Nothing last forever, and the case of the stainless steel washer hoses are not an exception. Once you observe leaks, cracks, or any damage fault on the stainless steel washer hoses, quickly replace them to avoid flooding your home and spending much more than required for simple replacement.

How Long Do Braided Stainless Steel Hoses Last?

Braided stainless steel hoses last for a range of 3 to 5 years. In essence, they could last longer than the life expectancy of 5 years if installed and maintained correctly. On the other hand, some experts say they could last for a range of 5 to 8 years since they don’t burst easily.

Should You Use Plumber’s Tape On Washer Hoses?

Of course, you should use a plumber’s tape on the washer hoses. Essentially, the tape would help with a watertight seal, stopping potential leaks. Notwithstanding, some individuals may not deem it necessary or comfortable, but I advise you use it because you may never be too sure of what could happen.

I recommend that you apply the plumber’s tape in a spiral manner. So far, ensure you put off the water supply before embarking on such activity.

Can I Use Old Hoses On New Washing Machine?

It depends on your choice, and if you want to and are confident enough that the hoses are in good condition, you can undoubtedly reuse old hoses for a new washing machine. To do this, you would need to replace the washers at each end of the connections. 

On the other hand, you should use something different than old hoses for a new washing machine because you would have to turn off the water supply valve any time you intend to leave since an old valve is prone to failure. The result would be catastrophic flooding of your home. You would want to avoid taking such a considerable risk.


To summarize this post, the washing machine hoses are vital to the washing machine, with the valve supplying water to each wash cycle. Essentially, if the hoses of the washer machine aren’t adequate, they would burst due to high pressure. 

Hence, the bursting of washer hoses is a common cause of water damage in most homes. Installing stainless-steel washing machine hoses would be the best option to prevent this from happening. The stainless steel (braided type) hoses withstand the high pressure of water and last longer. 

So far, I have detailed the 5 stainless steel washing machine hoses, do get them on Amazon to ensure your home is free from flood issues due to leakage and cracks from rubber and re-enforced rubber hoses. Ensure you get your new washing machine’s proper measurement and hose type. Do well to share this guide with others!

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